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The Joker Rendered in Rice PowerPoint Presentation
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The Joker Rendered in Rice

The Joker Rendered in Rice

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The Joker Rendered in Rice

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  1. Kyle Kourtney White Unicorn Dragon Nighthawk Alex The Joker Rendered in Rice

  2. Tuesday of ideas • We were told to gather in groups for a tremendous undertaking that involved cooking and art made of food. • After comparing the pictures selected in our free time, our group consisted of Alex, Kourtney, Kyle, and White Unicorn Dragon Nighthawk • As we looked over our pictures, we decided to do something with rice sculpting, as it seemed simple and fun. • As for the theme, we decided on something from Batman, originally going with Two-Face, but he was scrapped for the Joker by popular demand

  3. The Weary Wednesday • A trying day, no-one had energy after our nutrition class, although the mood picked up considerably after we were told we could order our ingredients • After our day of ideas, we speculated on ingredients, brainstorming and shooting down different ideas and coming up with new ones, unfortunately in the storeroom which took up other groups time

  4. Thursday of Magic • We got back in the kitchen! After a long hiatus we split up and started tackling our project. • Kyle made rice, and gathered tools and materials for the group along with watching other parts as the other multitasked • Kourtney made cabbage, and artistically placed everything on our chosen platter and meticulously painted the cityscape • Alex assisted with braised red cabbage and carved the batman symbol out of a lemon peel • White Unicorn Dragon Nighthawk made the sauce that was used for the cityscape, along with some delicious sausage and potatoes for breakfast for the group

  5. Intentionally misspelled “pitures” slide

  6. Our cited stuff of stuff that inspired us • • •