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Webinar Attendee Information

Webinar Attendee Information

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Webinar Attendee Information

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  1. Webinar Attendee Information Agenda, Feedback Form and PowerPoint can be found: • • State Agency Customer Forum begins: 9:00 AM

  2. Welcome to the April 2012State Agency Customer Forum

  3. Procurement Division Customer Forum April 11, 2012

  4. Introductions Eric Mandell Chief Office of SB and DVBE Services/Outreach Branch (916) 375-4608

  5. Legislative/Budget Updates Chuck Deyoe Legislative Liaison Procurement Division (916) 375-4341

  6. Legislative/Budget Update • AB 1507 (Mendoza D) Public contracts: Prison Industry Authority. Status: 1/19/2012-Referred to Coms. on J., E.D. & E. and PUB. S. Summary: Current law establishes the Prison Industry Authority within the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Current law provides that the authority is authorized and empowered to operate industrial, agricultural, and service enterprises in order to provide products and services needed by the state. Current law requires that state agencies purchase Prison Industry Authority products, make maximum utilization of these products, and consult with the staff of the authority to develop new products and adapt current products to meet their needs. This bill would provide that these requirements shall not restrict state agencies from entering into contracts or purchase orders of $25,000 or less with California certified small businesses, microbusinesses, or disabled veteran business enterprises for products provided at a lower price than the price available from the Prison Industry Authority.

  7. Legislative/Budget Update • AB 1543 (Alejo D) Public contracts: Buy American. Status: 2/9/2012-Referred to Coms. on B., P. & C.P. and L. GOV. Summary: The California Buy American Act requires that a governing body of any political subdivision, municipal corporation, or district, and any public officer or person charged with the l etting of contracts for the construction, alteration, or repair of public works or for purchasing materials for public use to only let those contracts to a person who agrees to use or supply materials produced or manufactured in the United States, as prescribed. Current law does not apply this requirement to specified medical and scientific equipment and instruments, sewing machines, printing presses, or office machines or supplies, as specified. This bill would, on and after January 1, 2014, also apply a similar requirement to public contracts let for the purchase or lease of any manufactured tangible personal property or for any materials or structural components to be incorporated into real property, and would provide for specified exceptions, as provided. This bill would repeal those provisions that prohibit the application of the current United States-made preference to specified medical and scientific equipment and instruments, sewing machines, printing presses, or office machines or supplies. By imposing new duties upon local governments with respect to public contracts, this bill would impose a state-mandated local program. This bill would also make related changes. This bill contains other related provisions and other current laws.

  8. Legislative/Budget Update • AB 1646 (Campos D) California Demonstration of Emerging Market Opportunities Act. Status: 3/12/2012-Hearing postponed by committee. (Refers to 3/12/2012 hearing) Summary: The Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development serves as the Governor's lead entity for economic strategy and the marketing of California on issues relating to business development, private sector investment, and economic growth. The office, among others, makes recommendations to the Governor and the Legislature regarding policies, programs, and actions to advance statewide economic goals. This bill contains other current laws.

  9. Legislative/Budget Update • AB 1783 (Perea D) Public contracts: small business preferences. Status: 3/5/2012-Referred to Com. on J., E.D. & E. Summary: Current law requires state agencies to give small businesses a 5% preference in contracts for construction, the procurement of goods, or the delivery of services and establishes a procedure by which a business can be certified as a small business by the Department of General Services for the purposes of these preferences. This bill would provide that a small business shall be certified as a small business, for purposes of those preferences, without the submission of supporting documentation and would require the certified small business to produce that documentation upon request of the Department of General Services or the awarding state agency. This bill contains other related provisions and other current laws.

  10. Legislative/Budget Update • AB 1960 (Dickinson D) State contracts: reports: lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender businesses. Status: 3/8/2012-Referred to Com. on B., P. & C.P. Summary: Current law governing public contracts requires the Department of Transportation to establish and administer a computerized databank containing a list of certified minority, women, and disadvantaged business enterprises. This bill would require the Department of Transportation to include, in that databank, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender businesses. This bill contains other related provisions and other current laws.

  11. Legislative/Budget Update • AB 2181 (Galgiani D) State government: prompt payment of claims. Status: 3/8/2012-Referred to Com. on B., P. & C.P. Summary: The California Prompt Payment Act dictates that a state agency that fails to make a timely payment for goods or services acquired pursuant to a contract with a specified business or organization is subject to a late payment penalty. This bill would include, within the list of specified businesses and organizations, state-certified small businesses working on the development, design, and construction of California's high- speed rail system under the California High-Speed Rail Act.

  12. Legislative/Budget Update • SB 134 (Corbett D) Public contracts: Bid preferences: solar photovoltaic system. Status: 2/2/2012-From Assembly without further action. Summary: Current law imposes various requirements with respect to contracting by state agencies. This bill would require a state agency that accepts bids or proposals for a contract for the purchase or installation of a solar photovoltaic system, as defined, to provide a 5% preference to a business that certifies that all of the solar panels installed as part of the solar photovoltaic system have been manufactured or assembled in California, in accordance with specified criteria.

  13. Legislative/Budget Update • SB 1162 (Runner R) Prison Industry Authority: purchases by state entities. Status: 3/20/2012-Set for hearing April 10. Summary: Would authorize, rather than require, state entities to purchase goods produced by the Prison Industry Authority and would provide that if a state entity elects to purchase goods from the authority, that purchase is exempt from the requirements governing public contracts. In all other circumstances, the bill would require the state entity to comply with the provisions governing public contracts and, prior to publishing a solicitation for bids, to notify the authority that the state entity will comply with those provisions. The bill would require a state entity, notwithstanding any other law requiring a state entity to award contracts to the lowest responsible bidder, to grant a preference of not more than 10% above the lowest responsible bid meeting specifications submitted by a private entity with respect to any responsible bid meeting specifications submitted by the Prison Industry Authority.

  14. Commercially Useful Function Bernie Quinn Office of Policies, Procedures and Legislation Bernard. (916) 375-4360

  15. Commercially Useful Function Work Group of: • SB/DVBE Advocates • DGS/OPPL • DGS/OSDS • DGS/OLS

  16. Commercially Useful Function Purpose • Develop better tools for CUF compliance • Enhance 4 CUF questions with points to consider • Build case studies drawn from past solicitations

  17. Commercially Useful Function Publish enhanced CUF information: • The SCM • OSDS Website • Cal-PCA training

  18. CAL-PCA Update Joseph Watkins Manager California Procurement & Contracting Academy - Basic (916) 376-4637

  19. CAL-PCA Update • Created in 2003 • We train California’s acquisition specialists • Currently 12 courses in rotation • Enrolled 6,350 students since inception • 446 BACP students in fy 2011-12 • 150% challenge for fy 2012-13

  20. CAL-PCA Update • Offer more classes • Announce classes for all year • Open registration for the next quarter • Prior advertisement of registration • Better accountability & tracking • Move some classes online

  21. CAL-PCA Update Questions?

  22. SB/DVBE Outreach Events Michael Aguillio DGS - Procurement Division Customer Liaison (916) 375-4328

  23. SB/DVBE Outreach Events 6th Annual Green California Summit April 26-27 - Sacramento Keeping the Promise May 14-15 – Los Angeles CA Small Business Day June 11 – Sacramento

  24. SB/DVBE Outreach Events CalCon Expo August 1-2 – Pasadena North- Eastern CA (Multi-County) Regional Procurement Expo October 4 – Stockton State Agency Recognition Awards (SARA) November 14 – Citrus Heights

  25. 10 minutes BREAK

  26. Pleasefill out the feedback form before you leave. Your input is greatly appreciated! **Mark Your Calendar for the Next Customer Forum July 11, 2012 Feedback

  27. Upcoming Contracts/LPAs Dion Campos Sr. Staff EDP Acquisitions Technical Specialist Multiple Awards (916) 375-4448

  28. Upcoming Contracts/LPAs MASTERS UNIT 1 AND 2 SR. Staff EDP Acquisition Supervisors Dion Campos (916) 375-4448 and Steven Kobayashi (916) 375-4607

  29. Master Agreements (MA) CONTRACT EXTENSIONS • Airline Fares • Office Moving Services • Certified Shorthand Reporters, Transcription and Other Associated Services

  30. Master Agreements (MA) STARTING BID PROCESSES • Telephone for the Deaf • Litigation Support Services • Modified Vehicle Leasing • Debt Collection Services • Moving Services

  31. Software Licensing Program (SLP) NEW: • Verdiem • Trend Micro • Accela • Novell • Symantec • Pega • Sophos • BDNA • Google • ASG

  32. Western States Contracting Alliance (WSCA) • WSCA Base Contract Reviews • Purpose • Timeline • Current Contracts • Use • Upcoming Efforts • PCard


  34. Update on Statewide Contracts Steven Casarez Supervisor Contracts Management Unit (916) 375-4624

  35. Update on Statewide Contracts • Rain wear • Recycled Paint • Compressed Gases, i.e. welding gases • PC Goods, desktops, laptops, etc. • User Guide reminders

  36. Kathy Hicks Partner Business Executive Department of General Services (916) 576-4830

  37. FI$Cal Project FI$Cal will: • Integrate accounting, budgeting, cash management, and procurement operations into a single system. • Eliminate or minimize the need for redundant manual processes. • Replace many legacy systems, technologies, and applications. • Use a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

  38. What is ERP? • ERP is an acronym that stands for Enterprise Resource Planning • ERP is a software suite and contains products designed to integrate: • Data • Functions • Computations • Processes • ERP standardizes and unifies information across the organizational enterprise

  39. Why a statewide ERP? • Lack of complete and timely data • High level of effort to collect and present data • Aging, stand-alone systems that don’t interface • Manual, paper-based, redundant processes • Departments maintaining unconnected systems with similar functionality and data elements

  40. 2-Stage procurement • Allowed the State to provide bidders in-depth knowledge of the state’s processes • Provided the state critical insight into the proposed ERP solution • Resulted in more competitive rates and a system to meet state needs

  41. Why now? • Benchmarking captured baseline data on California’s current financial processes • Estimated annual savings and/or cost avoidance of $415 million (fully realized in 2019-20) • Realized through process cost savings, technology cost savings, and procurement and finance effectiveness improvements.

  42. Current Vendor Management • No single source for vendor information • Each department/agency maintains its own vendor database using various programs • Vendors must complete the STD 204 (Payee Data Record) for every department they do business with • Data validation occurs at each individual department/agency • Vendor codes and names not standardized

  43. Better Vendor Management • Single vendor management file • Validation of critical data elements – Vendor Certifications • Consolidated reporting • Self service vendor portal • Online capability for vendor to enter/update vendor information • Online capability for vendor to inquire status of invoice/payment

  44. CurrentProcurement

  45. Better Procurement • Automated procure to pay • Data entered once • Electronic document workflow and tracking • Automated 3-way match • Automated reporting • Automatic capture of state spend data

  46. Intent to Award Procurement Intent to Award: • Intent to Award was released on March 1st • Legislature has 90 days to review (AB 1621) • System Integrator: Accenture • Solution: Oracle • PeopleSoft, Hyperion, Primavera

  47. Implementation Plan

  48. Pre-Wave

  49. Wave 1

  50. Preparing Departments 142 departments and client organizations will be impacted by FI$Cal. * • Business Process Redesign (BPR) • The Project will work closely with the vendor and selected departments to analyze the BPR opportunities. BPR opportunities will be validated with Partner Agencies and selected departments to adopt best practices inherent in the ERP solution. • Data Management Assessments • Legacy System Inventory: This current project will provide an inventory of the existing financial and procurement legacy systems being used by each Partner Agency and department affected by FI$Cal. This sub-project, in conjunction with the Legacy Systems & Data Analysis sub-project, will lay the ground work for the transition of legacy system data to the target ERP FI$Cal environment. • Change Management • Readiness Assessments: The project will establish and apply specific criteria to determine the organizational readiness to implement FI$Cal in the environment of each participating organization. • Training • Training for specific groups will be designed to ensure successful project outcomes (e.g., Train-the-Trainer, End-user training, Project Team training, Technical training, Transition and Knowledge Transfer. *Refer to SPR 4 Report posted to for list of departments/client organizations by wave.