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Dynamic Web Information PowerPoint Presentation
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Dynamic Web Information

Dynamic Web Information

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Dynamic Web Information

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  1. Dynamic Web Information Data Stream Knowledge Management Security access Passport . . . A Conceptual Technology Overview

  2. What is CMIST SaP Content Management Information Systems Technologies • Innovation in…Knowledge Management Data Security • DevTec’s Security access Passport Technologies

  3. The SaP Concept • To Create a Data Stream Knowledge Management Infrastructure for the Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry under SEMATECH e-Diagnostics Guidelines V1.0 • To Manage Multiple Data Streams Dynamically and Independent of the Data Source or the Information Destination • To Deliver Highly Secure Useful Information to Targeted Audiences, both OEM and Manufacturing Applications along with Validated Personnel using Secure Web Technology

  4. The SaP Mission Turning Useful Data Streams Into Secure Useable Information Available Anywhere Available Anytime Delivered to Targeted Audiences . . . People and Technology

  5. The Cataloged Data • Source the Raw Data via Connectivity to the Various Tools/Devices using DLC OBEM XP ™ Technology • Catalog the Raw Data Stream using the CMIST XML Vocabulary Pyramid

  6. The Data Stream Flow • The Data Stream Flow • Raw data streams into the Data Repository “Reservoir” as XML formatted relational data as defined by the CMIST XML Vocabulary Pyramid • The CMIST Engine sends the Reservoir Data to “Business Tributaries” defined by the Business Case Profiles • The Knowledge Pools contain the Elements available to Business Roles for delivery to the SecurityaccessPassport for OEM Applications, Manufacturer Applications, and Web Visitorsbrowsers

  7. The e-Diagnostic Data Pipe • The CMIST Knowledge Pools are created from Business Cases that require a CMIST SaPto gain access to Targeted Activities and Data Stream Content via the Business Data Tributaries • e-Diagnostics Data Pipes use the SaPto move secure information to the final Destinations, People or Technology Applications • The CMIST SaPcontainers manages all Knowledge Pool Elements independently of any Data Sources or Information Destinations

  8. The Big Picture

  9. The Follow-up For Further Information:We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the concepts discussed during this presentation. Due to the depth of the Technologies, an in-depth demonstration requires a dedicated session for best understanding. Please contact us to schedule any follow-up sessions we might need to move forward with the architecture presented. Contacts: Development Technologies 5776 Stoneridge Mall Rd. Suite 370 Pleasanton, CA 94588 Kent Sokoloff PhD / VP Business Development 925-251-0901 Brad Huett / CEO Chief Technology Officer 925-251-0901