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Presentation On Warid Telecom Presented To: Sir Imran Hanif Presented By: Muhammad Taha Khan PowerPoint Presentation
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Presentation On Warid Telecom Presented To: Sir Imran Hanif Presented By: Muhammad Taha Khan

Presentation On Warid Telecom Presented To: Sir Imran Hanif Presented By: Muhammad Taha Khan

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Presentation On Warid Telecom Presented To: Sir Imran Hanif Presented By: Muhammad Taha Khan

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  1. Presentation On Warid Telecom Presented To: Sir Imran Hanif Presented By: Muhammad Taha Khan Roll No: 07-06

  2. Introduction Warid Telecom Takes Pride in Being Backed by the Abu Dhabi Group, One of the Largest Groups in the Middle East and the Single Largest Foreign Investor Group in Pakistan. It Has a Diversified Business Interest in the Institutions That Have Enjoyed Commercial Success As a Result of Its Strong Financial Resources and Extensive Management Expertise. The Abu Dhabi Group's Major Investments Are in the Following Sectors:   Oil and Gas Exploration   Banking Financial Services Automobile Industry   Hospitality Services  Property Development  Telecommunications Abu Dhabi Group's Other Successful Investments in Pakistan Besides Warid Telecom Include Bank Alfalah, United Bank Limited, Taavun,Wateen Telecom and Raseen. The Group Has Successfully Launched Its Services in Bangladesh in May 2007.Warid Telecom,established in May 2005, Is the Fastest Growing GSM Mobile Company in Pakistan With Over 13 Million Subscribers and Coverage in More Than 187 Cities All Over Pakistan.

  3. Vision Warid Telecom’s vision is to become the primary service provider of all communication needs of subscribers in Pakistan‚ supported by exemplary customer care. This can only be possible by a vigilant eye on all aspects of our operations: from network quality to innovative services. We want to live up to our motto of We Care.

  4. Mission Statement Warid Telecom’s aim is to be perceived not only as a telecommunication operator of voice services‚ but also as a universal provider of comprehensive communications services for both the individual and corporate customers. We strive to provide an optimum level of support and care through our highly skilled and motivated team of professionals‚ along with a focus on maximum network coverage and connectivity.

  5. Brand Values Warid Telecom’s brand values include:  Quality – Investments in an organization must be spent effectively to gain targeted success. Warid Telecom has an uncompromising commitment to quality in this regard. That is why we spare no efforts in pursuing the best in network‚ services‚ products and HR Simplicity – The industry trend is to complicate all aspects of telecommunications to intimidate the user into benign behavior. Warid Telecom encourages subscribers to be bold‚ knowing that they are getting what they asked for. We keep things simple‚ easy to understand and even easier to use. Innovation – For years‚ people complained of the same things on mobiles. At Warid Telecom‚ we constantly look to make the communication experience different by doing things in a better way. That is why the telecommunications market is totally different from three years ago. Transparency – We are always open and honest. Warid Telecom has paved the way to expose hidden charges‚ reduce tariffs and maintain a clean reputation. We say what we do and we do what we say. Customer-Friendliness – We enjoy working and succeeding together by building close relationships. While we have a sense of purpose in our operations‚ we also have a strong culture that demonstrates to customers that We Care. Warid Telecom considers the needs of customers first.

  6. Key Strengths The Netork: • End–to–end solution from the world’s number 1 vendor • Tailor–made network for Pakistan's geography‚ climate and subscriber patterns • Congestion–sensitive engineering solutions to provide best clarity 24 hours • Largest historical rollout in Pakistan and aggressive expansion plans to cover every corner of Pakistan • Fully redundant network with a robust design to cater for future needs • Highly advanced network that is EDGE compatible‚ 3G–compatible and has measures in place for a soft switch and media gateway architecture • State of the art IP–based call center and leading data center with over 300 seats

  7. Key Strengths Service Beyond Comparison: At Warid Telecom‚ customers are served with the mindset that they are our most important stakeholders for the organization. Warid Telecom offers the best voice quality and state of the art GSM & GPRS network. The reliable and accurate billing system of Warid Telecom endows a sense of contentment to our subscribers through its transparency. Furthermore‚ customers have the convenience of selecting from multiple billing options‚ which are designed to facilitate different individual and corporate usages. Warid Telecom has qualified and highly trained sales and customer services team to provide round–the–clock dedicated support to our customers. Corporate lounges are set up at our 24 fully–equipped sales and service centers‚ where a customer–friendly environment has been created to provide personalised care to our corporate clients. Other than our offices and business centres‚ an extensive network of 300 franchises at significant locations‚ kiosks and mobile units also ensure easy and convenient accessibility to our subscribers.

  8. Key Strengths Innovation: Warid is committed to providing a superior level of professional services to all its customers – before‚ during and after the deployment of our leading solutions. In fact‚ since launch Warid has changed the landscape of telecom services in Pakistan by providing the following innovative solutions – all for the first time in Pakistan:   Most competitive packages with a choices for each consumer market      1–second‚ 30–second‚ 60–second billing options      On–net and off–net free minutes     Customizable voice and VAS packages     GPRS Roaming and SMS Roaming     Cricket updates      Warid mobile games     Warid mobile email has launched push–mail solutions to get email(s) to a a set of your convenience Anonymous chatting via mobile phones      786 services Key Strength Best Practices: In order to provide a process–driven setup with comprehensive business processes‚ all business processes at Warid Telecom are compliant with ‘enhanced Telecom Operations Map’ (eTOM). eTOM is the most widely used guidebook‚ which is an accepted standard for business processes in the telecommunications industry

  9. Zem Prepaid Zem provides you 1–second‚ 30–second‚ 60–second billing options. Zem offers you most competitive packages with choices for each consumer market.

  10. Zem Features Caller Line Identification (CLI)This service enables you to identify callers at your discretion. Conference CallWith Conference Call‚ you can teleconference with 6 people simultaneously. You can create conference calls with on-net (Warid to Warid) and off-net (national) numbers Call Waiting & Call HoldHandle two calls at a time with your Warid phone. You can be on one call while the network will alert you about another incoming call. You can put the first call on hold while you answer the second call Call DivertWhether you're unable to take a call‚ driving outside the national coverage area‚ traveling abroad or are busy‚ you can divert your calls to any other Warid number. Short Messaging Service (SMS)With SMS you can be as discreet or as creative as you like. Either way‚ sending a message is quick‚ reliable‚ confidential and if you want it to be…great fun.

  11. Value Added Services Voice MailVoice Mail allows you to receive your voice messages even when your mobile is switched off‚ you are outside the coverage area or are busy. You can retrieve these messages for free from your Warid phone at your own convenience. Picture Messaging & Multi-media Messaging Service (MMS)With MMS messaging is fun‚ colorful and musical. Add pictures‚ animations‚ polyphonic‚ MIDI sounds and even video clips to messages and show the world how amazing communications can be. Surf Now (Mobile Internet)Surf Now gives you the flexibility to browse the internet on your mobile phone or laptop anywhere you are. So‚ whenever you are on the internet‚ simply setup the internet connection from your GPRS/WAP enabled handset. Please note that both your handset and website need to be WAP enabled for this service to work. If you are using your laptop or if your phone supports windows internet browser such as Nokia 9500‚ i-Mate etc.‚ you can log on to the normal www sites. Warid ZoneYour Warid SIM comes with a special WARID menu‚ utilizing state-of-the-art SIM technology. This menu offers a bundle of services. Now you don't need to remember key words or short codes to access information any more. Key words have already been pre-coded in your SIM card‚ allowing you to get information...easily and swiftly.

  12. Zem Tarrif Charges (Paisas) Friends & Family2 On-Net (Warid to Warid) 3 Off-Net (Landline)4 Off-Net (Other mobile)5 Zem 111 International Zone 12.25 Zone 212 Zone 318 Zone 433 *Per seconds rates (exclusive of all taxes) + air time Charges (Rs.) Friends & Family0.50 On-Net (Warid to Warid)0.75 Off-Net (Landline)1.00 Off-Net (Other mobile)1.25 Zem 111 International Zone 10.55 Zone 23.49 Zone 3 4.99 Zone 4 8.99 *Per 30 second rates (exclusive of all taxes) + air time

  13. Zem Tarrif Charges (Rs.) 1st 3mins Next 2mins Thereafter Friends & Family On-Net Off-Net (Landline) Off-Net Zem 111 International Zone 11.990.990.79 Zone 29.997.994.99 Zone 311.999.997.99 Zone 4 21.99 15.99 13.99 *Per 60 second rates (exclusive of all taxes)+ air time billing loop restarts after 20 minutes Charges (Rs.) Friends & Family0.75 On-Net (Warid to Warid)1.25 Off-Net (Landline)1.75 Off-Net (Other mobile)2.25 Zem 111 International Zone 10.99 Zone 25.99 Zone 3 8.99 Zone 4 15.99 * Per 60 second rate (exclusive of all taxes) + air time

  14. Zem Tarrif Charges (Rs.)12 to 9Daytime Friends & Family (Warid to Warid)0.651.00 On-Net (Warid to Warid)0.651.50 Off-Net (Landline)1.002.00 Off-Net (Other mobile)1.752.50 Zem 111 International Zone 11.991.99 Zone 26.996.99 Zone 39.999.99 Zone 416.9916.99 *Per 60 second rates (exclusive of all taxes)+ air time

  15. Connection Activation tax Rs. 300Free airtime on activation worth Rs. 150 SMSOn-Net (Warid to Warid) SMS Re. 0.50Off-Net (other mobile) SMS Re. 1.00International SMS Rs. 5.00 Values Added Services (VAS)For only Rs. 1 per transaction‚ enjoy any of the following Value Added Services: Surf Now [Mobile Internet] download (per 64KB) Picture Messaging and MMS [per 100KB] Voice Mail (no deposit or retrieval charge. Warid Zone Content Download SMS based content for Rs. 2.00/ transaction Download MMS based content for Rs. 3.00/ transaction Friends & Family Upto 5 Friend & Family numbers can be nominated for On-Net ( Warid to Warid) Scratch Cards Scratch Cards are available in denominations Rs. 100‚ Rs. 250‚ Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 Zem Tarrif

  16. Zem Recharge You can recharge your account using our scratch cards. DenominationsScratch cards are available in the following denominations: Rs. 100‚ 250‚ 500‚ 1000 Validity PeriodWarid offers one year validity on all the scratch cards. Recharge (Online)You can also re-charge your account by logging on Warid’s website and availing the Online Recharge facility.

  17. Competitors

  18. Competitive Advantages • Warid presents the most powerful 64K SIM. Apart from the special WARID menu‚ the 64K SIM gives its users added flexibility to store up to 500 numbers and 50 text messages. No other SIM in the market offers this amount of storage space. Prepaid customers can replace their standard 32K SIM with the 64K SIM by paying a replacement fee • Warid gives you 100% balance when you recharge your account using a scratch card, while all other companies give you 91%balance. • Warid offers different packages for each consumer market.You can choose the billing option that best suits you. • Warid offers its customers the lowest call rates as compared to other companies in the market. • Warid offers customizable voice and VAS packages. • You can enjoy night for just Rs.30 in which you may also conference call to 6 Warid numbers. • Warid Zoom provides you free SMS/MMS to any network.

  19. Sponsorships Warid Telecom (Pvt.) Ltd. has taken a keen interest in the local music talent of Pakistan. This is part of a new strategy to support the growing music industry and to help foster creativity and talent in youth. In its bid to support the industry in Pakistan‚ Warid has recently appointed the music band “Jal” as a brand ambassador and sponsored the band’s second album‚ “Boondh – A drop of Jal”.