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UAS of America, Inc.

UAS of America, Inc. Presentation by Mark Pecsenka, Director. ALWAYS GROWING. UAS of America, Inc. Presentation by Mark Pecsenka, Director. High Quality Agricultural Products. WHAT DOES UAS OF AMERICA DO?. Private label. Custom Blending.

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UAS of America, Inc.

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  1. UAS of America, Inc. Presentation by Mark Pecsenka, Director

  2. ALWAYS GROWING UAS of America, Inc. Presentation by Mark Pecsenka, Director High Quality Agricultural Products WHAT DOES UAS OF AMERICA DO? Privatelabel Custom Blending

  3. Why Produce High Quality Agricultural Products? Better quality Crops RESULT: Higher quality and Yields Longer Shelf Life RESULT: Longer - further marketable Sales Higher market Price RESULT: More money in farmers pocket Less Disease, Less Pests RESULT: Less money spent on expensive pesticides and other chemicals

  4. WHY BIO / ORGANIC FERTILIZERS ? • Environmental pollution increasing • New plant/crop diseases are on the rise • Chemical awareness is on rise • Looking for alternative agriculture • ORGANIC/SUSTAINABLE FARMING is the only solution for healthy food • Demands is increasing

  5. What is the benefit from our products. Yield Increase To 25-35 % Reduction In pest And diseases Sustainable Income Higher Food Quality Longer Shelf Life

  6. UAS’s Mission and Vision • How we do It: • We go back to the basic principles of agriculture • We follow the concept of “organic” “ Free Soil Energy” • We combine technology and simplicity • What We Do: • Our mission is to protect and preserve the environment • Provide the tools for growing quality foods for future generations • Save the environment.by using less teaching the farmer how to use less fertilizer. • Product Development: • Products are developed as problems are determined. • Products are developed as demanded. • Products are developed to compliment our programs. • Why we’re different: • We are dedicated to introduce quality products at very reasonable cost. • Our service, our honesty, our dedication prevail • We work with you, so you may work with your customers. • How we make our customers happy: • Our products quality and cost effectiveness • Capability of addressing specific need • We Education on how to use the products • Credible, friendly team support.

  7. Why Join the CROPMASTER TEAM? Green Movement The largest UK organic trader expects today’s $11B organic market to grow to a volume of $100B in the next 10 years with a major share of this growth taking place in the USA and Japan. --IFOAM Organic Agriculture Organic agriculture and organic markets is growing by 25% annually. – International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement (IFOAM) Natural Products “Today organic food is a booming $3.5 billion industry growing at an average rate of 20% annually” – Union of Concerned Scientists Sustainable Agriculture Sustainable techniques helped maintain overall profits due to savings on fertilizers and pesticides of $95.00 or more an acre and yield increases worth $600 an acre. – USDA, 1995 SARE Project Highlights

  8. Organic production is in increasing trend all over the world…

  9. About 17,500 (millions US $ ) organic food is sold

  10. Our philosophy to New age approach is Simple as 1…2…3 1 Cleanse Soil • Super Hume helps cleanse soil biology to virgin state. 2 Infuse soil with Beneficial Bacteria • Nitro-Fix Helps bring necessary Microbial actions back to proper levels. 3 Apply Supplemental Micro and Macro Nutritional Applications • Supply the plant with necessary booster feedings to help add quality, yield and size. Result is reflected 1-2 weeks after the application

  11. How and where do We Start? STEP 1 We Start with the Soil STEP 1 Starts with in the SOIL We Cleanse the Soil Using Super Hume We Condition the Soil Using SSP We Adjust pH using Super Sul 26 or Super Cal 8 Why we do this? Just like when we build a house. A successful crop needs a Solid foundation. THE SOIL MUST BE ABLE TO SUSTAIN LIFE!

  12. Soil Physical Structure Air Voids, Water, and Organic Matter 25% Air 45% Minerals 25% Water 5% Organic matter

  13. Super Hume actions on soil • Detoxifies Soil • Soil looks like “black Gold” • Rich in Organic Matter.

  14. How does it works? One of the highest quality “Liquid Humic Acid” concentrates in USA. Organic Carbon derived from the highest and the most active quality Humatesource, Leonardite Capable of retaining soil nutrients in an exchangeable form to be made available to plants as required Help to control the toxic chemical levels within the soil. It is acceptable by OMRI, OCIA & FOG  as "organic" Super Hume

  15. Super Hume (Humic Acid) * Will help to increase the CEC of the soil. * Increases the holding capacity or retention ability of the soil for holding water. * Increases the transfer of fertilizer, by preventing excessive leaching away from the root zone and ultimately releasing it to the root zone as needed. * Helps to reduce soil erosion by increasing cohesive forces of very fine soil particles. * Changes the physical and mechanical properties of the soil in structure, color, consistency, and moisture holding capacity to a very great degree. * will increase the permeability of plant membranes , promotes the uptake of nutrients more efficiently. * improves the growth of various groups of beneficial micro-organisms. * buffer pH problems, allowing plants to survive until the pH can be corrected. * Increases the rate of germination of seed. * decrease stress deterioration. Until it can be corrected. * increase and enlarge root systems and plant cell division * Will increase microbial soil activity. * will help to intensify the Enzyme systems increasing the metabolic and/or other chemical changes inside the plants living cells. * will releases various types of auxins responsible for plant growth. * known as an organic catalyst helping to speed up the rate of chemical reactions within the plant. * will provide an environment that will not allow some weeds to grow.

  16. Humic vs Fulvic The higher molecular weight Humic Acid alters the physical characteristics of the soil, while the lower molecular weight Fulvic Acids are involved in the chemical reactions in the soil that influence plants’ metabolic processes. Fulvic acids also possess growth promoting properties. Both Humic and Fulvic acid are in the same family and serve the same purpose. Their Chemical composition has almost no difference. Both Humic and Fulvic acid are extracted from LEANARDITE. Mined in the Dakotas It is often stated that the "primary action" of humic acids comes from the fulvic acids because their chemical and biological activity is higher than the humic acids.  Fulvic acid extracted from Leonardite is more soluble and mobile through the water in the soil.  Simply stated Fulvic acid is a more active Humic acid

  17. STEP 2We Infuse the Soil with Beneficial Bacteria • Nitro Fix • Mycorendo

  18. STEP 3 Apply Supplemental Micro and Macro Nutritional Applications Biological NPK & Phosphites Micro Nutrient Chelates Insect Control Products

  19. Biological NPK & Phosphites NITROGEN - GROWTH STAGE From Planting until Flowering 10-8-8, 16-4-8, 15-0-0, 20-4-4 PHOSPHORUS PRODUCTION STAGE  6-14-6, 5-30-10, 0-35-0 POTASH 3-18-18, 0-31-23

  20. How does it works? formulated and fortified with micro-nutrients, alpha, keto and amino acids 100% water soluble and immediately available to the plant, this product is extremely efficient as a foliar spray Use Organic-chelating(not EDTA) compounds to make our micronutrient more effective . Provide all essential micronutrients. Designed for soil and foliar application, to prevent and correct pre-existing deficiencies as indicated by plant leaf and soil testing MICRO-BOOST MICRO-BOOST (COMPLEXED MICRO NUTRIENTS)

  21. Insect control Wipe out Repel - it

  22. How does it works? Supply the crop with a well balanced nutrient value and give added protection against stress conditions Cytokinins, Indoles, Hormones, Auxins and Gibberellins. It is acceptable by the OCIA standardsas "organic" Accelerate the growth, increase flowering and fruiting. Provide resistance to disease, insects, drought and frost. Our SUPER SEAWEED liquid formula contains a wide variety of micro-nutrients plus riboflavin, niacin, choline, beta carotene, pantothenic acid, folic acid, folinic acid, and alginic acid. Sea Weed Extract


  24. Increased root size 6 times

  25. Production increased 40%

  26. Increased Plant Height

  27. Production increased 40%

  28. Results on Rice

  29. FIELD DAY SHOWS TRAIL RESULTS Yields increased from 6 Mt to 11 Mt

  30. A bumper Rice Crop – Micro-Boost Experiment

  31. CropMaster’s Products on Corn Field View

  32. Response of Corn to CropMaster Products

  33. The Happiest Farmer Harvested bumper Yield of Corn with CropMaster Products

  34. -Coffee Berries – Applications of *Super Seaweed *Micro Boost *Super Hume

  35. Uniform Healthy Organic Citrus Orchard With applications of Super Seaweed, Micro-boost and Super Hume Citrus Orchard Southwest Florida

  36. Positive responses from Marigolds to Super Hume, Micro-Boost and Super Seaweed

  37. Super Hume, Micro-Boost and Super Seaweed on Rose Good rose plant responding to our products

  38. Wonderful Mango-More flowers Treated with CropMaster Products

  39. Farmer with CropMaster Products Successful Farmers who use CROPMASTER


  41. 3 SIMPLE STEPS TO REMEMBER WHEN Using CROPMASTER PROGRAM 1 Cleanse Soil • Super Hume, SSP, Super Cal, Super Sul 2 Infuse soil with Beneficial Bacteria • Nitro-Fix , Mycorendo, 3 Apply Supplemental Micro and Macro Nutritional Applications • Micro-Boost, Bio Npk’s, SPECIALTY PRODUCTS * INSECT PRODUCTS *

  42. UAS of America, Inc. Resources provided by Dr. Ilangovan Ramasamy, Director (Research and Development) Phytophthora in Citrus: Phytophthora diseases often termed as, damping-off of seedlings in the seedbed, root and crown rot in nurseries, foot rot and fibrous root rot, and brown rot of fruit in groves are major problems in citrus industry in United States (US). Not only in US but also represents one of the biggest threats to citrus production around the world. Different species of Phytophthora reported in citrus. P. parasitica,) P. citrophthora, P.palmivora) P. nicotianae,

  43. Symptoms in CITRUS Root rot / Crown rot: (Caused byPhytophthora citrophthora, P. nicotianae,) Root rot is near the ground level Crown root results from infection of the bark below the soil line Root rot produces bark lesions Root rot extends down to the bud union on resistant rootstocks Root rot occurs when the cortex of fibrous roots is infected Roots turns soft and appears water-soaked. Foliage turns yellow as the disease progresses the, Permanent dieback of twigs occurs Weak new growth Cankers are formed on the larger roots.

  44. Symptoms in CITRUS Brown rot of fruit: (Caused byP. citrophthora, P.hibernalisandP. nicotianaevar.parasitica Starts as a slight surface discoloration and extends rapidly Eventually the entire rind turns light to olive brown Infected fruit has a strong and quite distinctive smell Fruit remains firm with a leathery texture A white fungal growth often develops on the fruit surface and the common blue mould may follow Fruit usually falls from the tree Leaf infections appear as dark brown, roughly circular, spreading blotches Dark brown lesions and often exude gum are produced on twigs.

  45. How is it works? UAS results Potassium Phosphonate act as an *Elicitor*imparting immune system (SAR-systemic acquired resistance). Also act as fungistat against pathogen like Phytophthora, Fusarium and pythium like fungus. Advantage of PO4 vs PO3 Self defense mechanism Direct effect on pathogen

  46. Application Methods Row crops: 1-2 pints/acre Tree crops: 1-2 quart(s) Drip / Irrigation: 2-4 pints /acre (Two times blooming and fruit formation stage)

  47. Phytophthorain citrus

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