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Your text here. Dangerous Waters Summary a nd quiz By: Gillian G.

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  1. Your text here Dangerous Waters Summary and quiz By: Gillian G

  2. In Dangerous Waters, young Patrick Waters wants to sail on the great ship, Titanic. He really wants work on the ship since his older brother, James Waters, is working in the boiler room. At the pub where he works, he gets a ticket for a seat on Titanic. As soon as he gets on, Patrick goes down to the boiler room, Surprises James, and gets to work. He had only been working for 5 minutes when he got to tired to work.

  3. Soon, James found him a new job, a first class steward. He and his trainer, Mr. Webb help out everyone until Patrick meets Harry Widener, a book lover who wants Patrick to be his personal steward! He brought with him his second edition rare book, The Essaies and he and Patrick read it. But, he still makes time to see James. When he finds out his brother is in the hospital, he makes sure to visit extra.

  4. The night of April 15th, 1912 It was a cold calm night when Harry was meeting with two men, Mr. Rockwell and Mr. Berryman, who tried to steal Harry’s book to find a secret that was inside. Suddenly, CRASH!! The ship rocked and stopped. Everyone was confused. A women came running in to tell them they hit an ice burg! Patrick rushed off to see James only to find out James is in the boiler room! Patrick runs to see him and water almost stops him. James said he should save himself. So, Patrick runs to the bridge as the Titanic breaks. In a few hours, he is on the Carpathia and Mr. Rockwell is standing in front of him! Patrick survived and he has Harry’s book in his hands. He was a survivor.

  5. QuizAnswer the 4 questions 1.Why did Patrick want to go on Titanic? A. His family was going to move B. He wanted to be a part of history C. He wanted to work with James D. None of the Above

  6. The correct answer is C He wanted to work with James

  7. 2. Why did James not want Patrick to work with him? • He got tired after 5 minutes • He was fooling around with the tools • He was too young for the job • Both A and C

  8. The correct answer is A. Patrick got tired after 5 minutes

  9. 3. Why did Patrick wan to visit James a lot more? • He got an award for all his hard work • He got sick and had to go into the hospital • He wanted Patrick to talk about Harry Widener • None of the above

  10. The correct answer is B. He got sick and had to go to the hospital.

  11. 4. What job did Patrick take on Titanic? • A steward • A boiler man • A lookout crewman • Both A and B

  12. The correct answer is D, both A and B

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