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  1. INFLUENTIAL MEN The World’s Most

  2. To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world. • ethiopia - marie swartz

  3. Father & child holding hands Red Cross Hospital, South Africa johannesburg, south africa - george hallett

  4. Proud young father with his baby girlBangu, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Jon Spaull

  5. Research shows that fathers who are close to their children become happier, more empathetic individuals and engage in less risk behaviors. Children with positive male role models in their lives become safe and secure adults. • Chuck with daughter • USA - CAROL ROSS

  6. Walter Sisulu playing with his grandson Ziyekasoweto, south africa gisele wulfsohn

  7. INFLUENTIAL MEN • Engaging Men for Positive Change • - a global photography exhibit • promoting gender equality • & positive male role models

  8. By providing positive examples of “what works” and by offering positive role models - more of the same can be created.

  9. HOPE Exhibits’ goal is to spread positive images and ideas that create long-term, sustainable change.

  10. We are Hope Exhibits • Project Leader: • VIKTORIA SAXBY ROXIE • Board Members: • LARS PLANTIN, PhD • Doctor Gender & Fatherhood, Malmö Högskola • Advisor Gender Equality Board, Swedish Government, • EU & WHO • ROLAND WILLIAMS • Creative Director / Art Director

  11. Project Leader’s Previous Work • “I Want You to Know” • Gender & Development • * The World Bank • * SIDA • * Ministry Foreign Affairs Sweden • “Children First!” • Children’s Rights • * House of Sweden • * Swedish Institute • * Barbro Osher Pro Suecia • MSF “Direct” • World Aids Day • * Doctors Without Borders • (Malawi)

  12. Our Partners So Far. • MenEngage • A Global Umbrella Organization: • Co-chairs: Instituto Promundo, ICRW • Members include: WHO, UNDP, UNFPA, • Planned Parenthood, EngenderHealth • & 400+ NGO’s Worldwide • Save the Children Save the Children works in 110 countries to ensure the well-being of children.

  13. A Cross-Cultural Exhibit:5 Continents20 Photographers25 Nations35 Photographs

  14. About the Global • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil • 30 March - 3 April, 2009 • Host Organizations: • Promundo • Save the Children-Sweden • White Ribbon Campaign • Instituto Papai • UNFPA • MenEngage Alliance

  15. what we focus onwe get more of

  16. We are all more alike than different.We all want the very best for our children. • pakistan - pernilla norström

  17. The joys of a happy childhood. • vietnam - nicholas pitt

  18. “She is my greatest motivation. I understand what it would mean to give my life for hers. I am her protector for life.” Jason with daughter • usa - carol ross

  19. “My father left when I was a kid. I want to be here for my kids, no matter what.” Ryan, with Natashia-Grace, 7 weeks old Estepona, Spain Viktoria Roxie

  20. Father and daughter - Vietnam • vietnam- nicholas pitt

  21. Chinese father on a walk with his 3 children • hong kong, china • Boogie CHIU

  22. Baby sleeping comfortably • hong kong, china • Ping-hang CHENG

  23. “The father teaches the daughter how to choose a companion that will treat her right. The son knows how to treat women with dignity and respect.” Kendrick with daughter and son.USA - carol ross

  24. San Bushman father and child • south africa • paul weinberg

  25. Father and Son - Perudavid isaksson

  26. Father and Son, also Peru.peru - jan sandberg

  27. “Baby Admired” - Nicaraguadavid isaksson

  28. Pamela reading with her father • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil • Naomi Onaga

  29. Father with his newborn baby07.55 • South Africa • Eric Miller

  30. Neiva with her cousin RoqueRio de Janeiro, Brazil Jon Spaull

  31. Father and son - El Salvadordavid isaksson

  32. Sazi Dlamini with daughter Zweli preparing for ballet classDurban, south africa - Paul Weinberg

  33. Change?Yes, We Can!

  34. “Nothing is more contagious than example, and no man does any exceeding good or exceeding ill but it spawns new deeds of the same kind.”Francois Duc De La Rochefoucauld (1613-1680)

  35. PROJECT GOALS:1.Engaging Men in Achieving Gender Equality =More Gender Equity Globally 2.Promoting Positive Male Role Models for Men & Young Boys =Strenghten a Positive Male Role3. “Win/Win” for All:* Better Life Quality - Women, Children & Men * Less Violence* Better Health* Social, Peace and Economic Developments.

  36. WHY is this exhibit important?To create long-term, sustainable change, it is necessary to work on removing “core problems” - which only can be done by changing attitudes and consciousness.

  37. WHY should I support it?Rather than putting band-aids on the symptoms, Hope Exhibits works to change attitudes that lead to behavioral change -with the potential of creating real and lasting positive change.

  38. PRACTICAL EXAMPLES:Instead of building more prisons for gang members...Let us reduce the need by giving young boys more positive role models to look up to and emulate.

  39. Rather than building more women’s shelters for victims of physical and sexual violence...Let us change negative gender attitudes and work to halt the violence.

  40. Rather than building more treatment centers for victims of armed conflicts, or for HIV patients...Let us create a more peaceful society.Let us work preventatively with HIV/aids. Let us work for more gender equity.

  41. Rather than building more children’s homes for AIDS orphans and abandoned children...Let us create a better chance for the next generation to grow up with present and healthy parents.

  42. Rather than focusing on what’s wrong with the world, and what’s not working...Let us focus on what’s RIGHT with the world, and create more of the same - more GOOD.

  43. Sang with baby at UNICEF’s • “Caring Dad” campaign • "I think it's a good idea. We hear a lot about mothers and kids here but not much about fathers. • It's encouraging dads to be involved with their families - and stop HIV too." • cambodia • (approval pending unicef ny)

  44. Douglas Yungo, HIV+ single dad of 6.After his wife and sister died of AIDS, Douglas cares for his own 3 children, as well as his sister’s 3 children.In Douglas’ household, all 6 children get to go to school, and grow up in a loving home.David herdies - Kibera, kenya

  45. Miguel Moreno, former gang member, mentor to Sammy. • After losing his brothers, and being shot and stabbed, • he finally left gang life behind. • Miguel now mentors kids through the Hope for Youth Alliance. • “If I would have known all the losses that gang life had to offer, I would never have chosen to be in a gang. • Now I want to help others.” • new mexico, usa -daniel arellano

  46. Photo to be exchanged “Making sure that my daughters get the best education possible is my way to offer them the best life possible.”Afghanistan - lisbet helleberg

  47. Born with mental and physical challenges, this boys’ parents chose not to care for him. But his grandfather did - “He is my greatest joy!”St. petersburg, Russia - pernilla norström

  48. Everybody can be great, because anybody can serve .sudan - sophie joy mosko

  49. Teaching computer skills at an after school program.Moldova - jan sandberg

  50. Preschool teacher playing with his class.ethiopia - Marie Swartz