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Tips to Groom Yourself for Your First Job Interview - Pehlaj

Grooming plays an important role in an interview, in first 2 minutes an interviewer will decide to select you or not. These tips of grooming oneself will help the candidate to be in proper attire because every organization expects to be professionally dressed. It is to be identifying that if the candidate is dressed professionally then they feel positive during an interview.

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Tips to Groom Yourself for Your First Job Interview - Pehlaj

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  1. Tips to Groom Yourself for Your First Job Interview W: www.pehlajob.comT: +91 22 66824600 E: info@pehlajob.com

  2. To Present a “CONFIDENT” Impression • Dressing plays an important role in Interview. • Well-groomed • Professionally dressed • Behave appropriately • Be positive and active

  3. Dress For Work • What the organization expects of you • Dark suit for men • Fairly conservative for women • Project the best possible “you” • Retain personal style • Physical comfort as well as style

  4. Grooming For Men • Hair – Make sure your hair is clean and free of dandruff. • Face– Ensure that your face is oil free. • Nails– Take care that your nails are clean.

  5. Attire For Men • Suits - Dark business suit – black, charcoal and navy are the best colour. • Shirt and Tie - White or blue color long-sleeved shirt are preferable. classic patterned, solid coloured tie, avoid tie with bright colour or large pattern. Tie should reach belt buckle and very close to collar when tied. • Belt - Only black and cordovan colour belt are to be wear on formals, no suspenders. • Shoes and Socks - Black or brown leather business shoes. Socks should be match with the trouser or should be dark in color e.g. black, dark grey or navy socks.

  6. Grooming For Women • Hair should be tied properly. • Wear simple make-up. • Elegant watch. • Do not over use of perfume. • Use light shades of lipsticks

  7. Attire For Women • Suit - black, navy blue, grey, beige are examples of good colour. • Skirt- It should match with suit & till knee length • Shoes - simple style leather shoes, solid colour. e.g. black, brown • Thin skin-coloured stockings

  8. When Introducing Yourself • Smile truly. • Offer a firm handshake. • Greet politely. Good Posture • Walk tall and sit tall. • Stand tall. • Sit at the front edge of the chair, leaning slightly forward.

  9. Don’ts • Don't be late. • Don't cross your arms over your chest during an interview. • Don't eat, drink, chew gums or smoke before an interview. • Don't use cell phone while waiting for an interview. • Don't sit rigidly on the edge of your chair. • Don't ask about salary.

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