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Latin Verb Forms: portāre

Latin Verb Forms: portāre. infinitive. port āre. port āre. to carry. present tense. port-ō. port- ō. I carry. portā-s. portā- s. you carry. porta-t. porta- t. s/he, it carries. portā-mus. portā- mus. we carry. portā-tis. portā- tis. ya’ll carry. porta-nt. porta- nt.

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Latin Verb Forms: portāre

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  1. Latin Verb Forms: portāre

  2. infinitive

  3. portāre

  4. portāre tocarry

  5. present tense

  6. port-ō

  7. port-ō I carry

  8. portā-s

  9. portā-s you carry

  10. porta-t

  11. porta-t s/he, it carries

  12. portā-mus

  13. portā-mus we carry

  14. portā-tis

  15. portā-tis ya’ll carry

  16. porta-nt

  17. porta-nt they carry

  18. imperfect tense

  19. portā-ba-m

  20. portā-ba-m I was carrying

  21. portā-bā-s

  22. portā-bā-s you were carrying

  23. portā-ba-t

  24. portā-ba-t s/he, it was carrying

  25. portā-bā-mus

  26. portā-bā-mus we used to carry

  27. portā-bā-tis

  28. portā-bā-tis ya’ll were carrying

  29. portā-ba-nt

  30. portā-ba-nt they were carrying

  31. perfect tense

  32. portāv-ī

  33. portāv-ī I carried

  34. portāv-istī

  35. portāv-istī you did carry

  36. portāv-it

  37. portāv-it h/she, it carried

  38. portāv-imus

  39. portāv-imus we have carried

  40. portāv-istis

  41. portāv-istis ya’ll carried

  42. portāv-ērunt

  43. portāv-ērunt they did carry

  44. Latin Verb Forms: esse

  45. infinitive

  46. esse to be

  47. present tense

  48. su-m

  49. su-m I am

  50. e-s

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