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Web design companies

Web design companies. Contents. Our understanding of your requirements Our approach What we found What your competitors are doing Partial list of candidate companies Deeper analysis of one company Your options How we can help from here Appendices. Our understanding of your requirements.

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Web design companies

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  1. Web design companies

  2. Contents • Our understanding of your requirements • Our approach • What we found • What your competitors are doing • Partial list of candidate companies • Deeper analysis of one company • Your options • How we can help from here • Appendices

  3. Our understanding of your requirements • Web design and/or usability company (we did not go looking for teams within larger IT companies as part of this exercise, but did find some!) • Up to ten people • £5m or less in value • Preferably London or Reading

  4. Our approach • Found out who did the design work for your competitors • Looked for award winning firms that have designed enterprise-strength web sites (as opposed to just portals) • Talked to usability experts we know (including Robert). See the Appendices for one view of your web site • Spent the majority of our time developing a ‘long’ list and the remainder doing a ‘deep dive’ on one of the listed companies • We will not have uncovered all of the firms you should consider as part of this exercise; nor will we have uncovered all of the relevant data about the selected firms

  5. What we found • Some very good companies! • Some companies are usability experts only. Ironically, some of their own websites leave a lot to be desired! • Some companies carry out HCI design work and through informal or formal methods, ‘ensure’ the design is usable • Some companies have two distinct practices • Some larger IT companies (e.g. Serco) have specialised subsidiaries • Teams range in size from 4 to 35 people

  6. What your competitors are doing

  7. What your competitors are doing cont.

  8. Partial list of candidate companies – in alpha order • Amberlight • Bunnyfoot • Cxpartners • Designed for all • Fhios • Flow interactive • Foolproof business services • Foviance • Nomensa • Optimum web • Serco • Usability by design

  9. Deeper analysis of selected company • We have chosen to do a deep dive on Amberlight because: • Impressive client list, with similar characteristics to Betfair • Highly recommended (by clients & competitors) • Right sort of size (in terms of people & revenue) • Right culture: top quality, agility, team spirit, passion • London based • In-house expertise and interest in gaming site design • That said, there are one or two others worth profiling

  10. Senior Management Team Gerred Blyth - Practice Director, MSc HCI, BA Psychology As Director of Practice, Gerred is responsible for Amberlight's research and design methods. Gerred's background is in software development, graphic design and technical writing. As a council member of the Usability Professionals Association and member of the BCS-HCI communications group, Gerred is seeking to increase understanding of the discipline in industry. (email: gerred@amber-light.co.uk) Pippa Gawley - Managing Director, MEng Hons Pippa is responsible for managing the operations of Amberlight and providing leadership. She develops and implements structure and processes & also manages client and supplier relationships and oversees project work. Prior to joining Amberlight, Pippa held a variety of product development, analysis and management roles in the Internet and financial services sectors. (email: pippa@amber-light.co.uk) Filip Healy - Head of Consulting, MSc HCI, BA Psychology Filip is a highly experienced UCD consultant, having overseen projects across the globe for a variety of large clients. Filip oversees all of Amberlight’s project work. Filip's current research interests include online gaming, fan sites, mobile usability and cognitive user modeling. (email: filip@amber-light.co.uk)

  11. Case Study: BBC Worldwide The brief RadioTimes.com is a complex website that hosts a large amount of database driven functionality within its electronic programme guide (EPG). Also, the site needs to communicate strong brand values and editorial quality to ensure that users return over time. Amberlight were asked to assist in the site redesign & proposed a full user-centred design process to maximise usability of the EPG and create a great user experience. This project was to be completed with BBC Worldwide developers & creative designers at Poke London. Approach The initial research employed real users. Amberlight built an understanding of how and why people use EPGs and what RadioTimes.com is currently offering and lacking. They also built an understanding of the barriers to optimal usability in terms of task completion on the site. Having produced wireframe solutions that they were confident met BBC’s business goals through increased usability, a creative and branding brief was put together for Poke to work from. The final designs from Poke were taken back into formal one-on-one usability testing. Using a working medium-fidelity prototype from Poke’s design concepts, Amberlight identified barriers to task completion and places where design assumptions were in conflict with users’ reactions. They worked in collaboration to reiterate the solution before it was finally built and deployed. The outcome The final solution exhibited increased usability in terms of task completion times and accuracy. User satisfaction scores also increased. 42% increase in monthly visits over 6 months pre/post redesign. Quotes on the outcomes Peter Beech of POKE London:“Amberlight’s HCI input was invaluable to the design process - providing Poke with a clear prioritisation of user issues and potential solutions. For a site as information rich and structurally complex as the Radio Times site Amberlight's work was critical to the success of the project. It shows that usability and creativity are complimentary, not contradictory.” Duncan Swain, New Media Editor at BBC Worldwide: “Amberlight couldn't have done a better job for Radio Times, and I can't recommend them highly enough. Everyone I've worked with there has impressed me with their depth of knowledge not only in their own area of expertise, but also of the sites they are working on - I'm sure they knew more about Radio Times than I did within about two weeks of working with us." #

  12. Your options • Acquire a design team from one of your competitors (e.g. Tote) • Acquire a small design/usability company. But before going further down this path you need to consider whether the acquired people would be happy to focus on just Betfair. The smaller the team, the more likely that this avenue would be successful • Acquire a design team from an IT company that serves your market, such as Orbis (that support Victor Chandler, Ladbrokes & Paddy Power)

  13. How we can help from here • First question is: Have we made a strong impression on you? • If not, why not? • If so, we would propose the following next steps: • Complete this exercise: • Complete list of candidate companies • Find teams as well • Profile key candidates in some depth • Assess inclination to sell • Make a recommendation • Carry our due diligence on preferred company/team • Carry out the other projects we have discussed with you

  14. Appendices

  15. An expert’s comments on your web site (unexpurgated!)

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