purchased merchandise on account n.
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Purchased merchandise on account. PowerPoint Presentation
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Purchased merchandise on account.

Purchased merchandise on account.

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Purchased merchandise on account.

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Purchased merchandise on account.

    Accounts Payable Purchases
  2. Sold merchandise on account with sales tax.

    Accounts Receivable Sales Sales Tax Payable
  3. Paid the sales tax liability.

    Sales Tax Payable Cash
  4. Paid the payroll. Salary Expense Social Security Tax Payable Medicare Tax Payable Employee Income Tax Payable Cash
  5. Received cash from sales.

    Cash Sales Sales Tax Payable
  6. Received cash on account.

    Accounts Receivable Cash
  7. Close loss on plant assets.

    Loss on Plant Assets Income Summary
  8. Close sales returns and allowances.

    Sales Returns and Allowances Income Summary
  9. Close the drawing account

    Owner Drawing Owner Capitol
  10. Record the adjusting entry for annual depreciation.

    Depreciation Expense Annual Depreciation
  11. Issued capitol stock.

    Capitol Stock Common Cash
  12. Received a subscription for stock.

    Subscriptions Receivable Stock Subscribed
  13. Received final payment of subscription.

    Subscriptions Receivable Stock Subscribed Cash Capitol Stock Common
  14. Bought back our own stock.

    Treasury Stock Cash
  15. Sold capitol stock for more than par value.

    Capitol Stock Common Cash Paid in Excess
  16. Sold back treasury stock for more than we paid for it.

    Treasury Stock Cash Paid in Excess
  17. Declared a Dividend.

    Dividends Payable Dividends
  18. Paid a Dividend.

    Cash Dividends Payable
  19. Issued a Promissory note.

    Accounts Payable Notes Payable
  20. Issued a discounted promissory note to the bank.

    Cash Interest Expense Notes Payable
  21. Paid promissory note with interest issued in number 59.

    Notes Payable Interest Expense Cash
  22. Record a dishonored note receivable.

    Accounts Receivable Notes Receivable Interest Income
  23. Received cash for previously dishonored note with additional interest.

    Cash Accounts Receivable Interest Income
  24. Record accrued interest income.

    Interest Receivable Interest Income
  25. Record accrued interest expense.

    Interest Expense Interest payable
  26. Bought Office Equipment.

    Office Equipment Cash
  27. Discarded office equipment with no book value. (No additional depreciation)

    Accumulated Depreciation Office Equipment
  28. Discarded office equipment with a book value. (No additional depreciation)

    Accumulated Depreciation Loss on PA Office Equipment
  29. Sold office equipment for more than book value.

    Accumulated Depreciation Cash Office Equipment Gain on PA
  30. Traded office equipment and cash for new piece of office equipment.

    Accumulated Depreciation Cash Office Equipment