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Literacy shorts

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Literacy shorts
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Literacy shorts

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  1. Literacy shorts 168 quick literacy activities. For use across the Key Stages and the curriculum.

  2. Click a button…get an activity

  3. Let’s watch the tigers eat Dad. Add a comma to save their Dad!

  4. Put your bags over th---. they’re/their/there – which one?

  5. What do you now know, that you did not know at the start of the lesson? Is there a mistake in this sentence?

  6. Every morning Grandma cooks Bills dinner. Spot the mistake – correct it.

  7. Although I live in england, I speak italian. 2 mistakes – find them.

  8. I dont like Mondays! 1 mistake – find it.

  9. The sky was full of fluffy white clouds. Where does the comma go?

  10. The cats tail is black. Correct it!

  11. The cats tails are black. Correct it.

  12. Youve taken the wrong road. Put in the apostrophe.(‘)

  13. Whats wrong with this sentence?

  14. Roy pushed his bicycle all the way home one of the tyres had a puncture. Where should the full stop go? What else do you need to add?

  15. Do you need a full stop if you have used a question mark. no. 2 mistakes – find them.

  16. John stopping for a moment considered the junk on his bedroom floor. Put in two commas. Can you explain why they’re needed?

  17. He found a football boot a computer magazine his model helicopter a dirty tracksuit rollerblades and his missing homework under the bed. Add in the commas.

  18. Could have, would have, should have. Shorten it! (Don’t say you can’t)

  19. We was going to school. Correct it.

  20. Were mite you make used of the learning we done today. 5 mistakes – find them.

  21. The dog’s ate their dinner. What’s wrong?

  22. Their is my house. What’s wrong?

  23. I am going too do my nails. What’s wrong?

  24. How might you explain when to use capital letters to an alien?

  25. I were happy playing the guitar. 1 mistake – find it.

  26. We get confused when words in are the wrong order in a sentence. Correct it.

  27. “I dont like chocolate” said Brenda. 2 mistakes – find them.

  28. Genetic engineering splits scientists. 2 meanings – what are they?

  29. are you going to the youth club tonight asked della Punctuate it.

  30. I knew that bill was touring africa, staying in tripoli and then travelling to egypt to see the pyramids near cairo. Correct the mistakes.

  31. i hate homework i cant see why we have to do it i just don’t see the point in it Correct it.

  32. How might you improve your punctuation next lesson?

  33. What are the strengths’ and weaknesses of your punctuation skills? Answer the question. Correct it.

  34. What punctuation skills’ have you used during this lesson? Correct it.

  35. I always like chips with alot of ketchup. What’s wrong?

  36. He is reluctant to take part in class. He reads widely about the subject but is quite. His critical judgement is developing. A good studnet overall. 2 mistakes – find them.

  37. ‘You must learn that dog not to bark so much,’ Mum complained. What’s wrong?

  38. How many words for ‘good’ can you write down in 1 minute?

  39. How many words for ‘bad’ can you write down in 1 minute?

  40. What do you need to do to make your writting better? Oops.

  41. I buyed my brother another bar of chocolate. Find the mistake.

  42. The man telled us to put are bikes over their. 3 mistakes – find them.

  43. I think, therefore I am.How many more conjunctions (joining words) can you remember?

  44. The dj is in the house. Correct it.

  45. She sang beautifuly. What’s wrong?

  46. What do you feel you have or have not learnt this lesson? Add in a pair of brackets to help this sentence.

  47. The dog barked….. Add the most original adverb.

  48. I speak french. Correct it.

  49. The expedition may be on or off it all depends on the weather. Add the semi-colon (;).

  50. How did you feel at the beginning middle and end of the lesson? Add commas.