home trotting luxurious pent house furnished n.
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Home trotting Luxurious Pent House Furnished Apartments PowerPoint Presentation
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Home trotting Luxurious Pent House Furnished Apartments

Home trotting Luxurious Pent House Furnished Apartments

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Home trotting Luxurious Pent House Furnished Apartments

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  1. Home trotting: Luxurious Pent House Furnished Apartments

  2. Home trotting is a famous condominium rental agency based in Montreal, Canada. They offer ample corporate apartments to entice the guests. One of them includes three-bedroom penthouse, which has a floor area of approximately one thousand eight hundred and seventy three square feet. Pent house furnished apartment features 100% furnished serviced residence. It comprises of a living room, contemporary kitchen, dining room along with a study room. The Home trotting offers a complimentary Wi-Fi access to all the discerning guests residing in and around the city of Montreal, Canada. Full-fledged home entertainment systems are also available to entertain the guests. A fully furnished three-bedroom apartment is well equipped with linen, cutlery, artwork, crockery and kitchen appliances. Each apartment is conveniently located overlooking the harbor with excellent waterfront views.

  3. There are massive balconies, which contains a glass panel railing offering panoramic views of the surrounding areas. The term 'Penthouse apartment' refers to an apartment, which is located on the top floor of an apartment building. Concept of penthouse apartment was developed in the year 1920. It was officially termed as the 'The Roaring Twenties'. Conde Nast's duplex penthouse located at 1040 Park Avenue is believed to be one of the oldest penthouse apartments. The original 1923 plan for a building comprises of three units located at each floor, which included a house cleaner's room. However, the following year (1924), upper spaces of the building were developed to offer Grand Duplex for Nast. The apartment is well connected by a staircase to rooftop entertaining salons.

  4. Home trotting is one of the top condominium rental agencies where guests can bask in luxury of penthouse apartments. Thank you… Address: 204 rue Notre Dame Ouest, #150 Montreal, Qc H2Y 1T3 Website: Email: Tel: +1(514) 501-0199