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Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad - Pay per click support

Our Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad provides you complete internet marketing courses includes SEO, Social Media and SEM also SMM.

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Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad - Pay per click support

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  1. What is Quality Score? How does it affect the AdWords account?

  2. What Is Quality Score? The AdWords system calculates a ‘Quality Score’ for each of your keywords. It looks at a variety of factors to measure how relevant your keyword is to your ad text and to a user’s search query. It helps ensure that only the most relevant ads appear to users on Google. A keyword’s Quality Score updates frequently and is closely related to its performance.

  3. Google’s View On Quality Score: • Google never comprises on this aspect of quality score and so advertisers have to ensure that their keywords quality scores are good. • If the campaigns are having less quality score for their keywords, their ads would not be shown on Google.com, even if they are the only advertisers for that specific product/service.

  4. What Determines Quality Score? • Quality Score is broadly determined by 3 main factors • Click Through Rate: The historical click through rate (CTR) of the keyword and the matched ad on Google. • Relevance: The relevance of the keyword to the ads and the ads to the search query in its ad group. • Landing Page Quality: The site should have relevant and original content.

  5. Having optimized and structured more than 700 accounts ranging between minnow to massive and in the process gaining a solid grip on the insider aspects while our work at Google AdWords Account Management Team, we can assure you that there are many misconceptions surround this aspect of the quality score among advertisers and agencies.

  6. There is no official document which states what weighs more in the Google’s algorithm when calculating the Quality Score. However, CTR is one of the most crucial parameter. This is because CTR is the best way for system to really know if you ads are relevant to the users.

  7. When your QS increases your Actual CPC decreases and your AdWords costs decreases. You can spend less and still get to occupy good positions on Google SERP. You must constantly check the keywords Quality Scores in the AdWords account and always try to improve the QS.

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