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Tooth whitening - Pembridge Dental PowerPoint Presentation
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Tooth whitening - Pembridge Dental

Tooth whitening - Pembridge Dental

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Tooth whitening - Pembridge Dental

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  2. EXPLAINATION The process of tooth whitening lightens the color of a teeth. Tooth whitening can be achieved by either changing the color or by vanishing and controlling the formation of plaque. The degradation of the chromogens on the tooth is called as bleaching.

  3. WANT A BRIGHTER SMILE ? • Tooth Whitening succor to vanish stains • If you have healthy natural teeth that have become yellow then you could be the candidate for teeth whitening • Those with tooth sensitivity might have heard that teeth whitening isn’t right for them because it can increase your sensitivity • Teeth whitening should only be out by a dentist or hygienic.

  4. ADVANTAGES • To improve teeth structure. • This is the aim of every person who wants to get teeth whitened. • By removal of stains during a professional whitening session, your teeth become strong and healthier. • Increases the health of your gums as well as that of your oral cavity

  5. DISADVANTAGES • Many times, it requires two or three sessions to complete whole process. • The result of teeth whitening is not permanent. • Sore teeth or gums resulting from this process. • Sometimes patients have to wear mouth ray in custom fit tray.

  6. NEED A TREATMENT? • Teeth whitening can maintain tooth discoloration due to plaque. • Teeth whitening is a great way to sure you that your smile looks bright and healthy. • Teeth whitening can boost your smile and build your self-confidence. •  Teeth whitening can vanish stains from certain foods and succor keep your smile bright.


  8. CONCLUSION • Teeth whitening can manage tooth discoloration due to plaque. • Succor to increase self confidence to smile in front of public. • Removal of plaque is the main result of this treatment. • This process helps to achieve safe and successful whitening outcome.

  9. ABOUT US Pembridge Dental is a best plateform for Tooth Whitening treatment. It is a safe procedure that involves having bleaching trays in the process. You then whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own house. We can succor to build up your self confidence. visit us.