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  1. Presentations Why and How ec260f00-rhit

  2. Overview Why make presentations Functions Career Benefits How to make presentations Developing a talk Preparing for a talk Giving a talk ec260f00-rhit

  3. Why make Presentations ec260f00-rhit

  4. Functions of Presentations Technical dissemination Design reviews Conferences and seminars Reports to sponsors Within company Outside company Sales pitch ec260f00-rhit

  5. Career Benefits Technical networking Visibility Necessity ec260f00-rhit

  6. How to make Presentations ec260f00-rhit

  7. Developing a Presentation Know your audience Technical Administrative General Public ec260f00-rhit

  8. Developing a Presentation Determine essential message Gather material Build a clear, logical story Eliminate highly detailed material Match material to time limits ec260f00-rhit

  9. Developing a Presentation Outline your presentation Introduce Tell Summarize Provide audience with outline Prepares audience Learning aid ec260f00-rhit

  10. Developing a Presentation Provide a summary Highlight the most important points Re-iterate conclusions ec260f00-rhit

  11. Developing a Presentation Slides Easy to understand Simple, uncluttered Large font size Include only most vital equations Uncluttered graphics ec260f00-rhit

  12. Preparing for a Presentation Practice!!!! Practice aloud Check the timing Think of potential questions Learn your presentation Practice before a critical audience ec260f00-rhit

  13. Giving a Presentation One chance to make a first impression. Neat, well-groomed Circumstances Dictate Dress Company President Department Manager Supervisor Colleagues ec260f00-rhit

  14. Giving a Presentation Make presentation flow smoothly Know your slides - note cards OK Keep points in context Prepare audience for next slide Remind them of what they have already seen Maintain a steady pace, not too fast ec260f00-rhit

  15. Giving a Presentation Pointers Mechanical Laser pointers - keep them steady Speaking Enunciation Rate Emphasis ec260f00-rhit

  16. Giving a Presentation Talk to your audience Face the audience Watch for reactions Watch for questions Don’t read slides ec260f00-rhit

  17. Giving a Presentation Fielding questions Repeat questions before answering Rephrase to clarify or shorten Answer accurately and concisely “I don’t know” is a proper answer ec260f00-rhit

  18. Summary Presentations are important to your career Be concise and well organized Practice Present smoothly and clearly Introduce and outline Summarize ec260f00-rhit