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Deep Thought Question 2.8.12  Get Clickers PowerPoint Presentation
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Deep Thought Question 2.8.12  Get Clickers

Deep Thought Question 2.8.12  Get Clickers

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Deep Thought Question 2.8.12  Get Clickers

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  1. Deep Thought Question2.8.12  Get Clickers Suppose aliens landed to colonize and take over Earth. How would YOU react?

  2. Random Fact of the Day The lion used in the original MGM movie logo killed its trainer and two assistants the day after the logo was filmed.

  3. Announcements • Notebook Check is tomorrow! • Make sure to have your Cover Page done and your papers in the right order!

  4. Mr. Osborne Goes to Africa

  5. Where is Senegal?

  6. Guereo

  7. Cheb and Jin

  8. Kids everywhere – calling you toubob (white person)

  9. Baay and Yaay (Mom and Dad)

  10. How did a CatholicChurch get to themiddle of Africa?

  11. Imperialism • A policy in which a strong country seeks to extend its authority by conquering other countries or by establishing economic and political dominance over other countries. • Why would a country want to conquer another country?

  12. Forms of Imperialism

  13. Clicker Question #1 • Which of the following is the best example of a colony? • A business in Richmond controlling and influencing the government in Waco • Officials from Richmond come in to run the government in Waco • People from Waco run their own government but they are controlled by officials in Richmond • Business and trade in Waco cannot happen without the permission and advice from the government in Richmond

  14. Clicker Question #2 Which of the following is the best description of the policy of imperialism? • An economic system in which all means of production are owned by the people • A philosophy based on the idea can be known for certain • A policy in which a strong nation seeks to dominate other countries politically, economically or socially • A policy of avoiding political or military involvement with other countries

  15. Imperial Management Methods • Indirect Control • Local government officials used • Limited self-rule • Government institutions are based on European styles but may have local rules • GOAL: to develop future leaders • Direct Control • Foreign officials brought in to rule • No self-rule • Government institutions are based only on European styles

  16. Imperial Management Methods • GOAL: assimilation due to paternalism • Assimilation: a policy in which a nation forces another area’s people to become like them • Paternalism: a policy of treating subject people like children, providing for needs but not giving them rights

  17. Clicker Question #3 What is the goal of indirect control? • Bringing in foreign officials to rule • A thriving economy and adding more jobs • Developing future leaders • Assimilation of the people to the parent culture

  18. Clicker Question #4 How did Europeans use paternalism to govern people in colonies? A. They allowed them to assimilate into European society. B. They provided for colonial peoples' needs but did not give them full rights. C. They trained colonial peoples to govern themselves. D. They trained them in advanced European farming and mining techniques.

  19. Clicker Question #5 Assimilation can best be described by which of the following? A. Treating the native people like children. B. Attempting to make others adopt your culture and be more like you. C. Educating people to become self-sufficient. D. Setting up trade ports along waterways.

  20. Tomorrow… • Textbook Research Notes – The Scramble for Africa • Notebook Checks!

  21. Response QuestionWrite in the Tuesday bellringer box. • Describe the influence the presence of the white man had on Okonkwo and his village. Make sure to use real detail from the passage.