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Angry Birds

Angry Birds

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Angry Birds

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  1. Angry Birds By Luke Matthews

  2. The developer and publisher • The publisher of Angry Birds is Rovio.

  3. Target audience • The target audience for angry birds are gamers that have to travel a lot and have to game on the move. It is a perfect for the growing market of gamers who, for example have a commute to work and do not have any other time to do gaming. They also mainly target a female demographic.

  4. How have the developers and publishers tried to appeal to the target audience? • Rovio have tried to appeal to their target audience by using exaggerated or stylised wingless birds looking very unhappy. Their target audience can empathise with these birds and they then want to to play the game to see what happens to their favourite characters.

  5. The genre • Angry Birds is an independent game which is a social media game which is mainly used on mobile phones.

  6. Marketing strategies • Rovio used PR to encourage key websites and games forums to start talking about the game in the hope that viral hype would emerge. They also used synergy with apple so that it was quickly advertised on the prestigious top 10 games on apple. This made more people download the game and it then became even more popular.

  7. The premise • The premise of the game is to shoot birds at some pigs which have been stealing the birds eggs. Each level has a star rating which lets you know how much of the level you have completed of that level.

  8. Sales figures • While the company continues its rapid growth — now at 1.7 billion game downloads, and 263 million active users as of December 2012 — increasingly that scale is being leveraged to drive non-gaming revenues in areas like IP licensing and merchandising. Rovio reported that sales are up 101% over 2011 to $195 million, with net profit also rising to $71 million, with some 45% of Rovio’s revenue now coming from “consumer products”.

  9. The main competitors • one of the main competitors of 2013 for Angry Birds is Candy Crush. Past competitors have included farmville, coin dozer, sub way surfer and many more.

  10. Key term-Glossary • Synergy - the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations