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la ropa el tiempo

la ropa el tiempo. ¿Qué quiere decir …..? / What does ….. mean?. ¿Qué quiere decir …..? Ké kee e re de seer …. What does ….. mean? Hace frío. a se free o It’s cold Hace calor. a se ka lor It’s hot.

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la ropa el tiempo

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  1. la ropa el tiempo

  2. ¿Qué quiere decir …..? / What does ….. mean? • ¿Qué quiere decir …..? Ké kee e re de seer …. What does ….. mean? • Hace frío. a se free o It’s cold • Hace calor. a se ka lor It’s hot. • Hace buen tiempo. a se boo en tee em po It’s nice weather.

  3. Essential question: Can you name at least 4 clothing items you have on today? Link to La Ropa/Clothing: Click on “You choose.” http://www.spanishspanish.com/clothing/clothing_intro_cs5.html Please, memorize the following vocabulary. Write the following words and their meaning in English & Spanish while practicing & memorizing: • la ropaclothes or clothing • la camisathe shirt • el suéter the sweater • los jeansjeans • los zapatosthe shoes • las botas /bo tas/ the boots • la chaqueta /cha ke ta/ the jacket • la bufanda /boo fan da/ the scarf • el vestido the dress • la faldathe skirt • la camiseta the t-shirt • los calcetines or las medias the socks

  4. EQs: What are the Spanish and English articles? What are the plural articles? el-o el los the la -a la las los las Usually when a noun ends in –a you use la, and usually, when a noun ends –oyou use el. When you have a plural noun the article has also be in plural. la bufandalas bufandas el zapatolos zapatos

  5. Links to practice la ropa Please, practice each clothing item about 3 times each. Then practice the weather phrases about 5 times each: • http://spanishspanish.com/java_free/intro_clothing_20/you_choose.html • http://www.digitaldialects.com/Spanish/Clothes.htm • http://spanishspanish.com/java_free/intro_weather_20/you_choose.html • http://study.com/academy/lesson/weather-and-seasons-spanish-vocabulary-practice-activity.html

  6. Important information Quizzes • Weather Phrases Quiz will be the week of February 26. • Clothing Quiz will be the week of February. Tips to Study on Your Own • The best way to study is to go online to ALL the links from this lesson. • Another good way is to make flashcards for your current vocabulary. • A next way is to study directly from your handout. • Any way you practice is a great way. The important thing is that you only memorize no more than just 3 words or one phrases per night just 5-10 minutes. • Memorize the weather phrases first, and then the clothing vocabulary. • Please, please, please do NOT memorize everything in one night: You will not recall the information for the quizzes like you should. In addition, leaving all study for the day/night before causes unnecessary stress. • Also remember, if you are not happy with your grade you can always retake the quizzes again before school starts.

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