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Black Spins: Online Casino UK - Casino Games in UK

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Black Spins: Online Casino UK - Casino Games in UK

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  1. 10 Tips to Remember When Switching Web Hosts You have decided to move out of your site from your current web host to a different hosting company. These hints can allow you to make the transition easier and make you aware of some potential pitfalls to avoid.  Make sure that the new web hosting plan you have chosen offers you the storage capabilities to deal with all your current website storage requirements. If your website is 50MB, you want to ensure that your new hosting plan offers that much space, or even much more. If you are not certain how much space your site is using, ask your current host. You can also usually find this information in your own hosting control panel Learn what your current and new host includes in your plan's storage amount. Sometimes this may make no real difference, in other instances it may make the difference between a working website and a broken site. If your website is currently on a Windows server and your website uses ASP scripting, you will find it tough to make things work nicely on a Unix server, as ASP is a Windows based programming language. Learn beforehand if your current Wordpress hostingplan is on a Unix or Windows server. 

  2.  Does your website currently use FrontPage? Learn if your new host supports FrontPage. And ensure that your new host supports the exact same version of FrontPage you currently use  • Find out if your new hosting plan gives you the exact same amount of bandwidth your current host provides. You do not wish to be surprised by unexpected overage charges at the close of the month  •  Does your site use a shopping cart your current hosting plan provides? Would you move the cart to a new server? Otherwise, does your new host have a suitable shopping cart replacement? •  if you're using any scripts on your site, ensure your new hosting plan supports all your scripts. Figure out in advance if you will want to generate any modifications to your scripts to get them working to the server.  •  be sure to establish your current email accounts on your new server before transferring your domain to the new server.  • Would you understand how to upload your site files into the new server? If you do not, you will want to discover if your new web host will upload your own files to you. Some hosts will do this free of charge, some will do it for a fee, yet other hosts will not do it all because of liability problems.                        

  3. Once all your files are uploaded into your server, you will want to double check that the website looks and functions correctly on the new server. Most hosts can provide a preview link that you determine how your site looks before the domain is moved over. If your server doesn't supply a way that you preview your website, you can modify your hosts file to preview your website. The host file tells your computer where to go to search for sites that are listed in that document. The document name is the same, the location could change. Here is the Way to change your hosts file: • The file HOSTS should be in the c:windowssystem32driversetc You may just find a file called HOSTS.SAM (as in SAMPLE). That's OK; we could modify the HOSTS.SAM file as well and do a SAVE AS HOSTS. • In any case, double click on the HOSTS file to start it. You'll be prompted by Windows to pick an Application (Program) to use to VIEW the file. • Scroll through the list and select Notepad. Click on the OK button. , the format is that. IP address (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx SPACE title ) • Therefore, to tell your computer that http://www.yourwebsite.com is in the address (replace with your actual IP) 12.345.678.90 insert the following entry to the bottom of the hosts file:

  4. 12.345.678.90 http://www.yourdomain.com (Like in the case ). • (Make sure no. Click on SAVE. You might be warned that the file exists; this is fine, click YES. • Now once you start your internet browser, or attempt to ping the website, your system will go to the IP address you typed in the HOSTS file. • Remember to undo this when finished testing or your machine will always need to go to that IP address whenever you need to visit this website. • When you are satisfied that your website appears OK and works ok, you can go to your registrar (the company where your domain name is registered) and modify the nameservers associated with your domain name into your web host's nameservers. If you do not understand your new host's nameservers, ask them. Most hosts have that information listed somewhere on their site or at the email you first get after signing up for an account. • Once the dns modification is completed it'll be 24-48 hours before you will see your website on the new server.

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