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IB Film Y1

Cymry DeBoucher Kim- ree de-boo-shay. IB Film Y1. Goal.

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IB Film Y1

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  1. CymryDeBoucher Kim-ree de-boo-shay IB Film Y1

  2. Goal Students will develop and demonstrate an understanding of the art of film making and film language as demonstrated through the creation of films, trailers, documentation of their own film making processes, and written film history and analysis projects.

  3. Classroom Update Last year – Started with a pencil cup and a sign-in sheet Added – Cameras and an editing computer built by the film club This year – E810 will become the new film classroom with editing computers and a small green screen room

  4. Classroom expectations • Be prompt and attend class regularly. • Dress appropriately. (Students are expected to meet school dress code requirements every class period, including the wearing of a school ID.) • Use classroom time and equipment respectfully. • Use of cell phones for classwork is allowed. Personal use of cell phones is not acceptable.

  5. Materials • Composition book – to use as a “film journal” to maintain notes about films viewed in class and outside of class. • Flash drive (optional) - it is useful for each student to have their own (16 – 32 GB) to keep film projects on once they start creating films in the lab.

  6. Grading Policies Honors quality work is expected for every assignment. Late work and/or shoddy and incomplete work will receive points off whether the assignment is formative or summative. Formative - Points for completion will be entered into the grade book students will receive a feedback score indicating the rubric level achieved so that they understand how their work is progressing toward the final internal and external assessment scores Summative - Final projects scored on the IB rubrics and/or the fine arts rubric

  7. Semester 1 Early Cinematic History • Introduction to interpretation and analysis of films through discussion of: Hugo and The Artist Foreign Film History Projects • (German Expressionism, Soviet Montage, New Wave French, Italian Neo-Classical) • View selected excerpts from Nosferatu & Metropolis

  8. Semester 1 continued….. Short films: Paper Man, Head Over Heels, Guacamole, Run Boy Run Interpretation of Suspense: Rear Window, Psycho, Argo, The Year of Living Dangerously Interpretation of Science Fiction: Avatar, Looper, The Matrix

  9. Semester 1 continued….. Using the camera, downloading video, basic editing in Premier Storyboarding and creating 30 second movies IB films and assessments Generic trailer characteristics Creating 1-minute holiday film trailers

  10. Semester 2 Interpretation of Noir: Maltese Falcon, Chinatown, Blade Runner, Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid Interpretation of Historical Fiction: The Help, The King’s Speech, 42, Lincoln

  11. Semester 2 continued….. Interpretation of the Western: The Good the Bad and the Ugly; The Good the Bad the Weird; 3:10 to Yuma; Tombstone Planning and creating foreign language films Planning and creating other films for the spring film fest

  12. Semester 2 continued….. Documentaries – Walt and Kurasawa Researching and planning for the IB Independent Study (Documentary Script)

  13. Thank You! Please contact me with any questions or concerns. cdebouch@amphi.com Thank you in advance for your support.

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