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SAS Resources for Faculty and Students PowerPoint Presentation
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SAS Resources for Faculty and Students

SAS Resources for Faculty and Students

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SAS Resources for Faculty and Students

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  1. SAS Resources for Faculty and Students UM Stats CampFebruary 6, 8, 2008

  2. Personal Use by Faculty/Students For each copy licensed for campus use, another copy is available for home or student personal use UM IT Licenses 50 SAS copies each year Available to departments for $75/year IT allocates one student/home copy for each campus copy that a department sublicenses from IT

  3. SAS Enterprise Guide • SAS Graphical User Interface for Windows Clients • Point-And-Click; Powerful Query/Reporting Tools • Included in IT’s 50 SAS Licenses (separate CD install) • About SAS EG: • Fact Sheet: • Demo:

  4. SAS OnDemand for Academics • Windows Front-End Client Only (based on SAS EG Interface) • SAS servers in North Carolina used to store/crunch data • UM is an Early Adopter of SAS OnDemand for Academics(free use for instruction/evaluation Fall 07, Spring/Summer 08) • To Obtain SAS OnDemand for Academics: email • More Info:

  5. SAS Resources for Instructors Teaching Resources: Academic Trainer’s Kits: SAS Curriculum Builder: SAS Online Resources for Statistics Education University of California, Berkeley, Hass School of Business

  6. SAS Resources for Instructors

  7. SAS Resources for Instructors

  8. SAS Academic Training Kits

  9. SAS Curriculum Builder

  10. SAS RSS Feeds & Blogs

  11. SAS Summer Fellowship in Statistics Open to doctoral candidates in statistics, biostatistics, and related graduate departments Contribute to research, numerical validation and testing, & documentation Explore software development as a career choice Must have completed at least two years of graduate work by the end of the spring semester. Apply in January. Must have demonstrated experience in statistical computing beyond the routine classroom use of statistical packages. Provides a salary and stipend for a twelve-week summer internship at SAS headquarters in Cary, North Carolina

  12. SAS Online Resources for Statistics Education

  13. SAS Online Resources for Statistics EducationSimulations for Learning to Use SAS EG for Different Types of Statistical Analysis

  14. SAS Online Resources for Statistics EducationStatistics Questions and Answers

  15. SAS Online Resources for Statistics EducationSample Data Sets

  16. SAS Publishing’s Bookstore

  17. SAS Training: In Person

  18. SAS Training: Self-Paced E-Learning

  19. SAS: Free Tutorials

  20. SAS Global Forum

  21. SAS Global Forum

  22. SAS Institute for Advanced Analytics

  23. SAS Learning Edition Personal Learning Edition of SAS $199 per workstation – good through 2011 Includes: The Little SAS Guide for SAS Enterprise Guide 4.1 Only first 1,500 observations of any data set are viewable

  24. SAS Online Knowledge Base Find SAS Answers Online by: System Requirements System Administration Topic Papers Samples & SAS Notes Focus Areas

  25. SAS Online Knowledge Base

  26. SAS Online Knowledge Base