school of medicine curriculum management workshop academic year 2019 2020 n.
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School of medicine curriculum management workshop Academic year 2019-2020 PowerPoint Presentation
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School of medicine curriculum management workshop Academic year 2019-2020

School of medicine curriculum management workshop Academic year 2019-2020

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School of medicine curriculum management workshop Academic year 2019-2020

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  1. School of medicinecurriculum management workshopAcademic year 2019-2020 Jessica Goudy Assistant Registrar - Courses Stanford Medicine

  2. Objective • Review curriculum management process for academic year 2019-2020 • Three topics covered • Overview of systems and deadlines • Course catalog management • Time schedule management • Two supplemental handouts • Training Guide • 2019-2020 Academic Calendar • Also available on the Curriculum Management website

  3. The Big Picture: Overview of Data Systems Peoplesoft Database (Course Catalog) Prior Term Copy Feeds previous year’s information into current year’s record Resource 25 MedScheduler’s Scheduling Tool OBIEE Course Catalog Data Report Explore Courses Stanford’s Bulletin PeopleSoft Class Schedule Database Med Catalog MedSchool Bulletin Explore Courses Schedule View CourseLeaf/CLSS Curriculum Planning System Axess Student Registration System

  4. Annual Review Tasks & Deadlines

  5. System Workflow • PS Webform– Course information: information that will be consistent year over year– populates Explore Courses • Course title, description, units, repeat for credit, grading basis, quarter offerings, components • PS updates in Explore Courses within the hour of approval • CPS Webform- Class information: information that may change year over year (scheduling) • Section details, room assignment, instructors, notes, enrollment caps, consent, class status • CPS updates immediately for changes that do not require workflow, or immediately after workflow approval

  6. Course Catalog Management March 27 – May 10 • Indicates which courses will/will not be offered next year, grading basis, descriptions, units, etc. • Pull BI Course Catalog Report • Review the information from report • Submit changes via Add/Update Course Catalog webform in PeopleSoft • Changes only! If the course will be the same as last year, no need to submit a webform

  7. New Resource • Central Registrar's Office has created a checklist for curriculum management • Phase 1: Maintaining your course inventory – due by prior term copy (May 10th) • Inactivate courses that have not been taught in the last three years or that will not be scheduled • Review existing course data* • Add new courses* • Update instructor inventory (please copy and paste link into browser) *Required

  8. BI Course Catalog Data Report • Go to • Search for Course Catalog Data Rpt (PS_SR087) • Or, go to Catalog > Shared Folders > Student Administration > Student Records > Course Scheduling • Select your department and click Apply • Click on the third tab “Course Data Report by Subject and Catalog Number”

  9. BI Course Catalog Data Report 1 2

  10. Changes to be Submitted in PeopleSoft • Course title • Course description • Add/Drop consent – must be in the comments of PS webform • Component (adding/removing) • Grading basis* • Unit changes* • Course attributes (quarter offered) • Finals **Cannot be revised after enrollment opens for the quarter

  11. PeopleSoft Course Catalog Webform • Submit any changes through the “Add/Update Course Catalog” • In PeopleSoft, go to CS Admin > Curriculum Management > Course and Class webforms > Add/Update Course Catalog

  12. PeopleSoft Course Catalog Webforms • Change effective date to 08/01/2019 for 2019-2020 course information • Add all changes • Write any relevant information in “Special Instructions” • Click “Send for Approval” • Submission will be reviewed and approve or reject based on policies • Completed each morning, throughout the day pending availability • Explore Courses updates within 1 hour of approval

  13. Creating a New Course • Complete the Course Submission Form found on the Curriculum Management webpage: • Accepted before August 1, but should submit by June 24 if a room is needed

  14. Course Catalog Management Review • Deadline to submit course changes – Friday, May 10 at 5:00pm • Prior Term Copy will be run week of May 13th • Webforms will be closed during this time (May 13 - 20)

  15. Time Schedule Management May 20 – July 31 • Enter/revise class details (instructor information, schedule, enrollment caps, crosslistings) • On/after May 20th (after prior term copy), pull BI Time Schedule Report • Review time schedule for all 4 quarters, Autumn quarter is a priority • Submit any schedule changes via CPS CLSS form

  16. New Resource • Phase 2: Preparing for room scheduling • Run class meetings report • Delete classes that will not be offered • Add sections for course • Add sections for discussion/labs • Review meeting patterns • Review requested room capacities • Review room characteristics (please copy and paste link into browser)

  17. BI Time Schedule Report • Go to • Search for Time Schedule (1072-Future) (PS_SR109a) • Or, navigate to Catalog > Shared Folders > Student Administration > Student Records > Course Scheduling > Time Schedule (1072-Future) (PS_SR109a) • Select Process by ‘Subject” • Leave Academic Org (Dept/School) blank • Select terms 1202, 1204, 1206 & 1208 (or each one individually if you prefer to have separate reports per quarter) • Select your department’s subject (ex. “GENE”) • Leave Cognate Status, Component & Instructor to “All” • Click Apply • Click on second tab “Time Schedule Report” to view report

  18. BI Time Schedule Report 1 2 3 4

  19. Changes Submitted in CPS • Class status: Active, Stop Further Enrollment, Cancelled • Enrollment consent (quarterly) • Add/remove cross-listing • Instructor mode: independent study, in person • Instructor/TA information • Room assignment- department/Med rooms • Room requests – on campus room requests only • Class meeting pattern • Enrollment caps • Notes • Create a new section: lab, discussion, independent study • Submit changes via CLSS forms from May 20 – July 12th • CLSS forms will reopen after room scheduling on July 22nd for final edits prior to August 1 enrollment opening

  20. CLSS Form

  21. Adding/Removing Instructors • Instructors can be added and deleted in CPS CLSS • Secondary instructors and/or TAs can be added through the same process • If the instructor is not listed in the drop down menu, they must be added to the Instructor/Advisor table in PS

  22. Instructor Qualifications • Primary instructor: Eligible faculty are classified as clinical full or associate professor, or full, associate or assistant professor  • Check StanfordWho • Any questions about eligibility, contact for verification • If instructor does not meet eligibility they can be listed as a secondary instructor, and require a primary instructor to be listed as a sponsor

  23. Instructor Authorization • Instructors must be approved per department • Log into PS, navigate to Instructor/Advisor Table: Main Menu > Curriculum Management > Instructor/Advisor Information > Instructor/Advisor Table • Enter instructor name, Search • Enter effective date 08/01/2019 for 2019-2020 classes (always use 08/01 of applicable year) • Select Instructor from the Instructor Type drop down • Enter Primary Acad Org

  24. Instructor Authorization • Click Approved Courses tab • Enter department under Acad Org • Save • CPS will be updated overnight • Process to add TAs is the same, select “teaching assistant” instead of instructor from drop down • If an instructor and/or TA are not listed the course cannot be graded, please pay close attention that at least one primary instructor is assigned to each class

  25. Classroom Scheduling: Department Controlled Rooms • If using own department’s space or another department’s space, ensure you have the proper internal approval (if necessary) • Add the room to CPS form so that Explore Courses is updated • If room not populating, add it to the NOTES section in CPS

  26. Classroom Scheduling: School of Medicine Rooms • Most School of Medicine courses meet in SoM classrooms reserved through the School’s Learning Spaces Scheduling Office, aka “Medscheduler” • Classroom and resource information can be found at: (see link to “Annual Scheduling Resources”) • All course room and resource reservations should be centrally requested by the Department Course Administrator. Requests from other administrators, faculty, TAs, etc. run the risk of causing double-booking or oversight of important details. • Deadline to submit final version is 5:00pm on Monday, June 24, 2019. • Questions? Email (preferred) or call 650-723-6952 before the Priority Deadline.

  27. Classroom Scheduling: School of Medicine Rooms • SoM course room and resource requests will be submitted in the same method as last year -- via an online Smartsheet form. • Course Smartsheets were shared with Curriculum Administrators the first week of April. Notify ASAP if you did not receive yours. • Be sure to SAVE your Smartsheet form as you go. After saving and closing, you can log back in and continue to make changes until the June 24 submission deadline. • One row per meeting pattern. • List ACTUAL Start Date and End Date. Do not include dates during Dead Week and Finals Week if there is no class meeting scheduled. • For a course that immediately follows a related course and you wish to schedule in the same classroom, note that on the request form. Similarly, for a course that continues from one quarter to the next. There is no guarantee we can accommodate the request for consistency but we will do our best.

  28. Classroom Scheduling: School of Medicine Rooms IMPORTANT REMINDERS: • Be sure that the course headcount in Smartsheet matches the MAX headcount in PeopleSoft. Failure to do so may result in too small of a classroom being assigned. • Consistency in LKSC classrooms is difficult due to breakout sessions for required courses. You may have better results if you request non-LKSC. • Courses that adhere to the University Class Meeting Pattern Grid receive higher priority than courses that do not. • We will automatically schedule 5 minutes setup and 5 minutes takedown for all courses. The “Comments” field in the form can be used for requesting additional setup/takedown time; this will bump your course to a lower scheduling priority. • Once confirmations have been received, forward them immediately to course directors for review. Make sure they understand there is a one-week period where changes can be made without losing priority. After that, we will begin scheduling other non-academic activities and courses will lose scheduling priority.

  29. Classroom Scheduling: Main Campus Rooms • For undergraduate or graduate courses requesting a room on main campus, enter “General Assignment Room” in CLSS forms before July 12. • Include the desired room characteristics for scheduling optimization • Include reason for on-campus request in comments (***required) • Without comment room will not be forwarded to RO for scheduling • On-campus rooms are not guaranteed and may be subject to change • University Registrar’s Office will schedule a room for Autumn course(s) week of July 15th • Winter week of October 7th • Spring week of January 20th • Summer week of March 23rd

  30. Cancelling Courses • Submit a PS webform updating course attributes • If course is offered for one quarter, change to NOTTHIS; if course is offered for multiple quarters, remove quarter of cancellation • Include “course cancellation” in the special instructions • Update class status to “stop further enrollment” in CPS • Class cannot be cancelled with ANY enrollment • If no enrollment, update to “cancelled”

  31. Cancelling Courses • Cancel room reservation for Med rooms through Med Scheduler website • With submission of PS webform, I will email the class roster of currently enrolled students • Students must be notified by the department and/or instructor of cancellation so that enrollment can be adjusted, cc on notifications, please include deadline to drop (1 week from notification) • I will cancel the course on the established deadline and will email any remaining students that they have been dropped with the course administrator cc’d • Cancel room reservation for Med rooms through Med Scheduler website

  32. Explore Courses Admin • • Looks and functions like Explore Courses • Has additional information for the administrator

  33. Reminders • Permission numbers: with completion of required training permission numbers can be granted by the department administrator • Independent study section: add in CPS and assign appropriate instructor, update instruction mode to independent study and submit for workflow • If instructor is not listed, add to Instructor/Advisor table and CPS will be updated over night

  34. Review • Course Catalog Management (March 27 – May 10): make sure course information is accurate before prior term copy • BI Course Catalog Report • Submit Course Catalog webform via PeopleSoft • Time Schedule Management (May 20 – July 12): make sure class scheduling information is accurate • BI Time Schedule Report • Enter changes to CLSS form • Classroom Scheduling (May 20 – July 12) • SoM Rooms – Smartsheet to Medscheduler (due June 14th for mandatory; 24th for other) • Department Rooms – enter in CPS CLSS form after approval (due July 12) • Main Campus Rooms – enter “General Assignment Room” and room characteristics in CPS CLSS form (due July 12)

  35. Courses/Scheduling Open Labs • SoM Registrar’s Office/Medscheduler in ALWAY M206 • May 7 from 10:00-11:00AM • May 23 from 2:00-3:00PM • June 7 from 10:00-11:00AM • June 19 from 2:00-3:00PMs • University Registrar’s Office in 408 Panama Mall, Room TBD • April 23rd from 10:00-12:00PM (geared toward new SSOs) • April 23rd from 2:00-4:00PM (geared toward new SSOs) • April 26 from 10:00-12:00PM • May 5 from 10:00-12:00PM • Lunch and Learns: Tuesday April 30th from 12:15-12:45PM online (recorded for later access!) (copy and paste link into browser)

  36. Help Along the Way! • Questions during the Curriculum Management process? • Download training material at • Attend an Open Lab to ask questions in person • Email or call Jessica • Jessica Goudy – (650)724-8668 • Questions now?