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Home Appliances Easy Cleaning Products

We sell cooktop cleaners, touch-up paint, dishwasher, ceramic cooktop cleaning kit, ice machine cleaner, affresh front load washer and much more.

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Home Appliances Easy Cleaning Products

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  1. www.pandorasoem.com Do you manage very less time for cleaning your Appliances ?? Clean Appliances will make your Kitchen Sparkle !! Here is some easy tips on cleaning appliances Quickly and Effectively ……

  2. www.pandorasoem.com :: Refrigerator Cleaning Tips:: Unplug the Refrigerator Remove all the foods inside Wash the interior with a solution of 1-2 tablespoon baking soda and warm water • wash all the plastic selves with detergent and • warm water • Clean the door gasket with detergent and water • Rinse all parts with water and let it dry.

  3. www.pandorasoem.com :: Stovetop and Oven Cleaning :: Fill your sink with hot soapy water and soak the burners, knobs etc. in it for hours. • Scrub them and wash out • Use some cook top cleaning • liquids for cleaning the metal or • ceramic cook tops and plates

  4. www.pandorasoem.com :: Cleaning Your Dishwasher :: Fill your sink with hot water and vinegar or any dishwasher cleaner Remove all the dish-holders, racks and wipe then in the sink Rinse them with plain water and dry • Use paper towels to remove debris and food junks • Use a damp rag wet with vinegar water to clean the • inside walls of the dishwasher

  5. www.pandorasoem.com :: Cleaning tips for Washing Machines :: Clean the exterior of your washer with vinegar or any washer cleaner Pour 2 cups of vinegar or lemon juice into the tub and run a complete cycle with the washer's hottest setting. • Scrub the edge around the door to remove • detergent built up • remove the bleach and fabric softener • disposers and clean them properly

  6. www.pandorasoem.com :: Cleaning a Microwave :: Fill a microwave bottle with 1-2 cups of water and a little amount of white vinegar Shut the door and run the microwave for five minutes The stream generated will help to loosen the dried food stains and the vinegar will eliminate the odor Now take a cloth wet with vinegar water and clean the interior of the oven

  7. :: Pandora’s OEM :: Our Mailing Address :: Pandora's OEM Appliance Parts PO Box 330919 Murfreesboro, TN 37133 Pandora’s OEM is providing a varieties of Cleaning products for all your home appliances. You can buy then online and we provide free domestic shipping….. Website :: www. Pandorasoem.com Fax: 1-(615)-890-0107

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