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Liferay Portal Applications for the Computer Society PowerPoint Presentation
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Liferay Portal Applications for the Computer Society

Liferay Portal Applications for the Computer Society

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Liferay Portal Applications for the Computer Society

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  1. Liferay Portal Applications for the Computer Society IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors Caucus Carl Scott / John Walz Monday, 16 November 2009

  2. Purpose • Help the Board understand how to use the Liferay enterprise portal and social collaboration asset • Support deployment of both Committee and Topic Area web portals

  3. Liferay features • Award-winning enterprise class open-source portal server • True portal system with tightly integrated collaborative tools to promote collaborative work with applications such as blog, wiki, content management system, messages, calendar • Includes over 60 portlets (applications) • Page layout of portlets done using drag and drop • Available on a variety of platforms • WYSIWYG Displays the content • Integrated with IEEE web accounts • Promotes common look & feel across all IEEE-CS committees • Site Administration by volunteer leaders, not staff

  4. ASQ Content management system Forum messages Listserv Lists ACM Web Server Account Blog Wiki Listserv Lists Liferay Community Web Accounts Content management system Forum messages Blog Wiki Calendar Benchmarking

  5. CS Project Initiation for Community/Portal for TTTC - Care-Zorian-Apr-2005 SAB Website Support Funding Proposal –Land, May-2005 Evaluation of the IEEE Computer Society Web Page – Bumblis, Jan-2006 The 21st Century 3-D Website for IEEE Computer Society –Sorel, Jan-2007 EPSB, CS Web Committee started – Cybenko, Jan 2007 website project Software Requirements Specification version 1.0 –Wadsworth, Jan-2007 SharedInsights pilot-Linson, Jun-2007 website project Software Requirements Specification version 2.0 –Wadsworth, Jul-2007 Liferay available – Oct-2008 Launch Schedule –Burgess, Feb-2009 CS Operations Plan Project #37 –Burgess, Jun-2009 Computing Now & Topic Areas sketch – Milojicic, Jun-2009 EPSC Topic Area Guidelines – Cybenko, et al, Nov-2009 History

  6. Collaborative Environment Needs • 40 Technical Committees, • 200 Steering Conference Committees, • 600 Conference Committees, • conference authors • conference attendees • 10 Standards Committees, • 100 Standards Working Groups, • 100 Standards User Groups, • 30 Publication Committees, • ?K Member Instant Communities  

  7. Active Liferay web portals • Topic pages: Software Engineering • Standards: Board, • S2ESC, SQA, SCM, GTSC • T & C: Board, • TCSE, • Publications: 30 pubs • CS Committees: Strategy Planning Group, History

  8. Committees Vitality and interest is lacking lack ExCom roles for web publication webmaster unaware of value proposition Different tools to learn for those familiar with Wordpress, Twiki, Redirection from old web site Domain pointer changed or Liferay 5.2.3 setting up virtual host on their server IT&S Priorities & budget Help Desk overload Training materials Lack of help pages Chicken & Egg / “build it and they will come” Liferay Awkward user registration Incomplete “Invitation” servicing Incomplete alias email construction Lack of connection to BMS, CS TECA Possibly deployment barriers

  9. Next Steps • Start adoption process with scheduling and recurring training, focus on: • Low vitality TC • TC ExCom with webmasters • TC on • Liferay capability to help Isaak’s “Instant Communities” to communicate with invitation to join • Support materials • Training materials, new Liferay version, Camtasia videos • Committee "cookie cutter" web portal template • Staff resources: Kim, Volunteer Services Coordinator, help desk, etc. • Create Explanatory web page, capability, “what’s in it for me” • Create Liferay portal users community to discuss things with each other and share tips/tools/techniques • Future integration with social media, Twitter, Facebook, etc • Reduce barriers for Committee leaders signing up "Community" members and ability to broadcast to them • Boards involvement in managing Topic Pages

  10. Questions?

  11. EPSC Governance withsupport from all CS Boards John Walz 15-Oct-09

  12. Governance Levels Members acquiring IP Members creating IP Member volunteers TopicArea xz TCxz SCxz EICxz TopicArea xy TCxy SCxy EICxy TopicArea xx TCxx SCxx EICxx Topic Area SC TAOC/CAC MOC/POC/TOC EPSC TC & Conf Std Publs EAB PAB CS BoG EPSC Topic Area SC creates, monitors, and disbands Topic Area Groups xyz, whom aremanaged by volunteer leaders appointed by their respective Boards