marketing strategy for jackie q beauty co n.
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Marketing Strategy for Jackie Q. Beauty & Co. PowerPoint Presentation
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Marketing Strategy for Jackie Q. Beauty & Co.

Marketing Strategy for Jackie Q. Beauty & Co.

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Marketing Strategy for Jackie Q. Beauty & Co.

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  1. Marketing Strategy for Jackie Q. Beauty & Co. By: Kialy Barker

  2. Why use Facebook? • Facebook creates an easy access for users to become familiar with your business. • Facebook is a huge social media that's not only just for people to make profiles, but is also used for advertisement and a way for businesses to promote their products by creating a page • By creating a page you can post your current news day by day and it pops up on other peoples newsfeed for them to see. You can also add photos to your page from current and past makeup events or other social event's that will be coming up soon. • By creating a Facebook page Jackie Q. would be gaining millions of clients without spending money on expensive media strategies.

  3. Why use Twitter • Twitter is used by many people as a way to stay connected and keep updated on other peoples activities. • You can post pictures and statuses of your makeup and upcoming events for your followers. When your followers have other friends and they post something about Jackie Q. there friends will see it and then the process goes on and the number of followers you have will increase. • Another good thing about Twitter is that its free and your gaining business without spending any money.

  4. Why use Youtube? • By using Youtube Jackie Q. can post videos of makeup tutorials or services for people to watch and become familiar with the business and service

  5. Brochure

  6. Flyer

  7. Logo/SloganIf Jackie Q. don’t have it you don’t need it.

  8. Website