perinatal care indicators n.
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Perinatal care indicators PowerPoint Presentation
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Perinatal care indicators

Perinatal care indicators

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Perinatal care indicators

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  1. Perinatal care indicators Nune Hakobyan Maternity hospital of Artashat October 14-15, 2004

  2. Introduction Health surveillance systems: Need Implementation Structure

  3. Canadian IS Installed at CPOG and Artashat maternity hospital Data about pregnant, delivery and infant Further plans

  4. Data sources for national perinatal surveillance system Vital statistics Hospitalization data National health surveys

  5. Vital statistics The following data elements are used in national perinatal health surveillance: Stillbirths and livebirths Deaths Hospitalization Data

  6. Stillbirths and livebirths Date and marz of birth Place of birth (home, institution, other) Sex Weight of the newborn Age of both parents Marital status of the mother Residence of the mother Type of birth (single or multiple) Gestational age in completed weeks Total number of stillbirths to the mother (ever) Total number of livebirths to the mother (ever)

  7. Deaths Age Sex of deceased Residence of the deceased Date of death Place where death occurred (home, institution, other) Underlying cause of death Nature of injury

  8. Hospitalization data Maternal variables: Birth date and admission date (to derive maternal age) Place of residence Length of in-hospital stay Diagnoses Procedures

  9. Hospitalization data Infant variables: Date of birth Sex Birth weight Vital status at birth (live/stillbirth) Neonatal in-hospital stay Diagnoses Procedures

  10. National health surveys General and supplementary variables Maternal age and marital status Mother’s highest level of education Total household income Current pregnancy status Number of children less than five years of age who were breastfed Alcohol consumption during pregnancy Cigarette smoking during pregnancy Use of illicit drugs and prescription medications during pregnancy

  11. Selected indicators of Maternal, Fetal and Infant Health Prevalence of prenatal smoking Prevalence of prenatal alcohol consumption Prevalence of breastfeeding Rate of live births to teenage mothers Rate of live births to older mothers

  12. Health services Labor Induction Rate Cesarean Section Rate Rate of Operative Vaginal Deliveries Rate of Trauma to the Peritoneum Rate of Early Maternal Discharge from Hospital after Childbirth Rate of Early Neonatal Discharge from Hospital after Birth

  13. Maternal Health Outcomes Maternal Mortality Ratio Induced Abortion Ratio Ectopic Pregnancy Rate Rate of maternal Readmission after Discharge following Childbirth

  14. Fetal and Infant Health Outcomes Preterm Birth Rate Postterm Birth Rate Multiple Birth Rate Severe Neonatal Morbidity Rate