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Droichead An Dóchais

Droichead An Dóchais

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Droichead An Dóchais

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  1. Droichead An Dóchais Irene Sherry Programme Manager

  2. Aims • To assist the North Belfast community towards better mental health, with a particular emphasis on those who are suffering stress and trauma as a result of the political conflict in the north of Ireland. • To help people cope with the stress and trauma of living in an area dealing with 30 years of political conflict and significant social and economic deprivation.

  3. Programme Objectives • To develop awareness of stress and learn how to work with stress related problems such as addiction, suicide and self- harm, abuse, depression, etc. • Development of strategies for improved mental health • To promote benefits of complementary therapies • To increase people’s employment opportunities through mentoring, training and personal development • To provide welfare rights advice and information. • To act as a support mechanism • To raise awareness of the legacy of the conflict.

  4. Complementary Therapies Droichead An Dóchais Stress Management & Reduction Centre provides a diverse range of therapies, including: • Aromatherapy massage • Therapeutic massage • Reflexology • Indian head massage • Reiki Currently over 1100 clients have received a minimum of 6 treatments (weekly one hour sessions).

  5. Training In 2003 we were accepted by Vocational Training Charitable Trust as an accredited training centre. We deliver a number of accredited courses including reflexology, Swedish body massage, thermal auricular therapy and Indian head massage

  6. Training contd. Non-accredited training courses include: Reiki 1 & 2 Stress Management Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Yoga for mental well-being Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen Reducing Stress For Women

  7. Advocacy & Research Droichead an Dóchais plays an important role in advocacy and research in relation to victims’ issues: • Made informed representations to the Permanent Secretary of the Department of Health on the rising incidence of suicide and self harm in North Belfast • “Too Much Hurt”: The long term impact of a conflict-related traumatic incident in an urban area • The Future Together Initiative

  8. The Future Together The Future Together initiative is an ad hoc intercommunityworking group that is committed to dialogue and exploration as a vehicle tochallenge prejudice and buildconfidence. The Initiative iscommitted to creating thepublic space to tackle the difficult and sensitive issuesthat are routinely avoided in divided societies. We believe that each and every one of us has a collective responsibility to create the positiveenvironment for informeddebate that will bring peopletogether, build alliances and understandings and developrelationships that will endure beyond any of our events.

  9. Contact Details Irene Sherry Project Manager Droichead an Dóchais Ashton Centre 5 Churchill Street, Belfast Tel: 028 9074 2255 Tel: 028 9022 1022 (Direct Line) Email:

  10. We aim in partnership with CRC, CFNI, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust and other agencies, to maintain, and strive to further enhance, the excellence of practice that exists in the Centre.