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A Book Report by Justin PowerPoint Presentation
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A Book Report by Justin

A Book Report by Justin

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A Book Report by Justin

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  1. Capten Underpants and the big, bad battle of the bionic booger boy part 2: The revenge of the ridiculous robo-boogersby Dave Pilkey A Book Report by Justin

  2. Characters George/George is the Harolds best friend and the one who writes the comic books Harold/ Harold is the kid who hipmatized Mr.Krup and the kid who colors the comic books. Mr. Krup / Mr. Krup is Capten Underpants Melvan/ Melvan is a kid at the school who is the scool tattle tale.

  3. Setting • In the city in the presant. • At the school. • In space. • On the foot ball field. • At the library. • At the store.

  4. Summary There were two kids named George and Harald.They had a really mean prinsble named Mr. Krup. He was so mean to them so they decided to try to hipmatize him. They made him a comicbook charater named Capten Underpants. He is trying to save the world from bionic boger bots.

  5. Conflict The bionic boger bots are attacking the city. Capten Underpants has swiched bodies with Melvan and can’t save the city.Melvan is doing every thing he can to be mean to George and Harold.Capten Underpants is trying to use his powers but he can’t.

  6. Resolution Capten Underpants made them explode with the viteman c in oranges by using George and Harolds idea called squishys.they exploded and he saved the day.

  7. Critic’s Corner What was the highlight of the book? When Capten Underpants distroyed the bionic boger bots. Did you enjoy the book? Yes I did because of the sichuations they get into. Would you recommend this book to a friend? Yes because the story is acsiting and funny