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Advanced Technology Demonstration and Prototyping Group

Advanced Technology Demonstration and Prototyping Group. Demonstrations with SWIM Overtones. Presented to : Network Centric Demonstrations and Prototypes TIM II By: Jim Rogers Jim McDaniel Date : September 24, 2009. SWIM Concepts All Demos.

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Advanced Technology Demonstration and Prototyping Group

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  1. Advanced Technology Demonstration and Prototyping Group Demonstrations with SWIM Overtones Presented to: Network Centric Demonstrations and Prototypes TIM II By: Jim Rogers Jim McDaniel Date: September 24, 2009

  2. SWIM Concepts All Demos • TMA and Convective Wx – publish-subscribe interface for predictive Wx into TMA based on JMS messaging format • Oceanic TBO – web-enabled collaborative trajectory planning • International Flight Data Object – defineIFDO, representation of relevant info about a flight, as primary container of flight info for publication/subscription by aviation community • AIRE - Oceanic, Arrival and Surface Demos - aspects of global, real-time info management, distributed information sharing and collaborative decision making • NEO Spiral 2 – trials and demos of net-enabled capabilities concentrating on shared information between FAA, DoD and DHS entities

  3. Daytona Beach NextGen Test Facility Funding – Current FY: F&E • Allocated - $1.96M • Committed - $1.96M • Shortfall - $0 • OPS – none • No FY09 funding requested Description of Project: Facility operated by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) and an industry consortium at Daytona Beach International Airportto research, evaluate and demonstrate NextGen concepts, procedures, technologies and capabilities. Initial demo to show the incorporation of convective weather data into the Traffic Management Advisor (TMA) tool to better maintain airport arrival rates. Recent Activity: Ongoing technical interchange meeting with ERAU, technical lead at Lockheed Martin, CSC (TMA contractor), reps from team weather contractor ENSCO and FAA HQ weather staff. Conducted liaison and coordination visit to Jacksonville ARTCC with ERAU staff to arrange demo participation and data collection. Coordinated requirements for GFI and support equipment. Next two weeks: Management visit to Daytona Beach for general discussions and evaluation of possible second, executive level demo. Continue review of preparations for November 18 demo. Conduct weekly progress reviews and status telcons. Latest Accomplishments: Due to technical difficulties with simulating Charlotte traffic patterns, demo focus reverted to the flight arrival stream to Orlando thru Jacksonville ARTCC sectors. Demonstration will use data from a “significant weather day” – Aug 9. Scenarios for clear weather, bad weather without flight plan amendments and bad weather with flight plan amendment will be run in lab and discussed. Schedule/Critical Milestones POC: Jim Rogers james.rogers@faa.gov (202) 493-5002 Updated: 19 September 2008

  4. Oceanic Trajectory Based Operations FY08 - Funding Allocation (F&E) • Allocated - $4.8M • Committed - $4.8M • Shortfall - $0 Description of Project: • Demonstrate potential benefits for oceanic trajectory optimization in terms of fuel savings and emissions reductions (AIRE-Oceanic demonstration) through partnerships and collaboration with the European Commission, ANSPs, airlines and other government agencies Recent Activities • Preparations for Fall AIRE-Oceanic Demonstration • Developing Fall Demo Procedures • Coordinating with airlines Air Europa, Iberia, American, Air France, Lufthansa • ADS-C In Trail Procedures • Completed ADS-C ITP project plan submitted on 08/15/08 • Web-Enabled Collaborative Trajectory Planning • Completed project plan submitted on 07/28/08 • Project timeline being adjusted to accommodate delays in DOTS+ Online field deployment • 4D-OTM • Completed 4D-OTM Modeling and Simulation plan submitted on 08/13/08 • Oceanic TBO 5-year Strategic Plan • Initial version of Oceanic TBO Strategic Plan submitted on 09/01/08. Next Two Weeks • Re-analyze data based on Volpe’s wind data • Continue to work on project planning for FY09 • Continue to improve on Oceanic TBO 5-year Strategic Plan • Continue demo procedures development FY08 Major Accomplishments • Oceanic TBO FY08 Program Plan completed • Initial AIRE-Oceanic Demonstration completed May 2008 • AIRE-Oceanic Demo Procedures completed May 2008 • SRMDM completed May 2008 • AIRE-Oceanic demos conducted during 2-week period in May 2008 • Preliminary demo results provided by Air Europa in June 2008 • Analyzed data received from Air Europa, New York, and Santa Maria Centers • Increase safety, capacity, productivity, and efficiency by improving operational procedures and strategic planning in an oceanic environment • Optimize oceanic trajectories by using existing technologies, methodologies, tools, and best practices to assist in seamless end-to-end oceanic traffic flow Schedule/Critical Milestones POC: Thien Ngo thien.ngo@faa.gov (202) 267-9447 Updated: 18 September 2008

  5. Int’l Flight Data Object (IFDO) Proof of Concept Funding –Current FY: Description of the Project: • Conduct research, development and laboratory proof of concept of IFDO exchange using collaborative flight planning capability for the oceanic and en route air traffic services domains. • Begin collaboration between US and international stakeholders for joint development of IFDO requirements definition. • F&E: • Allocated: $700K • Committed: $700K • Shortfall: $0 • OTA agreement Task D with Embry-Riddle(subcontractor: Lockheed Martin) Recent Activity • IFDO Project Kickoff meeting completed • Held on Aug 7, 2008 at Daytona Beach NextGen test facility • Discussed deliverable plan for current phase of work • Discussed potential IFDO possibilities/expansion into the future • IFDO Initial Project Plan development under way Next Two Weeks • Continue Initial Project Plan development • Continue developing Initial IFDO Concept of Operations FY08 Accomplishments • OTA Agreement Task D established • Funding in place and obligated • IFDO project kickoff completed Risks/Issues • None Schedule / Critical Milestones CY 2008 CY 2009 Draft Final Final POC: Thien Ngo thien.ngo@faa.gov (202) 267-9447 Updated: 18 September 2008

  6. FY09 Joint Net Enabled/Centric Operations (NEO) Project Description of Project (s): NEO Spiral 1 Project • Main demonstration was successfully completed in May 08 • The final project activity is a DoD Special Use Airspace (SUA) modeling and sim task of the Gulf of Mexico ECD: 31 OCT 2008 NEOSP1 Plus, Phase A Planning Task Order • The purpose of this task is to provide detailed information on the plan to execute Network Enabled/Centric Operations Spiral Two (NEOSP2) • This task is a six month planning effort: ECD 30 Apr 2009 NEO Spiral 2 Project • This project will conduct a series of experimental trials or demonstrations at targeted sites that will show net-enabled capabilities using prototyping capabilities in an operational format (Apr 09 to Apr 10) FY 09 Funding: • NEOSP1 is using 2008 F&E and IA Fund committed • NEO SP1, PLUS funding is F&E • Allocated-$2.233 M Committed - $2.23 M • Shortfall- $0.0 M FY09 Recent Accomplishments: • NEO Executive decision meeting held on 11 Aug for a go decision to proceed with the planning for NEOSP2 FY09 Proposed Activity: NEOSP1 Visualization software for mapping the SUA mission assignments and commercial aircraft impacts has been partially implemented NEOSP1 PLUS task to start Nov 08 to Mar 09 NEOSP2 project proposed to start O/A Apr 09 to Apr 10 • FAA and Interagency funding expected: $24M POC: Morris ‘Mo’ Spence Morris.spence@faa.gov (202) 493-4409 Updated: September 2008

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