artistic symmetry n.
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Artistic Symmetry PowerPoint Presentation
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Artistic Symmetry

Artistic Symmetry

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Artistic Symmetry

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  1. Artistic Symmetry Ms. Finn Friday, March 7, 2014 Art Work

  2. Bilateral Symmetry • It is symmetry that can be divided directly in half and allow for the same picture on either side. • If you were to split the slide picture in half going from left to right, you would have the same picture. Art Work

  3. Radial Symmetry • Radial symmetry is when you can turn an object or picture in a circle and the picture would look the same no matter the perspective. • An example of radial symmetry is a child’s pinwheel. Art Work

  4. Provide Visuals • Provide students with some examples of bilateral symmetry • Provide students with some examples of radial symmetry. • Provide students with YOUR examples of both. Art Work

  5. Manila Paper Paint Brushes Tempura Paints Pens Pencils Markers Rulers Colored Pencils Water Colored Pencils Manila Paper with Pre-printed Circle Examples of both types of symmetry. Materials Needed Art Work

  6. Demonstrate Bilateral • Take a piece of manila paper and fold in half vertically. • Place paper on white board and begin to draw a half of a picture. • Use different mediums to assist in finishing the product. Art Work

  7. Demonstrate Radial symmetry • Place manila paper with circle up on the board. • Take a ruler and begin to evenly divide the circle into an even amount of sections. • Draw a design in one of the cross sections and then repeat for the rest of the circle. • Fill in the designed circle with more than three mediums. Art Work

  8. Independent • Allow students to work on their pieces. • Make sure you monitor students etiquette with the art materials. • Assist students who may be struggling with assignment. Art Work

  9. Closure to Lesson • Have the students share their finished art pieces. • Have the students provide positive feedback on their classmates art work. • As the teacher remind your students that symmetry can be seen everywhere, they just have to look for it and they will be surprised. Art Work

  10. Symmetry Art Work Link