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Pray for our Nation

Pray for our Nation. World Network of Prayer www.wnop.org.

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Pray for our Nation

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  1. Pray for our Nation World Network of Prayer www.wnop.org

  2. II Chronicles 7:14 says, "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."

  3. Pray for Our Nation. . . • President Bush, his cabinet members, and his advisors • To receive godly influence • Be spirituallysensitive • Obtain divine wisdom • To be protected

  4. Pray for Our Federal Leaders... President: George W. BushVice President: Dick CheneySecretary of State: Condoleezza RiceSecretary of Defense: Donald RumsfeldSecretary of the Treasury: John SnowAttorney General:

  5. Pray for Our Federal Leaders... Secretary of the Interior: Gale NortonSecretary of Agriculture: Ann VenemanSecretary of Commerce: Don EvansSecretary of Labor: Elaine ChaoSecretary of Transportation: Norman MinetaSecretary of Energy: Spencer Abraham

  6. Pray for Our Federal Leaders... Secretary of Education: Rod PaigeSecretary of Veterans Affairs: Anthony PrincipiSecretary of Health & Human Services: Tommy ThompsonSecretary of Housing & Urban Development: Alphonso JacksonSecretary of Homeland Security: Tom Ridge

  7. Pray for Our Nation. . . • The Supreme Court– Chief Justice William Renquist, Sandra Day O’Conner, Clarence Thomas, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Jon Paul Stevens, Antonin Scalia, Anthony Kennedy, David Souter, Stephen Breyer • To make decisions that will lead our nation ingodly paths • Congress- To establish biblically compatible laws to governour country

  8. Pray for [YOUR STATE]. . . • US and State Representatives

  9. Pray for [YOUR STATE]. . . • Governor __________ • state officials • To receive godly influence • Be spirituallysensitive • Obtain divine wisdom • To be protected

  10. Pray for [YOUR STATE]. . . • State Lawmakers .

  11. Pray for [YOUR CITY]. . . • County board members, city council, county officers etc.- To have godly strength as they governneighborhoods, communities, and our city • The institutions of learning to reflect righteousnessand morality

  12. Pray for Christian and Public Education. . . • Schools- Elementary schools, high schools, and technical schools, colleges and universities, daycare facilities, chaplains, teachers, students, and parents

  13. Pray for Our Nation. . . • Blessings upon the civil service personnel thatprotect and serve our communities- Police officers- Fire fighters- Sanitation workers- Hospital workers- Other such men and women who help to makeour communities safe and comfortable places to live

  14. Pray for Our Military . . . • Protection and blessings upon our military personnel thatserve our country • Remember these servicemen and their loved ones:

  15. Pray for Evangelists Every army that fights a war must have frontlinesoldiers who are in the thick of battle. The same istrue in spiritual warfare. In a spiritual sense, evangelistsare the frontline soldiers. They are on theattack against the strongholds of Satan. They musthave your prayer support to be victorious.

  16. Pray for Evangelists . . . • To have the mind of Christ • Their hearts to be pure before God • Them to hear the voice of the Lord and see witheyes of the Spirit • Their innermost being to flow with the Spirit

  17. Pray for Evangelists . . . • Their knees to bend with anointed prayer andintercession for the salvation of many • Them to speak the Word with the power of God’sanointing • Them to be guided by the Holy Ghost to do thework of the kingdom of God

  18. Pray for Evangelists . . . • Their strength to be increased and their healthprotected • Them to be endowed with both academic andspiritual wisdom, knowledge, and understanding

  19. Pray for Evangelists . . . • The gift of faith and a demonstration of the Spirit to operate through them • Financial and physical needs to be supplied • Protection and blessings on their families

  20. Pray for Lost Souls An urgent need exists for us to lift oureyes above our own needs and unselfishly look uponthe needs of a lost world. If we don’t pray for them,who will?

  21. Ask God to Help Churches and Ministry Organizations • Stand strong in their convictions • Be bold in their witness • Meet America’s spiritual needs • Be a place of hope and healing

  22. Ask God to Help the Imprisoned and Persecuted • Endure their hardships • Find joy in the midst of trials • Encourage one another • Find comfort in their faith

  23. Ask God to Help the Mass Media, Cultural and Social Services • Reflect godly values in their work • Be accurate and fair in their presentations • Place a high value on truth and decency • Be responsible with their influence

  24. Ask God to Help Families • Commit to the permanence of marriage • Serve one another in love • Be dedicated to each other • Restore broken relationships • Encourage singles and single parents to feel connected and supported by the Church

  25. Pray for Our Youth. . . • Their thoughts to be set on what is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, and worthy of praise with wisdom to discern between good and evil (Philippians 4:8) • Their lives to be completely committed to Jesus Christ- Such that no evil could penetrate—filled so completely with the joy of the Lord that sin’s temptations for seasons of pleasure could not compare

  26. Pray for Our Youth. . . • A hunger after righteousness- Establishing their self-esteem and identity in Christ–not the standards of the world, abstaining from the very appearance of evil • A passion to pull their peers to God- That their moral purity would be appealing to others in this depraved world, giving hope to the hopeless of their generation- That they would be sensitive to the needs of those around them

  27. Ask God to Help Us -Personal Renewal and Moral Awakening • Confess our sins • Seek His direction • Rely on Him instead of ourselves

  28. Please remember these people in your prayers for healing and other needs: Special church needs here

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