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TRANSPETROL, a.s. Šumavská 38 821 08 Bratislava 2 Slovenská republika PowerPoint Presentation
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TRANSPETROL, a.s. Šumavská 38 821 08 Bratislava 2 Slovenská republika

TRANSPETROL, a.s. Šumavská 38 821 08 Bratislava 2 Slovenská republika

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TRANSPETROL, a.s. Šumavská 38 821 08 Bratislava 2 Slovenská republika

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  1. CRUDE OIL FOR SLOVAKIA, CRUDE OIL FOR EUROPE TRANSPETROL, a.s. Šumavská 38821 08 Bratislava 2Slovenská republika Tel: 02 / 5064 1701Fax: 02 / 5557 7105

  2. TRANSPETROL – The National Crude Oil Transportation Company • The strategic company of the Slovak economy • The company is owned by the Slovak Republic represented by Ministry of Economy of the SR. • The only operator of the crude oil pipeline system in Slovakia • Ensures transit and domestic transportation and storage of crude oil • The strategic priority is to provide a high quality services of crude oil transportation and storage without disturbing the environmental stability of ecosystems and causing harm to safety and health of people

  3. SLOVAK OIL PIPELINE SYSTEM TRANSPETROL, a.s. isthesoleoperatorofthecrudeoilpipelinesystem in the Slovak Republic

  4. CRUDE OIL PIPELINE SYSTEM IN THE SLOVAK REPUBLIC Storage capacities Currently, the crude oil pipeline system in the territory of Slovakia has storage capacities available at three crude oil transfer stations • PS1 Budkovce • PS4 Tupá • PS5 Bučany The storage tanks are designed as: • Above-ground, double-shell, welded steel vessels with floating roof • An External tank (emergency basin), is provided to ensure the containment of crude oil in case the storage tank becomes damaged • There are used for temporary storage of crude oil, in order to eliminate potentional deviations in the supply and processing of crude oil

  5. CRUDE OIL PIPELINE SYSTEM IN THE SLOVAK REPUBLIC Measuring stations For measuring the quantitative and qualitative parameters of the pumped crude oil are used Measuring stations: MSR PS1 Budkovce • For balance measurement, crude oil enters the measuring station by the Druzhba Pipeline running from Ukraine • The technological part of the MRS consist of a volume-measuring facility, a calibration point and a crude oil quality measurement unit MSR PS5 Bučany • The crude oil balance measurement at PS5 Bučany to measure the volume of crude oil transported to the Czech Republic MSR – RafinerySlovnaft • measure the volume of crude oil transported to rafinery Slovnaft

  6. CRUDE OIL PIPELINE SYSTEM SAFETY TRANSPETROL, a.s. carrying out of its activities while seeking to achievethe highest possible level of operational safety, aiming to eliminate extraordinary events that could cause harm to the life and health of people, and damage the environment and property Implemented measures taken to ensure the safety of the crude oil pipeline system: • Technical measures • Monitoring, signaling and detecting measures • Diagnostic measures • Operating measures • Control measures • Organizational measures • Fault monitoring • Measures ensuring the safety of storage tanks

  7. CRUDE OIL PIPELINE INFORMATION SYSTEM (RIS) • Geospatial technical and environmental information system • Digital model of spatial reality of the crude oil pipeline system and the area of interest • Contains geospatial data on: • Crude oil pipeline system objects • Data on the quality of pipe • Database of repaid defects on the pipe • The RIS features together with the RIS database allow the user to ensure the integrity of the pipes more effectively and thus reduce the risk of of pipe damages • Designed as a tool for preventing accident • The RIS contains subsystem VIDEOMAP – a video recording of scheduled air control

  8. TRANSPORTATION AND STORAGE OF CRUDE OIL TRANSPETROL, a.s. transported a totalof 8 944 707 tonsofcrudeoil in 2014. Totalamountofcrudeoiltransportation by customers in years 2009 – 2014 in ths. tons

  9. FINANCIAL RESULTS TRANSPETROL, a.s. meets the critical long-term economic indicators reflected in the Business Plan for the calendar year

  10. TECHNICAL AND INVESTMENT DEVELOPMENT In EURO The main items of the Technical and Investment Development: progress projects construction of storage facilities projects to commence projects in the investment preparation oil metering station investment purchase

  11. BRATISLAVA - SCHWECHAT PIPELINE TRANSPETROL, a.s. togetherwithOMV establishedcompanyBSP Bratislava – SchwechatPipeline, GmbH to build and operate new pipelinesystem Themainimportanceoftheproject: • one of the most significant opportunities for diversification of oil transportation pipeline interconnection is realized Bratislava–Schwechat • ensure greater diversification of transport routes for oil, increase energy security, • permanence profit fromthe transit positionoftheSlovak Republic • interconnectedness and operabilitypipelinesystem in thedirectioneast – west/ west – east • increasecompetitiveenvironment • contributed to an increase in transport capacity and support the development of TRANSPETROL, a.s.

  12. EMERGENCY OIL STOCKS AGENCY • Based on a Decree of the Government of the Slovak Republic there has been a change in the model for management of emergency oil stocks in the Slovak Republic • Transpetrol together with Administration of State Material Reserves established a company Spoločnosť pre skladovanie, a.s.. • In September 2013 was created the Emergency Oil Stocks Agency which took over all tasks related to the administration and maintaining of emergency oil stocks from the Administration of State Material Reserves. • Members of the Agency are the Spoločnosť pre skladovanie and selected entrepreneurs from the sector, who are defined by the legislation.

  13. EMERGENCY OIL STOCKS AGENCY EmergencyOilStocksAgency (EOSA) isAssociationofLegalEntitiesestablished by theLaw 218/2013 of Emergencystocks of Crude Oiland OilProductsand SolutionsofOilEmergency The activities of the Agency: • ensure the procurement and maintenance of emergency stocks, • storing emergency stocks, • management of emergency stocks, and • release of emergency stocks