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INTERIOR DESIGN. Emma Haupt B2 2/9/12. What is Interior Design ?. Interior design is a job where an individual evaluates, plans and designs interior areas of residential, commercial, and industrial structures( “Ferguson” ).

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  1. INTERIOR DESIGN Emma Haupt B2 2/9/12

  2. What is Interior Design ? • Interior design is a job where an individual evaluates, plans and designs interior areas of residential, commercial, and industrial structures(“Ferguson”). • Interior designers help clients select equipment and fixtures (“Ferguson” pg. 99) to create a space ideal for the clients individual taste and style.

  3. What are the focus areas for interior designers ? The five main areas of focus interior designers have are: • Color • Texture • Furniture • Lighting • Space All of these elements need to be taken to mind, while also keeping an eye on architectural detailing and sticking to a budget.

  4. Educational Needs • According to www.collegeboard.com, the minimum education needed to become an interior designer is an associates degree. • www.bls.gov states that a knowledge for an online software like CAD, ( computer software designed to help interior designers’ projects contain more detail and accurate measurements) is highly recommended.

  5. Educational Needs • Interior design is a very competitive profession, and for that reason self employment is very common. • In most cases, the more education and experience, the better chance one has of receiving the job. • Here is a list of classes recommended for hopeful interior designers to take in high school: • Art history • Home economics • Drafting • Marketing • General business & business management • Various creative art courses

  6. Educational Needs • Here is a list of classes interior designers may be interested in taking in college: • Architectural Drawing and Drafting • Furniture design • Classes specializing in computer aided software • Designers must also be very creative and persistent and “able to express their ideas verbally, visually, and in writing” (www.bls.govinterior designers, second section).

  7. Schools • One large branch of schools that specialize in design and elements of design is the Art Institutes. They are located in 24 states in the United States, including two campuses in Virginia! • The Art Institutes focus on design, media arts, culinary arts, and fashion. • The Art Institutes help one grow as a creative thinker and www.artinstitues.edu says that one will also get the chance to “work with experienced, talented instructors and professional hardware” so one can “gain the knowledge and skills to connect to a career as an interior designer.”

  8. Schools The top schools for interior design: • Pratt institute • University of Cincinnati in Ohio • New York School of Interior Design • Rhode Island School of Design • Cornell University • Arizona State University

  9. Schools • A specific school that is known for its interior design program is New York School of Interior Design. Founded in 1916, NYSID teaches students how to design spaces that are modern and fit into the technology of the 21st century. It is also the only institution in upstate New York that is devoted exclusively to the design of interior spaces. New York School of Interior Design is dedicated to the growth and discipline of interior designers through professional development, community programs, education research and public works.

  10. Salary/Wages • Interior designers salaries can range from just above$20,000(lowest), to around $39,180( being the average), and can reach up to $69,640 and above (in the highest percentage,10%) – (www.bls.gov) Salaries a majority of the time are based on the project they are working on, and the level they are working at, be it national, state or local.

  11. Salary/Wages • According to www.vaview.vt.edu and www.bls.govthe annual salaries for interior designers are the following: • National - around $52,000 per year (www.vaview.vt.edu) • State (Virginia) - anywhere between $53,070 to $53,816 (www.bls.gov) • Local (Virginia Beach) - $52,721.80 (www.vaview.vt.edu)

  12. Job Outlook • The job outlook for interior designers is very good. With more and more people wanting to upgrade their homes and office workplaces, interior designing has a bright outlook for the future. • According to www.bls.gov , employment for interior designers is expected to grow 19% nationally, which is faster than average for other jobs.

  13. Job Outlook • www.vaview.vt.edu, states that employment for interior designers in the state of Virginia will also increase, 8.5% approximately in the next six years. • www.vaview.vt.edu also says that in the Hampton Roads area projections for interior designers will increase up to about 13% in the next couple years.

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