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Holiday Accommodation in Paxos PowerPoint Presentation
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Holiday Accommodation in Paxos

Holiday Accommodation in Paxos

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Holiday Accommodation in Paxos

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  1. Holiday Accommodation in Paxos Holiday in Paxos

  2. Glyfada Beach Villas Paxos is an exclusive paradise and offers its visitors beautiful pebble beaches, greenery, tranquillity, caves and cliffs. The authentic Greek cuisine and a taste of the Mediterranean lifestyle far away from the package holiday crowds, make this smallest cosmopolitan island a paradise for peace lovers. Located in the last corner of Greece in the arms of the Ionian Sea, Paxos is the smallest island of the Heptanese the Ionian Islands group. The absence of an airport has avoided the influx of mass-tourism.

  3. Our Villas • Stone House Villa • Glyfada House Villa • Glyfada Beach Villa • Glyfada Beach Family Villa • Ionion Villas • Ionion Studio Villa

  4. Stone House Villa Surrounded by two beautiful beaches i.e. Glyfada and Monodendri, located in an olive grove, this luxury stone house at Glyfada Beach Villas offers a romantic aura with utmost privacy suitable for couples and families looking for some relaxation from their hush-hush lives. This villa is a perfect option for honeymooners wanting to spend quality time and are looking for seclusion. Book a Villa in Paxos

  5. Glyfada House Villa Glyfada House is one such villa that is situated at the end of a country lane within the grounds of Glyfada and has a class of its own. The House is well-furnished and elegantly decorated in the style of a Greek country house with more amenities as compared to the standard holiday accommodation in paxos. White walls, wooden beams and traditional stoneware are the factors that give a welcoming and cosy atmosphere to this beautiful Glyfada House.

  6. Glyfada Beach Villa The Glyfada Beach Villa is a Maisonette located in the arms of Ionian sea, surrounded with one of many green valleys of the beautiful island Paxos. These good-looking and peaceful villas are located only a short stroll from Glyfada and Monodendri beach and are just a few minutes away from both the swimming pools.

  7. Glyfada Beach Family Villa These well-maintained, simple and elegant villas are furnished with good-looking stones and wooden flooring. There are many amenities offered by these villas in Paxos to their guests including basic cooking facilities, despite the fact that the taverna is located nearby where the families can have their breakfast, lunch or dinner overlooking the Monodendri bay towards Corfu and Greece mainland.

  8. Ionion Villas Located much closer to the swimming pool and the tennis court of Glyfada, the Ionian villas are constructed on the top of the hill offering an eye-catching view of the Ionian Sea, Greek mainland and the green olive groves of the Glyfada. These simple and elegant villas are furnished with comfortable sofas and marmer tables. Villas in Paxos

  9. Ionion Studio Villa Situated close to the 2 Ionion villas, swimming pool and tennis court, the Ionian Studio in Glyfada is located at a unique location on the hill offering an amazing view of the Ionian Sea, Greek mainland and the beautiful olive groves of Glyfada. The villa is simple but elegantly furnished with comfortable sofas along with a table.