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Conditional sentences PowerPoint Presentation
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Conditional sentences

Conditional sentences

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Conditional sentences

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  1. Conditional sentences

  2. Zero conditionals If clause The main clause Present Tense Present Tense

  3. eg. If you burn yorself,it hurts. Ice melts if you heat it. Life is expensive if you live in London.

  4. First type If clause The main clause Will + infinitive Present Tense Imperative May, must, can + infiniteve

  5. eg. If I go to London, I shall go by train. If you like Bach, you’ll enjoy this concert. If they are to win the football championship this year, they will have to buy some new players. Give me a ring if you are going to be late tonight. If you have understood this, we can go on.

  6. If my car breaks down again, I shall sell it. If she does it, I shall be eternally grateful, though I doubt If she will. If you finish work early, we’ll go for a walk. If you are ill see a doctor! If you have finished your coffee, we can pay the bill. If you have enjoyed this evening’s concert, you will also enjoy next week’s.

  7. Second type If clause The main clause Would / could / might + infinitive Past Tense

  8. eg. • If I had a garden, I would grow all my vegetables. • If I were you, I would wait till tomorrow. • You would be surprised if I told you the whole story. • If I had to be an animal, I should choose to be a tiger. • If I said a thing like that,he would be hurt.

  9. If I had money, I would travel round the world. If I were you, I would take an umbrella. If I won £ 1,000,000, I would buy myself a villa by the sea. If you did it well in the interview, you might get the job. If my car broke down as often as yours does, I would sell it.

  10. Third type If clause The main clause Would / could / might + perfect infinitive Past Perfect

  11. My father would have been very pleased if the Liberals had won the Election. If we had stopped, there would not have been a hope of getting here in time, so I’m glad we didn’t. If I had listened to that sort of music at your age, I might have been disappointed. If I had known you were coming, I should have baked a cake. If he hadn’t trained every day, he wouldn’t have won the race.

  12. eg. • If we hadn’t left so early, we would have missed the phone. • If you had caught the bus, you wouldn’t have been late for work. • If you had saved your money, you would have been able to buy a car. • Had you brought a map, we wouldn’t have got lost. • Had he known about the meeting, I’m sure he would have come.

  13. Exercise

  14. Napravite rečenice koristeći he/she: eg: stay / see him If he stay, he will see him eat much / feel sick not listen to me / regret it jump / fall into the river take the money / spend it recklessly cross the bridge / escape find the ring / give it to you can / come smoke less / fell better

  15. Završite rečenice: eg: If you open the window……….. If you open the window, you will hear your son. What will you do if ………. If she brings the book, ………. He will take an umbrella if ………. She will go to the party if ………. If they leave now, ………. We’ll be all right if ………. If you touch me again, ………. If I see her, ……….

  16. Prevedite rečenice: Daj ovu poruku mom bratu ako ga vidiš. Ako ne dođeš na vreme, otići će bez tebe. Hoćeš li doći ako te pozovem? Ako pada kiša, nećemo ići na izlet. Šta ćeš da uradiš ako ti ne vrati novac? Ako sada odeš u školu, nećes zakasniti. Ako ona ode sada, biće joj žao kasnije.

  17. Staviteglagol u pravioblik: • If he (come), everything will be all right. • You (die) if you stay here. • The police will help you if you (ask) them. • If you (move) to London, you won’t see your parents so often. • If you build it, he (come)! • What I (say) if he rings up while you are out? • If I get a job I (be able) to pay off my debts.

  18. You will be responsible if something (happen). • You can go to the party provided you (not come) home done. • As long as you let me know what you would like to eat, I (do) the cooking. • If I have any trouble with Peter, I (go) straight to the police. • If she (tell) me the truth, she will have nothing to fear.

  19. Staviteglagol u pravioblik(II ili III tip kondicional) If I (know) the answer, I would help you. They (visit) you if they had had time. Where you (go) if the door had been locked? If the soup (be) hot, it would be very enjoyable. What would you do if someone (call) you a fool? If you (smell) smoke in thy middle of the night, wouldyou telephone the fire brigade?

  20. Songs with if clauses:

  21. If I had a hammer  If I had a songI'd sing it in the morningI'd sing it in the eveningAll over this landI'd sing out dangerI'd sing out a warningI’d sing out love between my brothers and my sistersAll over this land Well I've got a hammerAnd I've got a bellAnd I've got a song to singAll over this landIt's the hammer of justiceIt's the bell of freedomIt's the song about love between my brothers and my sistersAll over this land    If I had a hammerI'd hammer in the morningI'd hammer in the eveningAll over this landI'd hammer out dangerI'd hammer out a warningI'd hammer out love between my brothers and my sistersAll over this land If I had a bellI'd ring it in the morningI'd ring it in the eveningAll over this landI'd ring out dangerI'd ring out a warningI'd ring out love between my brothers and my sistersAll over this land

  22. If you go away But if you stayI'll make you a dayLike no day has beenOr will be againWe'll sail on the sunWe'll ride on the rainAnd talk to the treesAnd worship the windBut if you goI'll understandLeave me just enough loveTo fill up my handIf you go awayIf you go awayIf you go away... If you go awayOn this summer's day Then you might as wellTake the sun awayAll the birds that flewIn the summer skyWhen our love was newAnd our hearts were highAnd the day was youngAnd the nights were longAnd the moon stood stillFor the night bird's songIf you go awayIf you go awayIf you go away...

  23. But if you stayI'll make you a nightLike no night has beenOr will be againI'll sail on your smileI'll ride on your touchI'll talk to your eyesThat I love so muchBut if you goI won't cryThough the good is goneFrom the word goodbyeIf you go awayIf you go awayIf you go away... If you go awayAs I know you mustThere is nothing leftIn this world to trustJust an empty roomFull of empty spaceLike the empty lookI see on your faceCan I tell you nowAs you turn to goI'll be dying slowly'til the next helloIf you go awayIf you go awayIf you go away...

  24. The End