things you should know about uwindsor n.
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Things you should know about Uwindsor ! PowerPoint Presentation
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Things you should know about Uwindsor !

Things you should know about Uwindsor !

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Things you should know about Uwindsor !

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  1. Things you should know about Uwindsor!

  2. UWindsor – who we are and what we have to offer Navigate through these slides to learn about our campus and all services you can use during your time with us. We have divided the information into 5 different categories: Athletics, Miscellaneous, Academics, Campus Services, and Here to Serve You.

  3. Do all students have access to the St. Denis Centre? If so, what do they need to bring to be admitted? Athletics

  4. ANSWER Yes! They can enter with their UwinCARD!

  5. Athletics List three features of the Forge Fitness Centre /St. Denis Centre.

  6. ANSWER Swimming pool, indoor/outdoor track, basketball courts, volleyball courts, fitness gyms, instructional classes, weight machines, free weights, fitness studio, treadmills, elliptical, stationary bikes

  7. How many people can the St. Denis Centre seat? Athletics

  8. ANSWER 5000

  9. Athletics Does the St. Denis Centre offer a women’s only workout time?


  11. Athletics What is the name of the UWindsor Mascot?


  13. Miscellaneous Where do you go if you have lost your UwinCARD?

  14. ANSWER UwinCARD Office (CAW Basement)

  15. Miscellaneous If you would like to help plan Head Start, Windsor Welcome Week and volunteer with various other campus activities, what group should you join?

  16. ANSWER Lead@UWindsor (Students Orienting Students)

  17. Miscellaneous If you ever need legal representation but cannot afford it, where on campus can you go?


  19. Miscellaneous If you would like to book a meeting room for a club, where do you go?

  20. ANSWER CAW Information Desk/ Conference and Accommodation Services

  21. Miscellaneous Where can you access information about academic, personal, learning and health support 24/7?

  22. ANSWER Campus Lifeline

  23. Academics How many courses do you need to take per semester to complete an honours degree in 4 years?


  25. Academics What is the largest academic faculty at the University of Windsor?


  27. Academics What are three ways you can use your UwinCARD?

  28. ANSWER Printing at LeddyLibrary Purchasing food on campus ID for Exams Office of the Registrar Cashiers’ Office Student Awards & Financial Aid Office Access to Residence building, Access to St. Denis Centre

  29. Academics What is the name of the program that helps improve study skills, assist exam preparation and reduce test anxiety?

  30. ANSWER S.T.E.P.S. - Skills to Enhance Personal Success [Dillon Rm. 117]

  31. Academics Everything is on the internet now! Why do I need the Leddy Library?

  32. ANSWER Books, Periodicals, quiet study environment, Library Staff, Course Reserves, Media Centre, Academic Writing Centre

  33. Campus Services What is the name of the volunteer program that will walk students to their cars and residence buildings every night?

  34. ANSWER Walksafe

  35. Campus Services Where do you get advice about choosing a course, changing majors or withdrawing from a class?

  36. ANSWER The Student Success Centre Check out the two locations: CAW (1st floor across the main desk)and Dillon Hall (lower level)

  37. Campus Services Where can you buy a parking pass?


  39. Campus Services Where can you find information about career resources, job postings and the Volunteer Internship Program?

  40. ANSWER Student Success Centre (Dillon Hall, Rm. 111)

  41. Campus Services What are three great places to eat on campus?

  42. ANSWER The Marketplace, Dividends, Crocodile Grill, The Bru, Williams Fresh Café, The Gavel, Tim Horton’s CAW

  43. Here to Serve You Where are three places you go on campus to get something printed?

  44. ANSWER Document Imaging Centre (CHN Rm 1), Leddy Library, Computer Centre, Science Resource Centre

  45. Here to Serve You If you need help applying for OSAP or bursaries, where do you go?

  46. ANSWER Student Awards and Financial Aid Office (Education Building Basement)

  47. Here to Serve You Where can you go for free psychological consultations or simply to speak to a friendly peer?

  48. ANSWER Student Counselling Services (CAW Rm. 239)/ Peer Support Centre (CAW Rm. 208)

  49. Here to Serve You If you need Tylenol or prescription drugs, where can you go on campus?

  50. ANSWER University Pharmacy (CAW Rm. B06)