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Professional Email Writing

Professional Email Writing

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Professional Email Writing

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  1. Professional Email Writing

  2. What makes a professional email? • Does your email address set a professional tone? • Do you have a set signature with your contact information or title? • Do you use a standard font and color? • Do you know how to attach a file, rather than embed it in the text box?

  3. What makes a professional email? • Look at the following examples to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each one.

  4. Example #1 Subject Line: 68?????!!!!!!????? “Helo this is Lisa Smith why did u give me a 68 for my sem grade ????? I took my time on my exam and I wore a shirt that had th word anarchy on it to u said that I would get 10 extra credit points”

  5. Example #2 “Hi Ms. Wolfe, I would just like to share my thoughts and tell you that I found it a bit unfair when you allowed other students to finish bubbling their answers and would get 5 points taken off, but you didn't allow that for us for the APMC #4 which is partially why my grade in your class is super gross. I was hoping if you could allow what you let students do for APMC #5 for APMC #4. Thank You,”

  6. Example #3 “Hi Mrs. ---------, This is Student’s Name from your 6th period class. I just checked my grades on home access and I noticed that I am not doing so well. Over the past few weeks I have not made as much of an effort as I usually do in your class, and I feel really bad. Because of this downfall in my efforts to do well in your class and others, I have dropped in class rank and GPA and am no longer where I strive to be in terms of both. As of now, however, I am determined to improve my grades and was wondering if I can stay after school next Wednesday and Thursday to get help with my synthesis essay and AP multiple choice skills. I really want to know what I have done wrong so I can fix it next six weeks. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and I completely understand if you cannot accommodate because of your schedule.

  7. Example #4 Dear Mr. Howard, I am Joshua Adams. I attend school at Round Rock High School, and I am 17 years old. I am researching career interest, and I am interested in the details of your profession. Wildlife and the outdoors fascinate me, and I am exploring the possibility of pursuing a career in this field such as a game warden. I want to gather additional information on this career choice to see if this is the right choice for me. If I may I would like to ask a few questions for my research, 1. What steps do I need to take in order to get into such a profession? 2.. What are a list of some recommended schools that specialize in such professions? 3. How long does it take to usually reach a game warden position? 4. What main obstacles and challenges would I expect to face in my journey to become a Game Warden? Thank you for taking the time to read my email, and I would appreciate your input on my research. Sincerely, Joshua Adams

  8. Example #5 Dear Pflow Rider, My name is Marco Estrada. I am seventeen and a junior at Round Rock High School. As this school year draws to a close, I will find much more time on my hands due to summer break and would like new experiences to fill it, such as being a rider for your team. As I visit all the skateparks currently present around the Round Rock-Austin area, I am close friends with some of your brand's current riders such as Antonio, Okera,and Kharied. They are very proud to ride for and represent this brand. They are part of a group of people who are consistently pushing each other to do their best in every aspect of their daily lives and very dedicated to their skating. I would enjoy nothing more than being a part of this brand and team. Is there any way to become a team rider? I have access to a camera if you require footage. I do well in school and stay out of trouble, so I would not be a burden. I have a car so I can drive to skate spots and will be getting a full camera set-up soon so I could also record and edit team footage. Please let me know if there is any way I could possibly ride for Pflow Rider. Sincerely, Marco Estrada.

  9. Example #6 Dear PFC Zach Young, My name is Mitchell Stewart and I am currently a junior at Round Rock High School in Round Rock, Texas. I am writing to express my interest in joining the Marine Corps.  I have been interested in joining a branch of the military for several years. My stepfather is former Army and has encouraged my desire to serve my country.  I have researched my options and feel that the Marine Corps is the right choice for my future. To prepare for the recruitment process, I have a few questions. First I would like to know the requirements for enlistment. Second, I would like to know the health requirements and skills tests that I will be required to complete for enlistment. I am healthy and maintain a strict exercise routine. Finally, I would like to learn more about how I can combine by desire to serve my country and my need to continue my education. I am interested in speaking with a recruiter in person and would like to make an appointment as soon as I am eligible. I believe that being proactive and prepared for the enlistment requirements will give me an advantage and better prepare me for boot camp. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely, Mitchell Stewart

  10. Email Reminders • Clear subject line • Introduction including purpose of email • Introduce yourself • Keep your email to the point • Thank the person for their time • Sign your email

  11. Email Requirements • Personal email address for recipient • Subject line filled • Teacher blind copied • Greeting and Salutation • Electronic signature with contact information • Practice Attachment • Introduction • Questions and purpose of email • Appropriate closing and acknowledgment or reader’s time and respectful request for response • SAVE DRAFT, PRINT, TURN IN BY END OF NEXT CLASS

  12. So who might you need to email in the near future? • Military recruiter • Volunteer Location • Employer • College professor • Professional in the field you’re interested in pursuing • Personal inquiry • Teacher • Scholarship • Summer Employment • Summer Activities • ???