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Indian Bridal Jewellery PowerPoint Presentation
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Indian Bridal Jewellery

Indian Bridal Jewellery

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Indian Bridal Jewellery

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  1. Indian Bridal Jewellery India is a jewellery loving country. Jewellery has been the fancy of Indian women since ages. World over, India is known for its craze. Jewellery had been also worn by erstwhile Kings as well besides the womenfolk. You can find jewellery shops all around in every town and city-big or small. Jewellers cater to the needs of people for all the occasions like Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays or any other ethnic moment. All kinds of jewellery is available in the jewellery stores matching every pocket. From affluent class to the low income group people, jewellery items are available for all in plenty with wide range and variety. Many types of Jewellers are there in the market – right from Traditional to modern wear ornaments in numerous designs. India is the center of many jewellery arts which are liked by people across the globe. Jewellery items are made in different metals viz. Gold, Silver, and Platinum with use of many stones and gems. Many kinds of precious and semi-precious stones like emeralds, rubies, garnets, amethysts, corals, sapphires, and turquoises have been in the vogue. Their use enhances the looks and appearance of the ornaments made in Gold/Silver. Generally, in our country, gold is considered as an auspicious jewellery metal & status symbol as well. People across the country love to have as many ornaments of Gold as possible and have a tendency to store them for future generations. Many types of jewellery have been in usage and a few of them are mentioned hereunder: Gold Jewellery Gold is a metal that has maximum liking and therefore lures many. It gives the security/store value against any financial crisis, because of its easy liquidity. Traditionally, this metal has been considered auspicious among Hindus symbolic of Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth. Silver Jewellery Like Gold jewelry, the gold jewelry, is very much popular amongst Indian women. Ornaments made of silver, such as rings, bracelets, chains, necklaces, nose rings, earrings, toe rings, kadas, and armlets, to mention a few, form part of this category.

  2. Bridal Jewellery Bridal jewelry is an integral part of Indian Wedding. This jewelry highlights the beauty of bride in multiples. Of late, silver and platinum jewelry is gradually gaining popularity, but gold jewelry still commands maximum popularity. Jadau Jewellery It is part of very high skilled craftsmanship that was followed primarily by Mughals. This jewellery is also called as engraved jewelry with variation in designs. Kundan Jewellery Again, Kundan jewellery has historical links with Mughal period and is still in the vogue with people of India. Meenakari Jewellery In this kind of jewellery, the precious stones are set and then enameled with gold. Historically speaking, this art was evolved from Rajasthan artisans. Temple Jewellery Broadly, Indian jewellery art is divided into three kinds - Temple jewellery, Spiritual jewellery and Bridal jewellery. Temple jewellery used to adorn the idols of Gods & Goddesses and is still chosen by many to be part of their Wedding Trousseau.