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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

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  1. Table of Contents • 1. Table of Contents • Customize QW • QW Home Page • Making a Quiz • QW Toolbar • QW Question Type – True/ False • QW Question Type – Matching • QW Question Type – Multiple Choice • QW Question Type – Fill in the Blank • QW Question Type – Open Ended • QW Question Type – Reading Comprehension • Your Created Quizzes • QW Quiz Preview • QW Quiz Edit • QW “Ready to Take” Quiz • QW Hardcopy Option • QW Scored Quiz • QW Missed Questions Quiz • QW Performance Tracking • QW Comprehensive Studying • QW Ultimate Quiz Creation • QW Quiz Sharing • QW Quiz Archive • QW Flash Cards • QW Flash Card Examples • QW Sample Starters • QW Sample Starter Examples • QW K-2nd • QW Shared Scored Quizzes • QW Skill Specific Quizzes • Just Logical Homepage • Creating A Just Logical Quiz

  2. CUSTOMIZE QW Each time you enter QW, simply click on the set of characters you’d like to have study with you. Choose from whimsical, elementary, middle, high school, sports/activity set or no characters and switch out whenever you wish by visiting the Home Page and clicking on the purple “Change Characters” button.

  3. QW HOME PAGE After selecting your character set, you will arrive at the HOME PAGE. It is here that you can CREATE or VIEW your quizzes or take pre-made K-2nd grade quizzes in Jennabug. The Sample Starters are a great place to help you jump start the quiz creation process. Click on the Ultimate Quiz, if needing to study for a cumulative exam like a midterm or final. Buddysharing your quizzes with select friends is another fun option. There are also “Other Helpful Features” to visit. *Note that this is where you can switch out your study characters at any time.

  4. MAKING A QUIZ This is where you CREATE A QUIZ. First create a name, select your grade and subject, then describe your quiz in detail for easy future recall. Once these fields are entered, select the first type of question you’d like to create from the list. There are 5 different types of questions from which to choose: True/ False, Fill in the Blank, Multiple Choice, Matching, and Open Ended.

  5. QW TOOLBAR This toolbar includes accented letters and symbols helpful when studying subjects like foreign language or math. It is located on every quiz creation, edit, and take page for easy use. Simply place the cursor where you would like to insert the vowel or symbol, highlight it from the drop down menu and left click.

  6. QW QUESTION TYPE – TRUE/ FALSE True/ False is one type of question format that you can create in QW. Simply enter your statement in the first box, then click whether it is True or False. If the answer is false, fill in the correct answer for reinforced learning. At this point, you can Add another type of question, Create your Quiz, or Save it for later.

  7. QW QUESTION TYPE - MATCHING Another question format is Matching. Here, you’ll enter your words, phrases or definitions in the first Column, then the corresponding answer in the second Column. You can then add more matching to your quiz or Add a new type of question. The Create your quiz or Save it for later options are also available.

  8. Multiple choice is another question format and is the most common. Simply enter your question or statement in the first box, then enter the correct answer on line 1. The correct answer always appears in green. Then, enter up to 4 incorrect choices which will appear in red. For variation, you can use “All of these” or “None of these” as options. All or none “of the above” will not apply due to answers randomizing every time a test is taken. From here, you can Add a new type of question, Create your quiz, or Save your quiz for later. QW QUESTION TYPE – MULTIPLE CHOICE

  9. Fill In The Blank is another commonly used question format. Enter in a question or statement in the first box, including a ______ within or at the end of the question or statement. (Do this by pressing shift and the “underline” button at the same time.) Next, type in your answer in the second box. You now have the option of Adding another type of question, Creating your quiz, or Saving it for later.*Note that when answering an actual Fill In The Blank question on a quiz, your answers must be entered exactly the same as the original entry or the question may be marked as incorrect. You will want to do personal scoring when this occurs - your answer may be right! QW QUESTION TYPE – FILL IN THE BLANK

  10. Another question type is Open Ended, which is similar to a short answer or essay. Here, you’ll enter your question or statement in the first box and your answer in the second box. Due to the difficulty of scoring these questions, they will appear on your quiz, but will not be counted in your final score. You can still compare your answer to your original entry for personal scoring. QW QUESTION TYPE – OPEN ENDED

  11. QW QUESTION TYPE – READING COMPREHENSION When wanting to study reading comprehension, the button for creating this type of quiz can be found on the Home Page. Simply Create a name for your quiz, select the grade and subject, and then enter a description. Scroll down and enter your text in the large box. Then begin to create questions regarding the story or information entered. If you’re not ready to create questions yet, you can also Save your quiz and Add questions later.

  12. The All My Quizzes page displays all of the quizzes that you have created. A chart in the left corner shows the number of quizzes created and the type including your Ultimate Quizzes (marked with a “star”), those that have been Buddyshared to you (marked with a “spade”), your Reading Comprehension quizzes (marked in blue), Shared Scored Quizzes (marked in green), Just Logical Quizzes (marked in brown), Sample Starter Quizzes (marked in green) and Jennabug Quizzes (marked in purple). Note the Quick Search feature where you can quickly locate a quiz by grade, subject, or date created. Once you have selected a quiz- you can REVIEW, EDIT, TAKE, DELETE, ARCHIVE it or create flash cards. *Also found in this chart is a “Sample Quiz” supplied by QW. YOUR CREATED QUIZZES

  13. This is what your created quiz, with answers, will look like in REVIEW format. Your review quiz is great for studying and especially useful to print and take to school as a last minute refresher before your quiz or test. From this page, you can EDIT, TAKE, or PRINT your quiz. QW QUIZ PREVIEW

  14. QW Quiz Edit The QW Edit Page allows you to edit your quizzes. Here you can add more questions, delete existing questions, or edit certain questions. You can also edit the description but remember the title can’t be changed. When you are finished editing, you can quickly return to the All My Quizzes page or take the quiz.

  15. This is the TAKE QUIZ page and is what your actual quiz, without answers, will look like when created. When finished, simply score your quiz for immediate feedback. You can also add a Student ID # or Name as a unique identifier for your quiz. Hint: There will be a pop-up telling you if you have not answered a question(s) on your quiz – you will be able to go back ONE MORE TIME to answer the ones that you missed. It is often good to leave questions blank on purpose if you don’t know the answer(s) – this will help you to narrow down what areas need the most attention. QW “READY TO TAKE” QUIZ

  16. QW HARDCOPY OPTION There is also a “hardcopy” option when arriving at the TAKE QUIZ page. The “Print Blank Quiz” and “Print Answers” feature on the top right hand side is a great pencil/paper taking option. Remember to print out both for easy scoring though – your questions always randomize!

  17. QW SCORED QUIZ This is your SCORED quiz- it gives you immediate feedback on how well you’ve done! Your actual score and percentage will be displayed in the yellow box. Note “Geno the Dragon” - his poses and comments change depending on how well you’ve done on your quiz! Down the right hand side, the questions you missed will be marked with a red X. You can review the questions that you missed and even create a “Missed Questions” quiz to be taken now or saved for later. By going to the Quiz Results, your scored quiz will be saved.

  18. QW MISSED QUESTIONS QUIZ The Missed Questions quiz is just that – a quiz that includes all the questions that were scored as incorrect on your quiz. Whether you got the answer(s) wrong or left them blank on purpose, this “condensed” version allows you to focus on the areas that need the most attention!

  19. The Quiz Results Chart is a great place to track your progress. Here you will see what quizzes you have taken, the date taken, times attempted, scores and percent correct. You can also send a scored quiz from this page which is great when used as homework or a grade for your teacher. The “Review Scored Quiz” is a great feature for last minute test and quiz studying. This page can be accessed directly from the Home Page and is terrific for showing off your progress to your parents and teachers! QW PERFORMANCE TRACKING

  20. QW COMPREHENSIVE STUDYING An Ultimate Quiz is the combining of 2 or more quizzes you have previously created. This feature is helpful when preparing for midterms, finals, standardized testing or any cumulative exam. You can access this feature from the Home Page, then click on “Create Ultimate Quiz Now.”

  21. Creating an “Ultimate Quiz” is very similar to Creating a Quiz. First, you create a name for your quiz, select your grade and subject, then add a description. Even though your Ultimate quiz will be identified with a star, it’s helpful to create a new name and use the word “Ultimate” somewhere in your description. Select the quizzes that you wish to include in your Ultimate Quiz. Simply check the boxes and click “Create Ultimate Quiz” and you are finished. Your Ultimate Quiz will then appear in Review format. It will automatically be stored in your “All My Quizzes” chart. QW ULTIMATE QUIZ CREATION

  22. Want to study with your friends - the Buddyshare feature is the perfect option! Here you can easily send your created quizzes to other members of QW that you personally select – all with a click of a button. You can even choose to send a quiz that can’t be edited or deleted. Just choose the quizzes you want to share, enter up to 3 Usernames, and “Buddyshare.” Challenge yourself by having friends send you their quizzes too. No two quizzes are ever alike, so Buddysharing is great for diversified studying! QW QUIZ SHARING

  23. QW QUIZ ARCHIVE The Archived Quizzes page is where you will find the quizzes that you have moved from the All My Quizzes list. These quizzes are those that you wish to remove from the All My Quizzes list but not delete. From the Archived Quizzes page, you can review or delete a quiz, or transfer it back to the All My Quizzes list to edit or take. Click Return to All My Quizzes to take no action.

  24. QW FLASH CARDS The QW Flash Cards are a great way to supplement your studying. Simply click on the flash cards icon next to the quiz you would like to create flash cards for on the All My Quizzes list. You will have the option to view All types of questions or you can choose just one kind.

  25. QW FLASH CARDS Once you have chosen either All question types or a specific question type, you will first see the “Question” on the screen. Think of the answer, then click “Show the Answer” to see if you are correct. You can continue to scroll through the flash cards in this manner, or you can print them by clicking on the “Print” button in the top right hand corner.

  26. QW SAMPLE STARTERS The Sample Starters are a great place to jumpstart the quiz creation process. Here you will find a series of quizzes in different grades and subjects that allow you to review different types of questions. We understand creating your own quizzes may seem a little overwhelming at first, but with a little help you will be a whiz in no time. These quizzes are made for grades 3rd-8th (use Jennabug for K-2nd).

  27. QW K-2nd QUIZZES Jennabug is an area especially designed for grades K-2nd. Here you will find numerous pre-made quizzes designed for these younger grades. You can take individual quizzes right from this page or copy them to all my quizzes where you can add them to an Ultimate Quiz or send them as a scored quiz.

  28. QW SHARED SCORED QUIZZES The Shared Scored Quizzes page allows you to view any scored quizzes that have been shared with you by another QW user. The Overall Performance/Quiz Results page is where you would actually share a scored quiz, and this page allows you to view them. Sharing scored quizzes is great when a teacher or tutor requires it for a homework or quiz grade, or for showing off a job well done to your friends and/or family.

  29. QW Skill Specific Quizzes Just Logical is a unique multiple choice quizzing system that allows a learner immediate feedback when answering questions. This way, the user can discover the correct answer to each question before moving on and can apply the same logic the next time they encounter another question of the same skill. Each quiz can measure progress in up to 3 different skill areas. The quiz creator can define these areas on their own as they design the quiz – making the skills that can be assessed limitless. *Don’t forget to check out the Sample Quizzes as a guide to get started.

  30. Creating a Just Logical Quiz Creating a Just Logical Quiz is very similar to creating a regular or Reading Comprehension Quiz. Start by entering a name, grade, subject and description for your quiz. Then, enter in up to 3 skill sets that the quiz will focus on.