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Paynet Secure - High Risk Payment Processing Solutions PowerPoint Presentation
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Paynet Secure - High Risk Payment Processing Solutions

Paynet Secure - High Risk Payment Processing Solutions

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Paynet Secure - High Risk Payment Processing Solutions

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  1. Paynet Secure Global Payment Gateway

  2. Global eCommerce is a huge growth opportunity for internet merchants. Demand from global online shoppers is set to increase by 50% in the coming year. Customers world-wide are eager to buy goods & services from American merchants. And international companies want to get more orders from US shoppers. Whether you are US or global eCommerce merchant, international merchant accounts give you the ability to accept payments quickly and easily from buyers anywhere in the world. International Merchant Accounts

  3. Higher approval rates for international cards More sales with multi-currency processing Save money by taking advantage of lower “in- country” interchange Eliminate cross-border processing fees Reduce foreign exchange expense Accept localized payments boosting orders from international buyers Lower the cost of sales Accept Payments Worldwide

  4. Issues with Domestic Processing for International Payments High decline rates for international cards Longer settlement times Costly cross-border payment processing fees Uncertainties associated with currency conversion No way to accept localized payment methods favored by international shoppers

  5. International Merchants Boost Sales with Local Payments • Increase orders from customers up to 40% • Guaranteed funds with fast settlement. • Eliminate fraud and chargebacks • Transactions are authorized in real time

  6. Multi-Currency Processing Accept payments & receive settlements in all major world currencies. Displaying pricing in local currency increases buyers’ trust in your company. And keeps shoppers focused on making a purchase rather than figuring out currency conversion.

  7. Secure Payment Processing PCI-DSS Level 1 gateway. Exceeds the highest security levels for safe payment processing.

  8. Safeguard Your Business Extensive customizable fraud-fighting weapons help you accept good orders and decline fraudulent ones. Chargeback protection services manage chargebacks for you.

  9. Ecommerce Payment Processing Full stack API. Quick connection to your ecommerce website. Or integrate the payment processing gateway into your internal systems for easy exchange of payment processing data.

  10. Cloud Reporting Multiple international merchant accounts are easily managed from your control panel. Streamline account management. Simplify account reconciliation. Easily import or export data. Extensive reporting customizable to your business requirements.

  11. Call: 702-637-4888 Web: Email: Want to see PaynetSecure in action?

  12. Thank you for reading