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Touch Screen Recognition Survey

Survey Report – 3 rd Week of May Touch Screen Recognition Survey May 2008 kristy@displaybank.com Displaybank’s Research Division TEL: +82-31-704-7188 (132) FAX: +82-31-704-7187 URL: www.displaybank.com Contents Introduction Analysis of Touch Screen Competitiveness

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Touch Screen Recognition Survey

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  1. Survey Report – 3rd Week of May Touch Screen Recognition Survey May 2008 kristy@displaybank.com Displaybank’s Research Division TEL: +82-31-704-7188 (132) FAX: +82-31-704-7187 URL: www.displaybank.com

  2. Contents • Introduction • Analysis of Touch Screen Competitiveness • Touch Screen Mobile Phone • Touch Screen Utilized Application • Displaybank

  3. Introduction • Survey Design • Major Survey Categories

  4. Survey Design • Objective • This survey targeted the attendees of Displaybank’s seminar, “Touch Screen Panel Applications & Technologies” in order to measure the strength and marketability of Touch Screen. • The end result of this survey would benefit the industry related to the Touch Screen device for measuring the consumer needs and the result is aimed to be utilized as basic resources for later in-depth surveys. • Method

  5. Major Survey Categories • Touch Screen Competitiveness • The current possession status of Touch Screen • Inconveniencies in using Touch Screen • Touch Screen Price Premium • Touch Screen’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) • Touch Screen Mobile Phone (Touch-Phone) • Touch-Phone inputting device • USP of Touch-Phone • Purchasing intention for Touch-Phone • [Reference] Purchasing intention for Digital Camera • Misc. • What are the possible applications of Touch Screen with marketability perspective?

  6. Touch Screen Competitiveness • The Current Possession Status of Touch Screen • Inconveniencies in using Touch Screen • Touch Screen Price Premium • Touch Screen’s USP

  7. 64.6% Navigation 21.5% PMP/MP3 21.5% Mobile Phone No 15.4% Game consoles 12.3% 4.6% Misc. 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% The Current Possession Status of Touch Screen Q. Please select product category that utilize Touch Screen from your possession. Possession Status Possession Status • 84.6% of participants possessed Touch Screen Products • Navigation>PMP/MP3, Mobile Phone>Game Consoles(Touch Screen and Touch-method buttons are also included) • Misc. include UMPC, PDA and Electronic Dictionary • 27.7% of people who possessed Touch products are surveyed to have more than 2 products Implications • Automobile Navigations facilitated the increased Touch Screen supply ratio and the large majority of those who own automobiles are likely to have Touch Screen navigations • The Touch Screen ratio in mobile phones is expected to largely increase due to concentration towards instinctive UI after 2009 and new market of mobile phones with game console is expected to emerge through convergence of Touch Screen game consoles and mobile phones • Touch-method is generally UI that is suitable for small products such as mobile phones and consumer preferences are expected to increase due to easy operation & conversational usage and stylish design [Base : Displaybank Touch Screen Seminar Attendees, N=218] [Unit: %]

  8. 79.0% Malfunction 54.3% Character Input 37.0% UI 19.8% Multi Touch 7.4% Nothing 2.5% Misc. 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Inconveniencies in Using Touch Screen Q. Please select 2 categories for inconveniencies in using Touch Screen products Inconveniencies Inconveniencies • 96.3% of those who owns Touch Screen products have answered some inconveniencies in using the product • The order was malfunction>Character Input>UI • Misc. included slow response time after touch Implications • For malfunctions, major malfunctions are viewed as low experience level of people’s using touch screen product, not necessarily through faulty products • Lacking study of touch function in menu screen and difference from existing key pad types are explained to be reasons for Character Input inconveniencies • People showed inconvenience using computer terminals that utilize Touch-method due to non-response for any inputting • Encompassing further improvements for the later UI have surfaced as important aspect and attempts to increase preciseness through indirect Touch-method utilizing pen and laser pointer is expected [Base : Displaybank Touch Screen Seminar Attendees, N=218] [Unit: %]

  9. Touch Screen Price Premium Q. This question is to investigate Touch Screen Price Premium. When identical products are available, What % of premium would you give to the product with Touch Screen? Laptop Game Console Price Premium • Laptop : Less than 10%>10~15%>Over 30% • Game Console: Less than 10%>10~15%>Over 30% • PMP/MP3 : 10~15%>Less than 10%>Over 30% • Mobile Phone: 10~15%>Over 30%>20~30% Implications PMP/MP3 Mobile Phone • Average 10% of price premium is given throughout each applications • Higher price premium was given to mobile phone, and this is analyzed as people are willing to pay more if Touch Screen is equipped in mobile phone • The reason for premium differences between different applications is the merit of keeping the screen bigger for small equipments when Touch Screen is applied and higher premium is given when Touch-method wholly replaces the existing input method [Base : Displaybank Touch Screen Seminar Attendees, N=218] [Unit: %]

  10. More display space 56.7% No other input device necessary 55.0% Stylish Design 53.3% Fast Device operating speed 16.7% Various UI 16.7% Misc. 1.7% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Touch Screen USP Q. Please select 2 merits of product that has Touch Screen. Touch Screen USP More display space>No other input device necessary>Stylish Design Touch Screen USP Implications • As Touch Screen is equipped, Display area can extend to the keypad area such that it leads to efficient display use as well as stylish design • The reason why people prefer Touch-method from the design perspective is that other input devices or buttons are simplified in a way to pursue Minimalism, a trend for pursuing a simple design • The press materials for the recent Touch Screen product implement such USP Press Releases Bigger and thinner display leads to more popularity Digital products at the tip of the finger “tap, tap…” popularity adds to Touch Screen products Digital is felt through a finger tip “Touch, rather than punch” Index finger users rise Cole digital meets arm analog [Base : Displaybank Touch Screen Seminar Attendees, N=218] [Unit: %] Samsung, Instinct SPH-M800 Wibrain, B1L Sony,T200

  11. Touch Screen Mobile Phone • Touch-Phone Input Device • Touch-PhoneUSP • Purchasing Intention for Touch-Phone • [Ref.] Purchasing Intention for Digital Camera

  12. Keypad 13.8% Not Necessary 33.8% pen 21.5% QWERTY Keyboard 30.8% Touch-Phone Input Device Q. The current Touch-Phones that are in domestic market are a full Touch mobile phone which other input devices are not necessary. Which additional input device do you think is necessary if any? Input Device Input Device • Not Necessary>QWERTY(keyboard)>Pen • Misc. include 3D gyro mouse Implications • 33.8% of “not necessary” additional input device indicate people’s willingness to enjoy Touch-Phone even if it is inconvenient, and any inconveniences are needed to be improved in later UI • QWERTY keyboard is combined with Touch Phone in the Northern American market where extremely low preference exist for a big, complex method to be on sale as premium mobile phone and it solves the problem of character input in Touch-method • Distinguishing points through easy usage of Touch input is considered to be important [Base : Displaybank Touch Screen Seminar Attendee, N=218] [Unit: %] LG, Voyager (Touch +QWERTY) LG, Glimmer (Touch +keypad) Directron, 3D gyro mouse

  13. Surfing Internet 67.7% Editing Picture and Video 42.5% Electronic Diary 40.9% Game 31.5% 15.7% Text send/receive Misc. 1.6% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Touch-Phone USP Q. Please select two functions which maximize Touch function in a mobile phone. Touch-Phone USP Touch-Phone USP • Surfing Internet>Editing Picture and Video>Electronic Diary • Misc. include UI only for Touch-Phone (Touch sensor) Implications • Internet function and editing picture/video were considered highly recognized functions which was analyzed to be caused by recent Touch-Phone advertisement • Selecting electronic diary was influenced by a digilog, and it provides feeling of actually writing a diary and easier in editing scheduler • Simply adding Touch Screen support function is not going to maximize Touch-Phone’s merits such that various functional development is necessary considering Touch-Phone • UI that can emphasize the Touch-Phone usage and various contents are required for development [Base : Displaybank Touch Screen Seminar Attendees, N=218] [Unit: %]

  14. Touch-Phone USP – Examples of Advertisement Haptic Phone Beauty Phone Touch Web Phone • “Touch and it Shall Respond” • Emphasis on Touch sensor • Multi UI • Mutual Response is maximized for mobile phone with user perspective • “Enjoy Internet same as PC” • Emphasis on Internet Phone Recognition (“OZ” Service) • Emphasis on Web Full Browsing • “See World through MeEmphasis on Image Edit • Emphasis on Camera Function • Appeals to Female Users

  15. Touch-Phone USP – Each Company’s UI Apple Samsung Electronics • Apple’s next generation UI, “Advanced Multi-Touch” is in development and known to utilize maximum 4 fingers and is expected to be applied to iPhone, iPod, and MACBook • Widget method UI through Drag & Drop, Hap tics (vibrate feedback) function utilized in order to enable fun and emotional, “TouchWiz’” UI W420 P720(Armani Phone) LGElectronics Nokia/Mitsubishi • 3” entire Touch Screen is used and two LCD equipped in front distinguish what is operated in upper and lower LCD and equipped with UI that enables users to create favorite menu • Mitsubishi- Touch Screen utilizing Dual Screen that is equipped with two QVGA screens composed with new UI for applying all functional aspects in a produced inner application • Nokia- Nokia is heavily researching on Touchless Touch Interface that controls terminal without actually Touch Mobile World Congress 2008 LG-KF600, LG-KU990, LG-KF700 3D Touchless Device Control Interface

  16. Highly unlikely Don’t want to purchase 3.1% 1.5% Very much so 15.4% somewhatI 13.8% Want to purchase 66.2% Intention to Purchase Touch-Phone Q. Do you have intention to buy Touch-Phone for your next mobile phone purchase? Touch-Phone Purchase Intention Intention to Purchase touch-Phone • want to purchase>Very much so>Somewhat • Generally 81.5% had some intention for purchase Implications • Touch phone in mobile phone market is expected to be huge and survey backs this forecast • People who already had experienced Touch-method showed their intention for re-purchase and this is due to people who had learned the merits of Touch-method are most likely to re-purchase • Haptic phone has sold around 100,000 units currently and Beauty phone that came out earlier has sold 200,000 units Market Forecast • Touch Screen terminal market is expected to rapidly expand through 2007’s iphone and PRADA phone that targets main stream market • According to Displaybank, 6 billion units (36%) out of 17 billion units of expected manufactured terminals in 2010 would be Touch Screen supported terminals [Base : Displaybank Touch Screen Seminar Attedee, N=218] [Unit: %]

  17. Very much unlikely 1 . 5 % Don’t want to purchase Very much likely 6.2% 6.2% somewhat , 33.8% Want to purchase 52.3% [Ref.] Intention to Purchase Digital Camera Q. Do you have intention to purchase digital camera with Touch Screen application for your future digital camera purchase? Purchase Intention for Digital Camera Purchase Intention for Digital Camera • want to purchase>somewhat>very much likely/very much unlikely • overall, 58.5% gave their intention to purchase Implications • 58.5% of participants said to have intention to purchase for Touch Screen digital camera that new market creation for Touch Screen is possible • The intention to purchase ratio is lower than Touch-Phone since people have not experienced digital camera with Touch Screen application such that they couldn’t be sure of practical use of such product • Active PR is needed for recently debuted Touch Screen digital camera PR Examples • Digital Camera is now equipped with “Touch Screen” • Touch Screen Digital Camera “even adjust focus” • Digital Camera adjust focus through Touch of a subject • Digital Camera, “Pixel”is gone as “window” emerge [Base : Displaybank Touch Screen Seminar Attendee, N=218] [Unit: %] Panasonic, FX520 Sony, DSC-T2 Kodak, V1273

  18. Touch Screen Utilized Applications Q. Please choose as many as product that you feel Touch Screen is needed. Touch Screen Utilized Applications TV & PC 1st • Recent UMPC’s popularity within TV & PC area caused 49.2% of large share for small laptop followed by 35.4% of laptop. 2nd Consumer Electronics 3rd • Refrigerator scored 44.6% within consumer electronics section followed by 32.3% of inter-phone. This is because utilizing Touch Screen of lots of control buttons in refrigerator would enable much more merits in design perspective. Inter-phone is expected to have simple design when Touch Screen is utilized to simplify a lot of buttons. Mobile Phones & AV • Many people selected Mobile phones as most needed to have Touch Screen application and navigation and mobile phone among them are marked 73.8% because 95% of navigations equipped with Touch-method and recent Touch-Phone increased PR effect. • Meanwhile, applications in game console had 49.2% and this is because of Nintendo’s high popularity last year enabling more Touch applications in Entertainment area. [Base : Displaybank Touch Screen Seminar Attendee, N=218] [Unit: %] [Ref.] Misc. • Misc. had many public related products. Among them, electronic board was at highest 60% followed by Restaurant menu at 46.2%.

  19. Displaybank • Overview • Customer Insight Research

  20. Overview “We are a Value-added Information Creator” • CEO: Peter, Kwon • Establish Date: June, 1999 • Office: Korea (HQ), Japan (Yokohama), Taiwan (Taipei), China (Shanghai), USA (San Jose)

  21. Customer Insight Research • What We Do • Market Strategies Development - Pricing, Promotion, Place, Product • Trend Forecasting - Customer, Market, Product, Technology, Media and Lifestyle • Evaluation - Product, Technology, Brand, Strategy, Advertising and Communications • Market Opportunities for Specific Products and Services • Market Understanding and Segmentation • New Product development • Custom B2B/B2C Survey, Consulting, Conference, Seminar, and Event Speaking • The Strong Point of Our Service • Categorized Knowledge - Displaybank's in-depth knowledge on a market, technology, • consumers and experiences, minimizes the survey period and provides optimum results • Specialized Panel Group- Displaybank has been retaining a large panel group that has some 50,000 experts from • the entire industry and the panel group is recognized for their ability to verify the concepts for the new • products/technologies and the future trend prediction • What We’ve Done • LCD monitors market forecast by detailed specification • Efficiency of wide monitor • Projector Market Segmentation • Affordable prices for over 20” monitor • Buying pattern of digital TV • Recognition of LED LCD TV • Feasibility of large size OLED display • Feasibility of Small & Medium size OLED display • DTV Design Trend forecasting • Who Prepared • Allen Ji : Tel. +82-31-704-7188 (#130), Fax. +82-31-704-7187, allen@displaybank.com • Jed Yune : Tel. +82-31-704-7188 (#131), Fax. +82-31-704-7187, jed@displaybank.com • Kristy Oh: Tel. +82-31-704-7188 (#132), Fax. +82-31-704-7187, kristy@displaybank.com

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