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Youth Association for Habitat PowerPoint Presentation
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Youth Association for Habitat

Youth Association for Habitat

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Youth Association for Habitat

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  1. Youth Association for Habitat Fulya Mah. Mevlüt Pehlivan Sok. Ali Sami Yen Apt. 8A/2 Mecidiyeköy İstanbul 0 212 275 74 98 / 0 212 275 74 36

  2. Youth Association for Habitat Mission: • Increasing youth awareness for sustainable development • Youth participation in decision making • Developing partnerships among youth • Enabling youth to establish partnerships with government, local authorities and the private sector • Following up and increase youth participation in the international youth related events • Improving networking among youth groups • Developing training programs • Facilitating the establishment of legitimate platforms such as student unions in high schools and universities, youth councils at the local level • Facilitating access to information

  3. Youth Association for Habitat Methodology: • Information dissemination from international to local level • Analyzing good practices in the world and their implementation at all levels • Following up the global youth agenda and agenda setting • Sharing good practices in Turkey at international platforms • Speeding up democratization by raising awareness on civil society • Improving social responsibility with a youth perspective • Creating common platforms bringing together different views in solving social problems • Fund raising for youth to overcome their local problems

  4. Youth Association for Habitat Memberships: • UN ECOSOC • UN World Youth Forum International Planning Committee • UN World Summit on Sustainable Development Youth Caucus • UN World Summit on Information Society Youth Caucus • Council of Europe – Advisory Council on Youth - Bureau • European Youth Card Association • European Youth Centers Network • Turkey Local Agenda 21 Steering Committee • T. C. Ministry State Planning Organization National Agency Advisory Council of the EU Youth and Education Programmes • T. C. Ministry STO Thematic Specialization Commission • TOBB Young Entrepreneurs’ Council

  5. Agenda 21

  6. Habitat II Summit 1996, İSTANBULYouth Association for Habitat Local Agenda 21 in Turkey • A democratization program • Based on Chapter 28 of Agenda 21 • Based upon participation and local partnerships • Pursues a local action planning process towards sustainable development • Seeks improvement of life quality

  7. LA-21 Steering Committee • Ministry of Interior • Ministry of Foreign Affairs • Ministry of Environment and Forestry • T.R. Prime Ministry State Planning Organization • General Secretariat for the EU Affairs • UNDP-Turkey • IULA-EMME (National Coordinator) • Youth Association for Habitat (Youth Component Facilitator)

  8. PHASE 1 Promotion and Development of Local Agenda 21s in TurkeyImplementation Period:1997 - 1999 PHASE 2 Implementing Local Agenda 21s in Turkey Implementation Period:2000 - 2003 PHASE3 Localizing the Millennium Development Goals and WSSD Plan of Implementation through the Turkey Local Agenda 21 Governance Network Implementation Period:2004 - 2006

  9. YOUTH & Turkey Local Agenda 21 Program [Local Youth Councils and Centers]

  10. YOUTH in LA 21 Program • To enable youth to participate in decisionmaking processes at the local level • To institutionalize local youth platforms in order to achieve the sustainability of youth activities • To provide the bases of a future national youth council

  11. Local Youth Centers • Promote peer education, • Create opportunities for realising social, educational and sports activities, developing relationships with other cities. • Develop the capacity of young people and create a unique platform which belongs to the local youth. • Enable young people from diverse backgrounds to produce together • Provide urban facilities from which youth cannot profit

  12. Local Youth Councils • Developing partnerships of youth with private sector, NGOs, local authorities and government • Ensuring the participation of youth not only in the implementation, but also in the planning phase. • Bringing together young people from different platforms on the basis of common problems. • Development of an urban identity and creating a sense of ownership • Representation of local youth at national and international levels • Capacity building of youth

  13. YouthNGOs in thecity University Student Clubs High School Student Unions LA-21Local Youth Council Working Group Representatives (City Council) University Student Councils Neighbourhood Youth Representatives Youth Representatives of Chambers and Unions

  14. LA 21 National ProgramNational Coordination Meetings • Participation of Youth Leaders from Local Agenda 21 Platforms, • Strengthening and maintaining the national network between Local Youth Platforms • Sharing experiences and socialization • Capacity building and training programs given by professionals and experts • Lead to the establishment of National Youth Parliament

  15. LA 21 NATIONAL YOUTH PARLIAMENTCOORDINATION MEETINGS: • YG-21 National Youth Parliament, Ankara, May 2003 • Input of Youth in Draft Bill of Public Administration, Antalya, August 2003, • LA-21 National Youth Parliament Summer SchoolKuşadası, September 2003 • LA-21 National Youth Parliament Strategy Development MeetingEskişehir, December 2003 • LA-21 National Youth Parliament Meets with Public Agencies and International Organisations for an Integrated Youth Policy İzmir, February 2004 • 19 May National Meeting Tarsus, April 2004 • LA-21 National Youth Parliament Establishment Summit • Ankara, 19-21 May 2004 • LA-21 National Youth Parliament National Coordination Malatya, 23-25 July 2004 • Local Authorities and Youth in EU Process Trabzon, 06-12 September 2004 • LA-21 National Youth Parliament National Coordination Elazığ,12–13 February 2005 • LA-21 National Youth Parliament National Coordination Ankara,   9-12 April 2005   • LA-21 NYP I. General Assembly Ankara, 16–20 May 2005 • LA-21 NYP Executive Board Meeting Tatvan, 9–11 July 2005  • LA-21 NYP Summer School Antakya 5–11 September 2005 • Information Technology and Youth Ankara, 28 – 31 January 2006 • LA-21 II. General Assembly Preparation Kütahya, 7-10 April 2006 • LA-21 NYP II. General Assembly Ankara, 18-21 May 2006

  16. LA 21 National Youth Parliament, • is a democratic platform • that is active on the development and implementation of youth policies and youth programs at a national level, and • that basis its strength on local youth platforms and youth participation in decision-making mechanisms.

  17. LA21 National Youth Parliament Establishment Summit18-21 May 2004, Ankara With the participation of 297 youth delegatesfrom 77 provincesand observes; and 28 MPs , 2 MP advisors, 1 Mayor, 1 Deputy Mayor. With the support of 18 MPs and 1 Metropolitan Municipality.

  18. LA21 NATIONAL YOUTH PARLIAMENT ESTABLISMENT SUMMIT19-21 May 2004 OUTCOME • Call for the establishment ofa Regional Facilitation Group • Working Priorities and organisational structure of the National Youth Parliament • Statute of the Local Youth Councils

  19. Facilitation Group • LA 21 National Youth Parliament Facilitation Group is based on representation of 8 regions in Turkey. (7 geographical regions + İstanbul) • 8 regional representatives of the LA 21 NYP are elected annually in general assemblies within the constituencies in their region. • Facilitation Group is established to strengthen local youth councils and to enhance the execution of phase III activities of LA21 Program • Works for initiating youth activities in non-partner cities and supporting the work in partner cities

  20. LA 21 THIRD PHASE Localizing the Millennium Development Goals and WSSD Plan of Implementation through the Turkey Local Agenda 21 Governance Network The Project aims to localizeImplementation Plan of the World Summit on Sustainable Development and Millennium Development Goals for the institutionalization of LA 21 Processes and mechanisms through local and international campaigns and capacity building initiatives, and LA Small Grants Programme. Published in Official Gazette, 12 November 2003.

  21. LA 21 PROGRAM III. PHASE GOALS • Approval of the Statute and Working Principles of LA 21 Youth Councils by the newly established City Councils • Update of the Statute and Working Principles of the LA Youth Councils • Institutionalization of the LA 21 Youth Councils • Support for the establishment of a National Youth Council based on LA 21 Youth Councils

  22. Other Program and Projects • South East Anatolia Social Development Programme for Youth (2001-2006) • Life Plus Youth Fund (2005-2009) • Bilenler Bilmeyenlere Bilgisayar Öğretiyor Projesi [Empowerment of Youth for e-Transformation of Turkey] (2005-2008) • Paylaşalım Bilişimle Buluşalım [Refurbisment and Distribution of Used PC’s For Youth] (2006 - ) • Peer Education on Sexual Health Project (2004-2006) • TOBB Young Entrepreneurs’ Council (2006 - ) • Euro<26 Youth Card (2006 - ) • Aegean Youth Interaction Project (2006) • Earthquake Rehabilitation Projects – Youth Centers in the Earthquake Region (2000-2002) • Protective Families Campaign (1999-2000) • Youth Contribution to the Implementation of Habitat Agenda in Turkey(1997) • Renewable Energy Education Project(1998)

  23. YENİKÖY BOLU/KARAÇAYIR SAKARYA Within the framework of theEarthquake Rehabilitation Project, 3 Youth Houses were established in Yeniköy, Sakarya, İzmit

  24. South East Anatolia Socio-economic Development Program for Youth 2001 - 2006

  25. SOUTH EAST ANATOLIA SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME FOR YOUTH Partners of the Project: The UNDP project is executed by GAP-RDA, and implemented by Youth Association for Habitat with the contributions of the Government of Switzerland. Governorships, local authorities, non-governmental organizations working at national and local levels and private sector are partners of the project. The project aims at: • Organization of young people • Creation of social and cultural interaction platforms • Enabling young people to take part in decision making mechanisms at the local level through establishment of youth centers in region.

  26. SOUTH EAST ANATOLIA SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME FOR YOUTH • The Project aims at personal development of young people in the region for them to participate indecision-making mechanisms by establishing local youth and culture houses • Youth and Culture Houses are established in Diyarbakır, Mardin, Adıyaman, Şanlıurfa, Batman, Şırnak, Kilis, Gaziantep and Siirt (all 9 provinces) - Youth Executive Committees and Local Advisory Boards are responsible for the management of the youth houses and the youth activities • 55.460young people have been reached so far within the framework of the activities • Young people participated in a series of exchange programmes in order to improve their communication and cooperation with their counterparts at the international level and national level

  27. Training programs: • Initiatives concerning employment of youth: • Handcrafts Workshop for the Disabled Youth • Serigraphy Workshop • Souvenir Workshop • Cisco Local Networking Academy • Cafeteria • Reproductive Health • Project Development Techniques • Project Management • Reporting Techniques • Entrepreneurship • EU White Paper Process • Leadership • Media and Public Relations

  28. 2nd Phase of the Project Achievements: • Youth and Culture Houses implemented 11 projects that are financed by the EU Youth Programs. With these projects, 114,740 EURO has been added to the budget of the youth work in the region. • A program called e-coach has been initiated; 30 young people have benefited from this program. • Within the framework of internship program, 10 young people worked as interns and 8 of them were employed after completing their internship. • Within the framework of a protocol that is signed between GAP-RDA, Governorship, UNDP and Youth Association for Habitat, 600 young people receive vocational training to be employed by Sancar Denim A.Ş. in Siirt. Similar partnerships will be multiplied in the region.

  29. SEDFY Project 2006in figures

  30. Add a + to life

  31. “Life Plus” Youth Fund The biggest youth fund established with the partnership of an international organization, an NGO, and a representative of the private sector: • UNDP, Youth for Habitat and Coca-Cola Turkey • 1,5 million dollars for supporting 100 youth project within a period of 5 years Purpose: • To increase youth capacity on project development and management • To encourage young people to contribute in increasingquality of life in their cities via their own projects (For youth! By youth!) Project fields: • Education • Environment • Culture – Arts • Sport

  32. Inclusive, innovative, sustainable projects • sensitive to the society’s needs • Target young people are financially and strategically assisted by Life Plus Youth Fund Project teams of the granted projects are provided trainings on project development and management…

  33. The Graphic of Regional Distribution of the First Phase Project Applications

  34. Granted Projects – 1st Phase

  35. The Graphic of Regional Distribution of the Second Phase Project Applications

  36. Granted Projects – 2nd Phase

  37. Empowerment of Youth for E-Transformation of Turkey

  38. Project Goal: To increase capacity of young people on ICTs. Phase I: 1600 Phase II: 100.000 youth Project Model: Peer education Volunteer trainers

  39. Project Cities Marmara Region:Southeast Anatolian Region: İstanbul Adıyaman Siirt Çanakkale Batman Şanlıurfa Black Sea Region:Diyarbakır Şırnak Trabzon Gaziantep Kilis Samsun Mardin East Anatolian Region:Middle Anatolian Region: Elazığ Tokat Konya Muş Çankırı Ankara Erzincan AEGEAN REGıON: Mediterrenean Region:İzmir Antakya Adana Denizli Isparta Antalya Uşak Tarsus Burdur Muğla (26 cities)

  40. OUTCOME: • Phase I: 1200 young people • Phase II: 1046 young (April-June 2006) • Average age: 19 (for both girls and boys) (Targeted group: 15-25)

  41. SUCCESSES: • A good practice - UNDP • Importance of youth information policy for an integrated youth policy in Turkey • Support for the recognition of local youth work

  42. A Project for Refurbishment and Distribution of Used PCs for Youth

  43. Ministry of National Education Turkish State Railways Microsoft Ayhan Şahenk Foundation Youth Association for Habitat A campaign has been initiated and at the first phaseof the project, 6000 PCs have been refurbished, licensed and distributed to the schools, youth councils and youth NGOs. Volunteer trainers of Empowerment of Youth for E-Transformation of Turkey Project provide trainings on basic computer skills at computer laboratories that are established by this project.

  44. PEER EDUCATION on SEXUAL HEALTH In cooperation with the Turkey Family Planning Foundation Project aims: • To have a peer educator group of 20 young volunteer in each project city, • To inform 2000 young people on sexual health in each project city, • To establish a network that shall support the work on sexual health, • To initiate a campaign on a common problem specified by young people. Supported by European Commission

  45. SUCCESS: • In each project city youth center for consultancy is established. • Guidance for young people on sexual health, • The peer group continues on to train young people, • 3500 young people have been reached by July 2006.


  47. YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS COUNCIL AIMS: • Career development of young people, • To enhance information sharing between young entrepreneurs, • To establish a Young Entreprenuers’ Web Portal, • To organize an annual fair on entrepreneurship, • To support young people for them to establish businesses and to succeed, • To create opportunities for young people to be interns in Turkey and abroad (EU) • To spread e-coach program, • To establish Young Entrepreneurs’ Support and Training Centers in pilot cities, • To organize training and social activities to establish a socially responsible young entrepreneurs group in Turkey, • To encourage young entrepreneurs to establish partnerships with different stakeholders for the implementation of similar projects.

  48. Youth for Habitat & Hellenic Youth Council Beyoğlu Municipality & City of Athens Boğaziçi University & Pantios Univeristy The purpose is to increase knowledge on the EU processes among young people and to build a stronger bridge between youth in Greece and Turkey Supported byEuropean Commission Small Grants Program