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Classy Lingerie Guide for a Giggly Girl

A Perfect Bra is the one which has ab and that is parallel to your waistline. You should feel comfortable when you are inside a perfect bra. No bulges, no slips and absolutely no strap slips.

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Classy Lingerie Guide for a Giggly Girl

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  1. Lingerie- Why is it Important in today’s World

  2. Lingerie- A tabooDo You Know That 80% of Women Wear Wrong Size LingerieSymptoms of wearing a wrong sized BraAdvantages of wearing a perfect BraWhat is a Perfect Bra?How to Find a Perfect BraHow will a Good Bra help youImportance of Sexy Lingerie in a MarriageSeductive LingerieDifferent Types of Bras and their UsesWhat are Panties? Importance of Night Wear

  3. Lingerie- a word carrying undignified taboo! Shame on us if spelt aloud! - A common fallacy among Indian adults. But the stark fact is that lingerie is one important topic of today’s world that in a great way, determines a person’s well being and health; but is considered a matter of shame (only) in conservative nations like India. A healthy body needs healthy lingerie; A healthy support to the physique. Lingerie

  4. Do You Know That 80% of Women Wear Wrong Size Lingerie Because of the mere negligence and shame associated with it, picking Lingerie from a store becomes a torrent task. This ends you up in picking up wrong sized lingerie.

  5. Your outfit look much better You can look much youngerYou can look much thinnerYou can be more self confident Advantages of wearing a perfect Bra

  6. What is a Perfect Bra? A Perfect Bra is the one which has ab and that is parallel to your waistline. You should feel comfortable when you are inside a perfect bra. No bulges, no slips and absolutely no strap slips.

  7. How to Find a Perfect BraMany stores offer professional fittings, and it’s important to get re-sized after weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy or nursing.To find your correct band size, measure around the rib cage and add 5 inches. You can also use a tape measure right above the breast tissue, which will provide an exact band size.To find the cup size, measure around the fullest part of the bust. If it is the same size as the band, it’s an A, an inch larger and it’s a B, and so on. Once you have your measurements, trying on bras is just like trying on jeans. And analogous to clothing, women should have a few bras on hand.

  8. Importance of Sexy Lingerie in a Marriage

  9. 1.Keeps the Passion Alive: You don't want the passion to die down; you want to keep it glowing! But, you can't do that if you don't surprise your hubby with some seductive lingerie every once in a while. From subtle to erotic, try lacy lingerie set with vintage vibe, a bustier or a garter belt - it'll be a definite turn-on. Trying out something new every now and then, will make you feel incredibly sexy and feminine.  2.Makes You Feel Young and Sexy: Seductive lingerie not only helps to build intimacy but also makes you feel good about yourself. Wearing a set of provocative lingerie will remind you that you are still sensual, enviable, and can make your partner crave for your sexy body. Pick something in his favourite colour to add further spice. You can definitely say a lot without saying anything by wearing his favourite colours. This will definitely turn him on and make you feel super sexy! 3.Ignites Fantasies: What kind of fantasies do you think you'd be able to ignite in shabby old inner wear? You'll probably turn him off. Get yourself some sexy lingerie and help him indulge in a few fantasies that even you find enjoyable. 4.Breaks the Ice in a New Marriage: It's particularly important to carefully pick lingerie for new marriages. Remember, first impression matters! A set of spicy lingerie can definitely contribute towards a good start in a relationship. Flaunt a lacy low-rise panty and a sexy push-up bra to show him your best features. He'll definitely realise how lucky he is to have you as his hot and sexy partner. 5.Enhances Your Appearance: Sexy lingerie not only make you more desirable in bed but also enhance your overall appearance as you dress up in different outfits. Lingerie can make or mar your entire look so take the time to pick it carefully. Be it thongs, corset or push-up bras, pick something that you love and make it a point to wear it with the correct outfit.

  10. Different Types of Bras and their Uses Though there are more than 25 types of bras available in the market, here we discuss about a very few commonly used bras and their uses.

  11. What are Modern Panties?Under wears, under garments, knickers are all the usual nomenclature given to the piece of cloth worn inside, across your hip. Panties are the new generation undergarments which merely don’t serve you the purpose of hiding something, but adorn you with sexiness. They add beauty to its functionality purpose.

  12. BabyDollBabydoll is a short, sleeveless nightdress with noodle straps, just like a loose fitting negligee. It is made from very transparent materials like nylon, chiffon or silk. It is often accompanied with a matching panty-bra set to be worn underneath the transparent gown. SlipSlip has ultra-thin spaghetti straps, is cut on the bias, making it cling to your curves yet draping gracefully just above your knees. They give a feeling of glamorous and elegant nightgown. Peignoir SetPeignoir is a long sleeved nightgown with a matching outer garment for women, which consist of a slip and a robe. This elegant nightgown is mainly of two types — the Olga and the Vanity Fair, named after one of the first producing companies of the peignoirs. Different Types Of Nightgowns

  13. Importance of Night Wears

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