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Epic and Epic Hero

Epic and Epic Hero

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Epic and Epic Hero

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  1. Epic and Epic Hero The Odyssey

  2. Warm up • What qualities make someone a hero? Can you think of any modern-day heroes?

  3. Learning Objective • SWBAT: • Write a haiku illustrating the definition/traits of an epic hero.

  4. Epic Archetype: An epic hero is a hero who serves as a representative of qualities a culture appreciates most.

  5. Epic Literature Epics are long narratives told in elevated language, often relating the adventures of larger-than-life heroes. In some way, epic heroes embody the values of their civilizations. For example, a hero may demonstrate values of strength, bravery, or intelligence. [End of Section]

  6. Elements of Epics Epics are found in many cultures and share the following characteristics: • a physically impressive hero of national or historical importance • a vast setting • a quest or journey in search of something of value • the involvement of supernatural forces • a basis in a specific culture or society • characters struggling against fate

  7. Epic Characters The epic hero, who represents the values of a society, is at the center of every epic. Epic heroes are exceptional people who undertake difficult quests or journeys. Through the journey, heroes aim to achieve something of value to themselves or their people.

  8. Epic Characters Epic heroes may experience many obstacles, or conflicts, along the way. These conflicts are sometimes external, created by forces of nature or, as in many epics and myths, the gods.

  9. Epic Characters Epic heroes also experience internal conflict. Faced with an internal conflict, the heroes struggle to overcome their own fears or doubts. [End of Section]

  10. Character Foils Most epic heroes have a foil. A foil is a character that stands in stark contrast to another character. For example, Superman’s foil is Lex Luthor, a villain whose evil contrasts with Superman’s goodness. [End of Section]

  11. An Epic and Its Historical Period We can look at an epic as an encyclopedia of the manners, customs, and values that bind a civilization together. Like myths, epics offer people a vision of where they came from, what their laws and values are, and their destiny. [End of Section]

  12. Goes through the Epic Hero Cycle: Epic heroes also all follow the same storyline. They go through the same cycle. • They are special, or supernatural, from birth. • They are charged with a quest. • They go through trials and challenges designed to test their strength and intelligence. • Epic heroes go to unnatural worlds that others may not enter. • Epic heroes get help from companions. • Even when they hit a low point, epic heroes always come back fighting. They have a resurrection and then they are restored to their rightful place.

  13. Shrek as an epic hero Shrek is, of course, an ogre. This is pretty supernatural. He is very different from the other creatures in the fairytale world. He is so different that he is often threatened by villagers with pitchforks and torches. • Shrek is also charged with a quest. He must save his house, and the homes of the other fairytale creatures, from the King's expansion project. • In trying to do this, Shrek goes through trials and challenges. He has to fight a dragon, save a princess, and even deal with the mouth of his special companion, Donkey. • Shrek also hits a low point - he pushes away Donkey when it looks like things get to hard. He also pushes away the Princess Fiona, knowing that he was going to have to give her up anyway. However, Shrek makes a comeback, fighting to get back his friends and the love of his ogrish life.

  14. Other epic heroes you may know of

  15. How to write a haiku • A haiku is a Japanese patterned three-lined poem. • Line 1= 5 syllables • Line 2= 7 syllables • Line 3= 5 syllables • Example: Poems have a purpose Express ideas and feelings Creativity

  16. Assessment • Create a haiku for what an epic is and what an epic hero is. • Example of haiku: Poems have a purpose Express ideas and feelings Creativity