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A varied learning environment PowerPoint Presentation
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A varied learning environment

A varied learning environment

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A varied learning environment

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  1. A case study exploring the experiences of teachers in developing confidence in their teaching skills and the role that continuing Professional Development has played in the acquisition of this confidence.What has worked for them and why?Jenny Aitken Advance TAFE East Gippsland Victoria

  2. A varied learning environment

  3. Conclusions: VET teachers at a rural campus of TAFE found Cert IV to be a suitable beginning level qualification; However the delivery of that qualification by the TAFE sector was inadequate to fully prepare teachers for the start of their teaching career.

  4. Many TAFE Teachers teach practical and academic skills

  5. Conclusions: Delivery of the Cert IV should be improved and a mentoring system for beginning teachers implemented.

  6. Varied delivery strategies

  7. Conclusion: Continuing Professional Development which is structured to build teachers skills and workforce capability and is recognised as building professionalism may create incentive and guidance for teachers to build their skills and confidence.

  8. Conservation and Land Management students

  9. Conclusion: The VET workforce’s capability would be continually enhanced if such a career structure could be provided as it would contribute to supporting the growth of the sector and provide a career structure which recognises professionalism of VET teachers. This recognition would in turn encourage recruitment of teachers from industry.

  10. Students participating in Pre-sea training.

  11. Thankyou Ms Roslyn Brennan-Kremmis (Charles Sturt University) who guided me through this project and ensured that the process was educational and mostly enjoyable.