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Windows ® XP Embedded Overview

Windows ® XP Embedded Overview Windows XP Embedded Overview Yanling Xing Software Engineer Embedded System Group Masterpiece Windows NT Embedded 4.0 Server Appliance Kit 2.0 With the Server Appliance Kit Windows CE 3.0 Embedded Visual Tools Windows Embedded Product roadmap

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Windows ® XP Embedded Overview

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  1. Windows® XP Embedded Overview

  2. Windows XP Embedded Overview Yanling Xing Software Engineer Embedded System Group Masterpiece

  3. Windows NT Embedded 4.0 Server Appliance Kit 2.0 With the Server Appliance Kit Windows CE 3.0 Embedded Visual Tools Windows EmbeddedProduct roadmap Released 2002 End of 2001 XP Embedded Windows .NET Embedded Server Server Appliance Kit 2.0 Add-on Pack Windows CE .NET Smart Device Extensions and .NET CF Visual Studio .NET

  4. What Is Windows XP Embedded • Componentized version of Windows XP Professional • Based on the same binaries as retail version of Windows XP Professional • Choose only features and services you need • Includes additional embedded-enabling features • Powerful authoring tools for creating custom images quickly

  5. Design Goals • Componentized Windows XP feature set • Based on Windows XP Professional binaries • Provide choice from the richest feature set • Enables reduced footprint designs • Deliver Embedded-enabling features • Target the Windows XP OS at embedded devices • Enable broad set of device scenarios • Reduce time to market with powerful new tools • Build custom OS image faster • Streamline the end-to-end development process Release within 90 days of retail product

  6. Windows XP Embedded The componentized version of the leading desktop operating system enabling rapid development of the most reliable and full featured connected devices Reliable Industry-leading security, reliability, and performance enable dependable solutions that will stand the test of time Full-featured Based on Windows XP Professional binaries providing the latest technologies – including rich multimedia and embedded features - in componentized form Connected Rich networking and management capabilities provide seamless integration with PCs, servers, Web Services, and other devices Rapid Faster time to market through rich end-to-end development tools that streamline OS customization, device bring-up, and application development

  7. Windows XP Embedded • Proven Windows 2000 code base • Robust • 32-bit computing architecture and fully protected memory model • Device driver rollback • Windows file protection • Driver signing • Secure • Encrypted file system and NTFS • Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) • Smart card support • Kerberos authentication protocol • Credential manager • Internet firewall • Increased performance • Faster boot and log-on • Improved resource management • Improved registry performance Reliable Full-featured Connected Rapid

  8. Windows XP Embedded • Componentized Windows XP Professional • Over 10,000 individually selectable OS features, services, and drivers • Customized, reduced footprint OS • Full Win 32 binary compatibility • Latest multimedia and browsing • Internet Explorer 6.0 • Windows Media Player™ 8.0 • DirectX® 8.0 • Latest hardware and device support • USB, IEEE 1394, PnP, UDF 2.01 • Granular power management with full ACPI 2.0 support • Easily localization with Multi-lingual User Interface (MUI) Reliable Full-featured Connected Rapid

  9. Windows XP Embedded • Embedded specific features • Flexible boot and storage options • R/W storage devices such as Flash ROM, Magnetic Disk • Nonvolatile Read-only storage devices such as ROM, CD-ROM • DiskOnChip Flash, ATA, and Compact Flash • Enhanced write filter • Hot swappable CompactPCI Bus • Remote device agent • Softbus driver • Watchdog timers • Headless operation • Third party extensibility • Real time extensions • Embedded BIOS Reliable Full-featured Connected Rapid

  10. Windows XP Embedded • Seamless integration with IT infrastructure • Rich networking • Comprehensive network protocols: Legacy support plus Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), IPv6, IrDA, 802.11, PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE), UPnP, and more • Quality-of-Service (QoS) support • Network location awareness • Enhanced peer-to-peer networking • Wireless LAN support • Real-time communications • TAPI 3.1 • MSMQ support • Microsoft Outlook Express® • Windows Messenger • NetMeeting® • Local and remote management • Built in support for WMI, MMC • Active Directory™ client • Remote OS install • Terminal services Reliable Full-featured Connected Rapid

  11. Windows XP Embedded • Target designer tools suite streamlines development • Fast design starts • Automated hardware analysis and auto-selection of correct drivers for your device • Design templates jumpstart development for common devices • Efficient, managed workflow • Rich component search and filtering capabilities • Intuitive drag and drop UI • Auto-generated task lists guide you through completion of your design • High performance build environment • Assisted component authoring – convert your applications and services into components • Auto-conversion of any device .INF into a component • Automated dependency checking and build process Reliable Full-featured Connected Rapid

  12. Writing Rich ApplicationsSimplify the development and deployment of distributed XML Web Services and applications • Leverage third party and off-the-shelf applications with little or no porting necessary • Use familiar tools to write rich applications • Easily develop and deploy distributed XML Web services using Visual Studio® .NET • Rapid application development • Increased development productivity • Powerful design tools • Windows Forms, Web Forms • XML and component designers

  13. Windows Embedded Studio • Target Designer • Select from over 10,000 components with ease • Automated dependency checking and task lists • Hosted, high performance build environment for your customized OS • Component Designer • Assisted component authoring for your applications and services • Streamlined authoring with easy addition of files and registry branches to your component • Automatic conversion of device .INFs to components • Database Manager • Enables your components to be added to Component Database • High performance database management • Target Analyzer • Automated analysis of your target hardware • Facilitates auto-generation of base OS configuration supporting your target hardware

  14. Windows XP Embedded Tools

  15. Windows XP Embedded Tools

  16. Target Analyzer Target Designer Base OS configuration Auto-generated Runtime OS Image Add Features to Base OS Config Add your components: Component Designer • >10,000 individual components • Macro Components • Design Templates • .SLD’s contain information for component to “build itself”: Properties, Resources, etc. • Auto-conversion of .INF’s Build Process • Ensures components built in right order • Allows special case logic and fully scripted build process Process Overview Check Dependencies • Verify relationships, add/delete components • Build order established • Task Lists

  17. Early Adopter Examples • Fujitsu-Siemens Computers: Set-top-box • National Semiconductor: Geode platform • Wyse: Thin Clients • Bally’s: High-end Gaming Machines • Uniwill: Web Pad, wireless devices • SCM Micro: TV Receiver for Set-top-boxes • Wincor-Nixdorf: Retail Point-of-Sale • Siemens IA: Industrial HMI • Retalix: Retail • Quescom: Telecommunications equipment • Viewsonic: Residential Gateway • VenturCom: Real-time extensions and third party development/integration

  18. Why Upgrade • Proven platform • Easiest way to build reliable, secure, high performance devices • Powerful end-to-end development tools enable faster time to market • Rich, customized designs built quickly • Unmatched technology portfolio • Accelerated innovation by leveraging Microsoft’s industry-leading research and investment • Better alignment with your business over the device lifecycle • Straightforward engagement model that protects your IP

  19. Resources And Next Steps • Order the Windows Embedded Evaluation kit • http://www.microsoft.com/windows/embedded/ • Attend a Windows Embedded Developer’s Conference • http://www.microsoft.com/windows/embedded/devcon/ • Experience the benefits of the Windows Embedded Community • Check out our newsgroups • www.msdn.microsoft.com/embedded/newsgroups/windowsdevelopment • Participate in a Windows Embedded chat • www.msdn.microsoft.com/windows/embedded/chats • Subscribe to the Windows Embedded DevWire • www.microsoft.com/windows/embedded/devwire • Get the latest technical product information • www.msdn.microsoft.com • Learn more about Windows CE .NET and Windows XP Embedded • www.microsoft.com/windows/embedded

  20. Windows XP Embedded Overview Yanling Xing Software Engineer Embedded System Group Masterpiece

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