lcme self study task force meeting 17 november 2010 dr andrew filak dr james r boex ruth a paterson n.
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LCME Self-Study Task Force Meeting 17 November 2010 Dr. Andrew Filak Dr. James R. Boex Ruth A. Paterson PowerPoint Presentation
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LCME Self-Study Task Force Meeting 17 November 2010 Dr. Andrew Filak Dr. James R. Boex Ruth A. Paterson

LCME Self-Study Task Force Meeting 17 November 2010 Dr. Andrew Filak Dr. James R. Boex Ruth A. Paterson

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LCME Self-Study Task Force Meeting 17 November 2010 Dr. Andrew Filak Dr. James R. Boex Ruth A. Paterson

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  1. LCME Self-Study Task Force Meeting17 November 2010Dr. Andrew FilakDr.James R. BoexRuth A. Paterson LCME Accreditation Site Visit 16-19 October 2011

  2. What is Unique About a Medical School?

  3. Liaison Committee on Medical Education • Jointly sponsored by the AMA and the AAMC • Accrediting agency for allopathic medical education in North America • 132 standards for accreditation • Can award full accreditation, put schools on probation, or withdraw accreditation • Last UC visit 2003

  4. What the LCME Found in 2003 • Strengths included • strong research enterprise • department of Pediatrics’ clinical & research productivity • clinical partners provide ample patient and other resources for medical education • high quality financial aid and other student services • investment in improvements in physical plant

  5. What the LCME Found in 2003,continued • Citations included: • ED2 clerkship tracking • ED30 course/clerkship feedback • ED33 integrated institutional responsibility for coordinated curriculum • ED46 curricular evaluation • Warnings included: • Diversity, both in racial/ethnic and gender terms • Faculty development • Leadership changes

  6. What the LCME Found in 2003,continued “You have a fabulous medical school.” - Chair of the LCME Site Visit Team to the University President

  7. A Sense of Urgency • “We are much too complacent. And we don’t even know it.” “Complacency is almost always the product of success or perceived success.” - John P. Kotter, A Sense of Urgency

  8. LCME: 10 Most Common Standards Found in Non-Compliance • ED-2 Central oversight of clinical objectives • ED-30 Course and clerkship evaluation • ER-9 Affiliation agreements • ED- 33 Integrated institutional responsibility • MS-19 System to assist students’ career and elective choices and residency applications

  9. LCME: 10 Most Common Standards Found in Non-Compliance, con’t • ED-31 Timely formative student evaluation • ED-8 Comparability of educational experience • ED-24 Non-faculty teachers (residents) • ED-35 periodic faculty review and revision of curriculum • MS-24 Student indebtedness / ED-1 Educational Program Objectives/ ER-4 Facilities

  10. A Sense of Urgency • “Alertness, movement, and leadership, now- and from many people, not a few- are the signs of true urgency.” - John P. Kotter

  11. Preparation for the 2011 Site Visit • CART process begins, January 2010 • visit of LCME Secretary Dr. Dan Hunt, May 2010 • collection of data for LCME Database, July – September 2010 • identification and recruitment of Task Force members (including students), Sept – Nov 2010

  12. Self-Study Task Force

  13. Student Self-Study Coordinating Group • Derrick Herman, Class of 2013 • Julia Jones, Class of 2013 • Steve Gilday, MD/PhD and Class of 2013 • James Morrison, Class of 2013 • Robert Pulliam, Class of 2012 • Neil Pandya, Class of 2012 • Colleen Pater, Class of 2012

  14. Faculty Working Group • Working Period: until 21 February 2011 • Chair: Arthur Evans, MD • Review Areas/ Subcommittees • Faculty quality, including faculty development • ARPT and related areas, including governance

  15. Faculty Working Group Membership James Banks (Class of 2012) Mike Farrell, MD (Pediatrics) Judith Feinberg, MD (Internal Medicine) Aaron Hudson (Class of 2013) Bradley King (Class of 2014) Brett Kissela, MD (Neurology) Anil Menon, PhD (Molecular Genetics) Gregory Rouan, MD (Internal Medicine) Lara Schaheen (Class of 2012) Elizabeth Shaughnessy, MD, PhD (Surgery) Gregg Warshaw, MD (Family Medicine) Key Resource People Kathleen Robbins, JD, Associate Dean Amy Struharik (Faculty Affairs)

  16. Academic Environment Work Group • Working Period: until 28 February 2011 • Chair: Michael Edwards, MD • Review Areas/ Subcommittees • Research & Scholarly Activities • Faculty, Student & Staff Diversity • Educational Environmental Issues (professionalism, service-learning, teacher-learner relationships)

  17. Academic Environment Work Group Membership Kenneth Davis, MD (Surgery) Tiffany Diers, MD (IM/Peds) Brian Hendricks (Class of 2012) James Heubi, MD (Pediatrics) Sohaib Khan, PhD (Cancer and Cell Biology) Joseph Kiesler, MD (Family Medicine) Ruth Lavigne, MD (Radiation Oncology) Mary McMahon, MD (PM&R) Ronald Millard, PhD (Pharmacology) Robert Neel, MD (Neurology) John Quinlan, MD (Neurology) Haley Sauder, (Class of 2014) Charles Schubert, MD (Pediatrics/Emergency Medicine) Keith Wilson, MD (Otolaryngology) Philip Vatterott (Class of 2012) Michael Yi, MD (IM) Yana Zavros, PhD(Molecular and Cell Physiology) Key Resource Personnel Robert Highsmith, PhD, Associate Dean Kathleen Robbins, JD, Associate Dean Joel Tsevat, MD, Associate Dean Laura Wexler, MD, Senior Associate Dean Charles Collins, MD, Associate Dean Lathel Bryant, Director, Pathway Programs Patrick Tso, PhD, MD/PhD Program

  18. Medical Students Working Group • Working Period: until 7 March 2011 • Chair: Tom DeWitt, MD • Review Areas/ Subcommittees • Admissions • Advising & Residency-related Issues • Financial Aid & Student Services (including student health) • Evaluation & Records Issues

  19. Medical Students Working Group Membership Aurora Bennett, MD (Psychiatry) Suzanne Bennett, MD (Anesthesiology) Jannette Collins, MD (Radiology) Kevin Dell, MD, PhD (Internal Medicine) Ralph Giannella, MD (Internal Medicine) Tiffany Hseih (Class of 2013) Susan Hurr (Class of 2014) John Kitzmiller, MD (Surgery) John Kues, PhD (Family Medicine) D.J. Lowrie, PhD (Anatomy/Medical Education) Mia Mallory, MD (Pediatrics) Erika Moody, (Class of 2012) Emily Moosbrugger, MD (Dermatology) Arthur Pancioli, MD (Emergency Medicine) Charles Pangburn, JD (Office of the General Counsel) Timothy Pritts, MD, PhD (Surgery) Sarah Ronan-Bentle, MD (Emergency Medicine) Jeffrey Schlaudecker, MD (Family Medicine) Kim Truong (Class of 2014) Robin VanDivier, MD (Internal Medicine) • Key Resource Personnel: • Laura Wexler, MD, Senior Associate Dean • Denise Gibson, PhD, Assistant Dean • Stephen Manuel, PhD, Assistant Dean • Daniel Burr, PhD, Assistant Dean • IvaDean Lair, Assistant Dean • John Andrews, MD MPH, Univ Health Services • Millie Elliot, Medical Education

  20. CART/Educational Programs Working Group • Working Period: until 14 March 2011 • Co-Chairs: • Edmund Choi, PhD • David Pettigrew, PhD • Review Areas/ Subcommittees • Curriculum structure and content • Curriculum management

  21. CART/Educational Programs Working Group Membership Michael Awadalla (Class of 2013)                Krishna Athota, MD (Surgery) Robert Banks, PhD (Physiology) Steve Baxter, MD (Emergency Medicine) Aurora Bennett, MD (Psychiatry) James Boex, PhD MBA (Medical Education) Jesse Capone (Class of 2011) Steve Carleton, MD PhD (Emergency Medicine) LeAnn Coberly, MD (Internal Medicine) Charles Collins, MD MBA (Associate Dean Student Affairs/Psychiatry) Jannette Collins, MD (Chair, Radiology) Thomas DeHoop, MD (Ob/Gyn) Robert Ellis, MD (Family Medicine) Brian Evans, DO (Psychiatry) Jerry Friemoth, MD (Family Medicine) Denise Gibson, PhD (Assistant Dean Student Affairs/Psychiatry) Bruce Giffin, PhD (Anatomy/Interim Chair, Medical Education) Anne Gunderson EdD GNP (Medical Education) Joanna Jeong (Class of 2013) Terry Kirley, PhD (Pharmacology) Joeseph Kiesler, MD (Family Medicine) Martine Lamy, PhD (Class of 2013) Corinne Lehmann, MD MEd (Pediatrics) Mike Lieberman, PhD (VP UCIT/Molecular Genetics) D.J. Lowrie, PhD (Anatomy/Medical Education) Robert Luke, MD (Internal Medicine) Marshall Montrose, PhD (Chair, Physiology) Arthur Ollendorf, MD (ObGyn/Medical Education) Tim Pritts, MD, PhD (Surgery)  John Quinlan, MD (Neurology)  Gregory Retzinger, MD, PhD (Pathology)  Catherine Saelinger, PhD (Microbiology)  Jennifer Scheler, MD (Radiology)  Leslie Schick, MSLS, (Associate Dean, Library Services and Director, Health Sciences Library)  Michael Sostok, MD, (nternal Medicine)  Inuk Zandvakili (student,UCIII MD/PhD) Key Resource Personnel Lo'RainDrais (OME)                         Millie Elliot (OME)                         Kathy Grauvogel (OME)                         Angela Robbins (OME)                         Bill Rush (Student Affairs)                         Vickie Symmes (Sim Center)                         Richard Vogelsang (Information Tech)                         Maureen Asebrook (Sim Center)

  22. Institutions & Resources Working Group • Working Period: until 21 March 2011 • Chair: Joseph Broderick, MD • Review Areas/ Subcommittees • Institutional Issues (mission, leadership, institutional relationships) • Financial Issues • Educational Resources Issues

  23. Institutions & Resources Working Group Membership AndraBlomkalns, MD (Emergency Medicine) Bradley Britigan, MD (Internal Medicine) Andrew Friedrich, MD (Anesthesiology) Bruce Giffin, PhD (Medical Education/Anatomy) Mark Goddard, MD (PM&R) Carrie Heincelman (Class of 2012) William Hurford, MD (Anesthesiology) Elizabeth Kelly, MD (OBG) EvangeliaKranias, PhD (Pharmacology) Marshall Montrose, PhD (Molecular and Cell Physiology) ReenaDhanda-Patil, MD (Otolarynology) Drew Rogers (Class of 2014) Stephen Strakowski, MD (Psychiatry) Ann Stecher (Class of 2014) Betty Tsuei, MD (Surgery) Anne Marie Walters (Class of 2014) Key Resource Personnel: Jan Hawk, Administration & Finance IvaDean Lair, Assistant Dean Glenn Milius, Administration & Finance Michael Lieberman, PhD, IET • Robin Dreisigacker, Administration & Finance Leslie Schick, Associate Dean, Library Services • Karen Christian, Office of the Dean and Director, Health Sciences Library • Greg Braswell, Director of Planning Kathy Grauvogel, Medical Education

  24. Steering Committee • Working Group Chairs plus • James Morrison (Class of 2013) • Neil Pandya (Class of 2012) • Colleen Pater, Class of 2012 • Steve Gilday, MD/PhD and Class of 2013 • Jim Ball, PhD (President, COM Faculty) • Thomas Boat, MD (Clinical Affairs) • James Boex , PhD (Medical Education) Chair • Robert Highsmith, PhD (Research and Graduate Education) • Anne Gunderson, EdD, GNP (Medical Education) • Jan Hawk (Finance & Administration) • John Kues, PhD (Continuing Medical Education) • Michael Lieberman, PhD (UCIT) • Marshall Montrose, PhD (Physiology) • Gary Roselle, MD (Internal Medicine) • Laura Wexler, MD (Student Affairs)

  25. LCME Preparation Time Line Working Groups (including students) submit reports Self-Study submitted to LCME

  26. Accessing the LCME Web Page

  27. Accessing the LCME Web Page:

  28. Thank You Thank you for your guidance and support. We look forward to working with you throughout this crucial process. You will be hearing from us shortly. LCME Accreditation Site Visit 16-19 October 2011

  29. Working Groups • The Working Groups and their Subcommittees will be intensely busy during the period starting today and ending in February and March. • Please notify Ms. Paterson and/or me of all of your meetings • We will help you call upon any resource people you need

  30. Tasks of the Working Groups • Through meetings of each Working Group and its subcommittees – • to assess status of each assigned accreditation standard (compliance or non-compliance) • if not in compliance, develop a plan to achieve compliance • to answer all assigned questions from the LCME’s Guide to the Institutional Self-Study • to report its findings to the Steering Committee as scheduled

  31. The Steering Committee • The Steering Committee will be most intensely busy beginning in late February and running through March into April, during which time they will be meeting regularly

  32. Tasks of the Steering Committee • To consider the reports of the working groups, including the independent student self-study • To integrate the several reports into a single comprehensive Self-Study document, including strengths, weaknesses, and transition areas • To advocate for COM-wide acceptance of the Self-Study, including initiation of any recommended action steps

  33. Again, Thank You • What questions can we try to answer for you? • Again, our thanks for your leadership and guidance. LCME Accreditation Site Visit 16-19 October 2011