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TJ’s 2 nd Term PowerPoint Presentation
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TJ’s 2 nd Term

TJ’s 2 nd Term

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TJ’s 2 nd Term

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  1. TJ’s 2nd Term Sasso US I

  2. TJ’s 2nd Term • Most of TJ’s 2nd term deals with trying to maintain American neutrality • Hoped that “nature and a wide ocean” would keep the US isolated from Euro Affairs • “Peace is our passion” • Good luck with that

  3. TJ’s 2nd Term • The first test on the issue doesn’t come from a major Euro power • It’s the Barbary pirates • 1789-1801: US paid over $2 million in tribute • TJ is determined to NOT pay the Barbary pirates • Will essentially carry out a 4 year war against them • This will force TJ to increase the size of the navy

  4. TJ’s 2nd Term • The vast majority of his second term is spent trying to stay out of the newest England-France conflict • The English and French had renewed fighting in 1803 • The US serves as a big trade partner for both sides • Yet again, England and France decide that the US siding with both nations was unacceptable • The European methods of persuasion violate American freedom on the seas • Both will find ways to cut off American trade

  5. TJ’s 2nd Term • France will issue the Napoleonic decrees • Countries under French control could not import British goods • Neutral ships bringing British goods were to be seized • England will answer with the Orders in Council • Neutral ships are not allowed to trade with Europe, unless they stop in England first • England was very worried about the US taking over Euro trade

  6. TJ’s 2nd Term • US is more upset with the British policy of impressment • Basically it’s legalized kidnapping • Seize sailors from American ships • England had a difficult time keeping people in their navy • Many crew members would flee while in port • Impressment was a method of keeping their numbers up • Chesapeake vs. Leopard (1807) • This is going to greatly anger Americans • TJ is not going to let it go unanswered, but he would like to avoid war if possible

  7. TJ’s 2nd Term • In TJ’s mind, England and France are extremely dependent on US goods • Rationalizes that both nations will respect neutral rights if the US cuts trade with them • At TJ’s urging, Congress will pass the Embargo Act (1807)- Forbids US ships to sail for foreign ports • This barely hurts England, doesn’t hurt France, and nearly cripples US • Crops are left to rot on docks • Exports: $198 million to $22 million • Imports: $138 million to $55 million • Smuggling goes exponential • TJ begins to station militia at Canadian border and permits them to search whomever they want

  8. TJ’s 2nd Term • TJ will not be in office long enough to see the error of the Embargo Act • He will step down in 1808 after two terms • Uses his influence to secure the nomination of James Madison • Madison crushes Charles Pinckney in the election of 1808 • Congress will repeal the Embargo Act; replace it with the Non-Intercourse Act • No trade with England or France; rest of the world is OK • Macon’s Bill #2- offered to both England and France • Whichever nation chose to respect US rights would have full trade agreement with US- the other would be cut off • Napoleon jumps on the offer; Madison cuts all trade with England