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Broadband Venture Seminar

Broadband Venture Seminar. Presented for. Broadband Home Networking. Jim Albrycht VP of Broadband Academy YAS Broadband Ventures, LLC September 7, 2001. Broadband Venture Seminar. Presentation Overview. Home Networking Trends.. Impact on the Industry.. CableHome Strategy .

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Broadband Venture Seminar

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Broadband Venture Seminar Presented for Broadband Home Networking Jim Albrycht VP of Broadband Academy YAS Broadband Ventures, LLC September 7, 2001

  2. Broadband Venture Seminar Presentation Overview • Home Networking Trends.. • Impact on the Industry.. • CableHome Strategy.. Sep 7, 2001 Page 2

  3. Broadband Venture Seminar Home Networking Landscape • New Technology and Many Emerging Standards.. • Needs to Be Optimized with Access Networks.. • End-to-End Approach Supporting all Networked Appliance Works Best.. • Continued Customer Support Essential.. Sep 7, 2001 Page 3

  4. Consumers Want Service Providers to Support End-to-End Home Broadband Delivery.. Service Provider Need.. Subscribers Want.. End-to-End Visibility.. with the Emergence of Private Home “Intranets”.. Service Provider Supports Managed Permutations.. Home Networks Emerging as Essential Strategic Arena.. Broadband Venture Seminar Essential: End-to-End Support Backbone Regional Hub HFC Plant Gateway Home Network Devices Content Consumer Sep 7, 2001 Page 4

  5. Broadband Venture Seminar Competition Making Major Moves • Earthlink Offering $9.95/month Home Networking Service With 2wire Gateway • Networks up to 4 Computers Using Ethernet, HomePNA, and USB Ports.. • Built-in Firewall With Internet Function.. • Single, Globally-Routable IP Addressing.. • Peripheral Sharing (Printer, Scanner, …) • Dell Announced Entry Into Networking.. Sep 7, 2001 Page 5

  6. Broadband Venture Seminar Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGi) • Creates Open Specifications for the Delivery of Multiple Services Over Wide-Area Networks to Local Networks.. Personal Appliances and Devices.. • Enables the Aggregation and Delivery of Services to Networked Homes.. • Major Players.. Alcatel, Cisco, Compaq, Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Maytag, Motorola, Nokia, Nortel, Oracle, Philips, Siemens, Sony, Sun Microsystems.. Sep 7, 2001 Page 6

  7. Broadband Venture Seminar Strategic Planning Factors Window of Opportunity Risk of Inaction Competitive Landscape Multiple ISPs Sep 7, 2001 Page 7

  8. Broadband Venture Seminar Industry Involvement In Home Networking Is Still Early • PC Needs Driving Home Networking Today.. • Many Smart Appliances and Devices Shortly.. • Service Provider Needs Become Critical Driver of Future Home Networking.. • Quality of Service.. Network Management.. Service Provisioning.. Current Focus.. • Copy Protection.. Higher Bandwidths.. Non-IP Based Video.. Remain to Be Addressed.. Sep 7, 2001 Page 8

  9. Broadband Venture Seminar The Cable Vision • Seamless Delivery of Services Across Multiple Home Network Technologies.. • Guaranteed Service Quality and Support for Compliant Devices.. • “Convenience = Consumption”.. Sep 7, 2001 Page 9

  10. Broadband Venture Seminar Where Does Cable Fit? Cable Services Cable Headend CMTS DOCSIS Home Network Sep 7, 2001 Page 10

  11. Broadband Venture Seminar Broadband Cable Objectives • Extended Bandwidth Advantages of Seamless Cable to All Devices Connected in the Home.. • Specifications Needed to Preserve DOCSIS (Network).. PacketCable (Real Time).. OpenCable (Broadcast).. Platform Services Delivered Over Home Networks.. • Integrated Home-Networking and Service-Delivery Platform Essential for Comprehensive Broadband Cable Services.. Sep 7, 2001 Page 11

  12. Broadband Venture Seminar CableHome Specifications Home Networking Architecture QoS Specification Security Specification Network Management and Provisioning Overview Network Management Specification Provisioning Specification Interoperable Equipment Testing Begins in 2002.. Network Address Management Sep 7, 2001 Page 12

  13. Broadband Venture Seminar Architecture Highlights • Preserves DOCSIS.. PacketCable.. OpenCable.. Functionality Throughout the Home.. • Continues Working With Existing Home Networking Technologies.. • Creates Domains in the Home for Management of Cable-based Services.. Sep 7, 2001 Page 13

  14. Broadband Venture Seminar Summary: CableHome.. Taking DOCSIS Home.. • Maintaining End-to-End Integrity.. • Continue Service Satisfaction.. • Extending Established Broadband Platform for PacketCable.. OpenCable.. Services to Reach Networked Devices.. Sep 7, 2001 Page 14

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